Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Phase

I am moving to a new phase now
'No smartphone' phase more like...

My phone was stolen last 2 week
and I take it as 'tiada rezeki'
So, no whatsapp, no FB Mobile, no Instagram, no Twitter for now
Until further notice

But on another related note,
To the New Phase note that is...

I am now in my second trimester as they call it,
21 weeks to be exact
We've been blessed with this beautiful gift entrusted to us by Allah S.W.T
Pregnancy has been beautiful so far,
No morning sickness, no weird cravings
Only 100 visits to the loo add up to the list and tonnes of crankiness symptoms for booTak to adapt to
But I am not complaining, as this is considered normal

I hope all of you can share some doa for our health and everything to be okay and smooth

Much love,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do your part

I already am
No more McD in my life
and with heavy hearts, no more Starbucks
How? Starbucks card ada 3 lagi free drinks

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Video

Okay, this is like ages ago
But okaylah, bersempena our anniversary ill present you
Our wedding video
I know like so ketinggalan zaman.

Honestly, I dont know that CST upload it online
and yes I dont know how to upload video using youtube

Highlights of our second reception at Dewan Perdana Felda

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Detox Strawberry Smoothies

In order to reach a healthy body you need to detox
Dont be fooled by all those detox supplements sold on-the-shelf
They are adding more chemicals in your body, something unnecessary

Why not go the original way,
By picking fruits and combining it with other source of nutrient in your drinks

I now swear by this recipe that I ciplak took from Barefoot Contessa show

Strawberry - Orange smoothies

9 whole strawberries (cut into half)
2 oranges (squeeze to get the juice)
1 fresh lime (squeeze to get the juice)
1 banana

Mix all of these ingredients and wallahhh
Ur detox smoothies is now ready
Dont add any sugar, the natural sugar in th fruits is already enough

Happy Trying

Once you go NARS, you'll never go MAC

I have not been paying much attention to this blog lately,
Sorry to those who were loyal and love to read about my silly stuff
I'll try to post things frequently :)

Recently I have new pro-found obsession with cosmetics
NARS to be exact
I used to be those person who only had one lip gloss, one lipstick, one compact powder, one brush and one blusher. My MAC eyeshadow lasted for about 4 years and of course it reached its expiry date
Oh well,
Everything changed after my visit to NY
I fell in love with NARS

I once read about NARS while bloghopping
When I was in Sephora in Times Square I had the most exciting experience trying all the products
Benefit, NYX, Smashbox and NARS
and NARS caught my eyes

I once swear by MAC. All my limited make up stuff were from MAC
I dunt know why maybe it was peer pressure
Plus it look convincing and not so hurting in the wallet department

But NARS is different
I cant really explain why
But it totally is
The color last longer, powder remains intact
Eyeliner does not smudge
I am one happy customer

my loots when I was in NY

I personally like this blusher
"orgasm' they called it
Retailing at USD24 (MYR79)
Not so expensive right
But sad thing is there's no NARS retailer here in Malaysia
Not even Sephora
Hmmm I wonder why

But one cons for NARS
the packaging is not really 'Malaysia-friendly'
It kinda melt on you
The casing that is
But who cares

If you are looking forward to try NARS, you can always purchase the make up from or KissandMakeupNY. They have a lot of NARS range there. Free shipping for Strawberrynet however fixed shipping fee at USD9.95 for Kissand Makeup

Happy trying :)


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