Monday, February 1, 2010

Attention, pls!!!

Okay I am not announcing anything here...
Instead I would like to draw your attention to something that requires your attention, crisis!!!

Often when we deal with crisis, we tend to know whose with you and vice versa. When dealing with all sorts of crisis, we tend to be highly dependent on people's opinion and views rather than our own. Believe it or not we don't even have the energy to think while dealing with crisis.

This does not mean that we let people to decide for or rather be influenced by others. Of course own view prevails. However, like something which is nice to have but not necessarily must have, other's view is like the glittery candies on top of birthday cakes. Sweet to have, but when its too much, its weighing you down.

I like to be at my own feet when it comes to decision making. Hence sometimes I do not take into account people's view but of course in a certain situation only. However, recently I feel as if people's view matters! Especially in huge decision making thingamagic.

So when people who matters questioned my decision, it got me into thinking whether I am making a good decision...a good choice in life for that matters. Whether I am fully prepared to embrace accountability with me, and whether I am confident enough to carry huge responsibility as my middle name.


I personally don't know what to do...

And my crisis mode people are not here

So that makes it double sigh

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