Friday, August 17, 2012

Salam Aidilfitri

Ramadhan is near ending and Syawal is around the corner
It is definitely not the same feeling anymore
I wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have few stuff to sell now
Pre-loved and also a brand new stuff
However no time to upload those pictures just yet
I need to make some space in my closet

will do soon k...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A designer with great heart: Jovian Mandagie

If you read my previous post talking about Jovian, you would agree that his RTW collection are to die for.
Like literally!

Often we see most designers would charge handsome amount of fee when it comes to their design whenever they are at the top of the rank
and sadly some being so selective and their clothing line does not cater for middle - income and low - income earner like us
Ones can only drool and dream about being in one of the pieces they have designed

But not this year
This year, we were rather lucky as most designers are feeling like giving back to the community and instead of charging bomb mullah, they produced an affordable range so to speak

20 by Rizalman, Cosry Purple Label and the one that created the most phenomenon is non other than Jovian Mandagie


source: google

When I first hear that the latter are coming out with RTW collection, I was sceptical. Let us be honest, who would have thought that average people can don the Jovian look on the first day of Eid without having to burn most of our savings just for a dress. So my initital thought, the line sure will be the simplest design possible with no attention to details and material

But boy I was wrong
Range of fabric used are mostly good ones (sorry, Im not Jakel I cant really describe the name of the fabric) but you know for sure that it is good quality
Unlike lycra (hurmmm)

Designs are mostly feminine with attention to details, (lace, beads and stuff).
Usually when someone buy a kurung or kebaya the only fear that they have in mind is having someone else wearing the same exact design at the same time

But I think no one could even bother about it now. None of us worried that someone else is wearing it. The most important part is, ITS JOVIAN

So, if youve heard that a boxing day sales will be held for his final batch of collection, yup you heard it right.

source: Jovian's FB


Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am - 7pm
Date: 16 August 2012

So ladies, prepare your gloves and get ready to kick some ass
We have J by Jovian waiting

I heard it is going to be a systematic one.
  • 2 lines prepared: already know sizes and 1 q for those who want to try
  • Payment method: Cash and Credit Card
  • Time allowed in the hall: 10 mins per lady
  • Booking form will be made available prior the day
Heck, he even prepared shuttle bus for those who re coming from Johor and Singapore. God bless his soul for being so charitable, his kindness and his pure heart. Ive never seen such soul

Oh well, I dont think I can make it as I will be having big meeting on the day. For those who are going, good luck and may everyone have their happy ending

I love this one for sure
How I wish you can be mine

Friday, August 3, 2012

Jovian by Jovian Mandagie: Juliette For Sale

UPDATE: Both Jules and Juliette were sold to 2 lovely ladies. Ouh ya y'all, good luck for Boxing Day :)

The beautiful Juliette

I bet everybody's aware of the new phenomenon created by non other than Jovian Mandagie, famous designer here in KL.

Jovian has created a RTW line that is so affordable and turn everyone upside and down

Strangers became friends,
Friends became enemies,
all for one name
J by Jovian

I happened to be one of them
But me being the lazy me...
No strength to go through the sea of people flooding First Lady in Jalan Tar
Ive decided to purchase it via Zalora.

Read a lot of bad review about the site
About it being unreliable with the delivery and handling the beautiful pieces itself
But Alhamdulillah I did not face any problem with them
Just that one problem

I bought the wrong size

Well you know that I recently upgraded meself to one notch higher in the size department
Nothing to be proud of, shame more like
So I refer to the chart and told myself who am I kidding me in S size
So i bought 2 pieces of the line
Jules and Juliette to be exact

Only to realise that its big for me
For one second it created a smile on my face
Means I am still in S size according to Jovian

But the problem is I cant wear oversize garment
Because if I alter it, it wont do any justice to the beauty

I am letting it go
With heavy heart
Knowing that my sacrifice of clicking 'Refresh' every 2 seconds on 30 July paid me nothing
and knowing that I can never wear those magnificient piece

I am letting Juliette go
Light Grey color
M size
and free postage
I am feeling a little bit charitable today
So yah, free postage for you
If you want to purchase it
email me at
Serious buyer only
Ive been receiving FB msg asking me
"Do you think I will look nice in it?"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Trippin']: Paree Day 2: Cont

While waiting for zalora to upload the latest collection of Jovian by Jovian Mandagie, lets upload some scheduled entry shall we

Lets continue where I put a hold on my post previously

After breakfast and after shoe searching at H&M, we headed to the subway and take the metro to see the most famous Eiffel Tower. Theres 2 station that can lead to the tower but I cant remember which one that I alighted

Funny thing when we stepped out of the metro, we were chit chatting and laughing and gossiping with each other without knowing that Eiffel Tower is just around the corner.

After we took a left turn out from the station, its already there

So both of us went WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like those jakun tourist


feeling - feeling

Siene River

Overlooking Siene River

It feels so surreal finally I am at Paris, under the Eiffel Tower. Sounds cliche much? Whatever

Quite a walk from the station. Exhausted and thirsty

There were a lot of local selling cheap souvenirs but word has it that we have to be very careful if we wish to purchase from them. If police patrol happen to catch them at the time you are planning to buy, you are screwed because they will run away with you money and their stuff. No chance for you to get your balances and even your items

But those were pretty cheap I must say. for a moment, I was tempted

But nahh, isokay. Scared

After picture session and aww- session at the tower, we took the river cruise with BatoBus river cruise. It is a cruise that doubled bus. You can always alight and enter at any station so long you have your ticket with you. Cheap way to get around the city

Costs us EUR15 each. Not too bad.

scanning the leng chais at the other boat

the scenery

this is a restaurant on river. coolies

i always love the building and architecture in Paris. It feels alive and have some history. eventhough there is no skyscrapper, but the city still has the element of development and legendary at the same time


Musee d Orsay

Stopped at Musee d Orsay thinking I should visit one museum here. But looking at the line
Forget it

Street art

Can only pose

If you wish to visit the museum you can always reserve the entrance slots in advance via internet. However it is limited and priority will be given to the elderly. I wonder whats inside the museum. Must be cool

Another half of the journey next


p/s: managed to get Jovian b Jovian Mandagie but turns out i bought wrong size for myself. But im still smiling. apparently im still in S size department


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