Friday, October 26, 2012

One Year

 22 October 2012 marked a significant moment in my life, booTak's life
We've been married for a YEAR!!!!

Gosh, feels like 10 years
I remembered the day we went out on one blind date set by our friend.
Never could I imagine that the blind date led to a beautiful marriage that we have now
Oh well, sometimes he is annoying I can tell you that
and sometimes I feel like punching him on his face hhahahahaha
But I cant imagine loving anyone else than him

Alhamdulillah, thats what people called love coupled with 'jodoh'

For our anniversary, nothing fancy extravanganza plan
Just a road trip for us
and we had fun

We were at Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Perak
I tell you one funny story
I once joined a treasure hunt organized by my office
and so happened his dad was the senior mgmt in my office (i didnt even know him that time)
and we were both at Swiss Garden Damai Laut that year, that month, that date attending the same treasure hunt dinner (errm, he didnt participate thou, he was just enjoying free food and free suites given to his dad)
and he saw me that night when I had to do the stupid catwalk for the best dress thing

Wow, jodoh really...

The trip to Damai Laut was good, we had fun, we laughed a lot, ate a lot, talked a lot and everything a lot
It was a fun 2 nights for us
I am now browsing for latest trip

Happy Anniversary booTak
Thank you for being with me

Gemuk dan kurus

Love, Nana

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