Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Phase

I am moving to a new phase now
'No smartphone' phase more like...

My phone was stolen last 2 week
and I take it as 'tiada rezeki'
So, no whatsapp, no FB Mobile, no Instagram, no Twitter for now
Until further notice

But on another related note,
To the New Phase note that is...

I am now in my second trimester as they call it,
21 weeks to be exact
We've been blessed with this beautiful gift entrusted to us by Allah S.W.T
Pregnancy has been beautiful so far,
No morning sickness, no weird cravings
Only 100 visits to the loo add up to the list and tonnes of crankiness symptoms for booTak to adapt to
But I am not complaining, as this is considered normal

I hope all of you can share some doa for our health and everything to be okay and smooth

Much love,



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