Thursday, December 30, 2010

OOoooooOOooo...MA! LAY! SIA!

How do I begin...
I seriously dont know how to actually,
I seriously dont...
Why dont I let the picture the wonder?


Shall we....

Okay but before that some introduction...
Me with my girls including the guardian for the day made our way to Bukit Jalil Stadium on 26 Dec 2010
For what you may ask?
Aiya, mestilah for AFF Suzuki Cup: 1st Final Leg

Actually the plan was a girls night out thing,
But booTak insist on being the guardian, well at least 2 hours before Ina's cousins reach the stadium
So off we go...

[ okay sebelum tu kita beli jersey mesia dulu k]

[inot macho gile jalan manakala saya berwajah ceria. MESIAAAA!]

Well notice all the indonesian supporters behind us? I was a bit cuak to be honest. Depa dok jerit INDONESIA, INDONESIA

[ yah laskar garuda ya]

Too many people I must say. Seriously. Never in my life i went to any match that at 5.45pm people has already flocked around the stadium. NEVER....everyone wit their Malaysian Jersey regardless original or ciplak. (well including me. hehehe) and with all sorts of fashion.

[ topi yang cool gitu]

While waiting for his friends to come, booTak was checking out the stadium trying to find good spot for him and his friends. We went early as Appu has already booked us perfect seats with great view. Thanks a lot appu!

[ checking out the area]

[camwhoring before the game starts]

Okay kita tgk gamba je la k

[ the girlssssss]

Since booTak cant find his friends (yah communication was really bad) and they arrived late, so he decided to just hang with us. Cool, the more the merrier!
The first half was intense. Malaysia team played well with Kuna as the midfielder. That guy was awesome. However, i think he might be little bit nervous because he did blew some good chances
The man of the match (well at least for the first half leg) were definitely Safee and Norshahrul Idlan. Timnas Garuda was clueless. Our homeboys were awesomeeee!
So after the big incident of Laser Menglaser (blah la markus, berlakon je lebih).
Okay pardon me,
I was emo that time with that Markus Menikus.
Pondan siut!
We managed to get our first goal with the brilliant help of Norshahrul Idlan. We were shocked but we jumped with joy. Look at booTak's face.

[ kembang kembang hidung]
Ouh I have video too.

[gegak gempita keadaan di stadium after we scored the first goal]
And the night couldnt get any better. We scored the next 2 goals. Weeehoooooooooooo

[ 3-0 woooooo]

[ w00t w00t!!!]

The night ended perfectly. Well as you can see the timnas garudas' fan left early. hehheehe. but not much of chaos happened. I think they're pretty scared too. They were outnumbered big time.

We stayed for a little while for celebration

Well done Harimau Malaya!!!!!

Ouh, I have another video tooo

After last night's game, Malaysia won the cup with aggregate 4-2.
Well DONE!
Im proud to be Malaysian
Well lepas ni saya janji beli jersey ori k

Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby All I Want For Christmas is You....

So, Xmas is aorund the corner, not that I celebrated it but more to liking the idea of a day when your love ones crack their head to get you that special something as Xmas gift, the day where kids wake up extremely early and run over to the xmas tree to check out their present, and people standing around the piano and singing together (or is it only in movies?)

Nonetheless, I love festive season, regardless which one. After all, we are 1Malaysia kan?

Since xmas is nearby, I thought it would be a great idea to list down my wish list. Not that I wish for anyone to get me this. *hint hint*
Just that I think it is fun to at least have a 'wishlist'

The first stuff that I wish I have now is this....

A purple netbook that I can carry around almost everywhere without hassle. Hehehe. not that I dont like to use the internet via my bb but sometimes its too slow. *sigh* and the screen is too small. Since I dont have any plan to change to a better bb and I love my bb anyway, so perhaps getting a netbook would be an amazeballs idea right?

further more, its purple. Me likey....

Next stuff,

source: google

a brand new running shoe. Newton to be exact. I have been using my adizero Mana and Ace for a year already and both my babies shown some rebel signs already. *sigh*
I need something that can fit my running style and what more can I ask than a new cool newton shoes.

or perhaps this...

Fleet feet running shoe. But they only have in States kan?

source: Google

isnt this amazeballss??? (okay I think I watched too much of Guiliana and Bill)
If you are a runner experiencing shin splints, foot pain or aching ankles, Fleet Feet is the best for you. Or at least to Guiliana then. Oh, did u know that she did the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon? Hehehhe.

God, I have to stop watching G&B already

Okay, another stuff in line is this super cool baby!

source: Google

The Beartooth GTX's XTS system includes a forefoot plate that protects the foot from bruises caused by exposed roots and loose rocks, and its gusseted tongue helps keep out dirt and debris. Tackle the most hazardous trails confidently with Omni-grip outsole technology, built for maximum traction in challenging terrain

Oh me so likey.....

Or perhaps this one

ever since my last hiking trip in 2007 (Mount Kinabalu via Mersilau), I did not really have an adventourous hiking trip anymore. Nada....
And the last that I went for a mild hiking in Cameron Highlands makes me crave for me. I think I want to start hiking, camping in a serious terms again. So I probably need this baby right?
Columbia's tent has always been the you cant even imagine how easy you can pasang memasang the parts. and its so light anyway.

Oh me so likey again....


Perhaps this one

but its too expensive lah kan?
Dont cha think so?

But rest assured I can tell you this,

I so wish I get to do this,

the stupid loans that tied my financials to its core.

I wish I can be free from this stupid loan...
I believe tonnes of us feels the same way too....

Merry Xmas everyone


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Living up to the expectations

Have you ever feel that sometimes your life is all about living up to expectations? well not yours but others.

Is it bad if you feel such way?

Thats what I feel now. I feel that whatever I did, will never live up to people's expectations.
Theres always a 'but' in their sentences...

Person A: "I can give you this much but I expect you to work harder than ever. Prove to us that you deserve this"
Me: "Okay"

Person B: "I cannot be the only person to untangle your dainty emotions; you have to as well"

Me: *pregnant pause*

Person C: "This is lower than what I expected from you. I know maybe you think you've done your best but its not enough"
Me: *clueless*

These are just among the 3 incidents that occured this week. This is not an exhaustive list. As rightly pointed out by Person C where she's aware than I have done my best yet not enought, it makes me wonder can people ever be satisfied with whatever they have/received in their life?

I aint no angel, Im not perfect but at least I know im not stupid

Its tiring when you are living a life where you are not your own priority anymore, its others. I have once live a life where I care shitless for others. My only priority is my ownself and I was happy that time. Sounded selfish but at least I am not miserable.

Here when I am trying to make a change and to act for a greater good not just for me but also for people surrounds me, I failed. and boy i failed miserably.

I know life its not fair, I get it but somehow I feel fair is too subjective for us to even understand. Whats fair for me may not be fair for others; vice versa. I feel it is not fair if you blurt out whatever things that you believe, feel or even think only to realise that it is going to bite you back in the end. I'd rather keeping it to myself but this will bring no good to me as it will give an accumulative impact to my own feelings

So, who will you choose?

Your own self or others?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Okay, maybe I am a little bit too late for this, nonetheless it is always appropriate to just wish it somehow.

As a Muslim, we celebrated our new year yesterday, yesterday marked the arrival of new year in our Islam Calendar.

Well, there is not much if celebration here in this land, as this country is no longer known as the country that embrace Islam as its main religion. Sad, because we are so nearby; us and them.
There's not even a public holiday but I figured muslims here dont really mind as some of them dont even realize it was Awal Muharram yesterday

I would like to draw your attention to some of interesting facts that I feel act as hindrance to the development of Islam here. Well at least development to serve the basis of living here....

Here, it is very expensive to obtain a 'halal-certificate' from its significant authority. Im not too sure why it is expensive but yah it happened. As rightly pointed out by my cousin who stays here with her PR certs, thats the reason why most restaurants especially hawker stall wish not to adhere to it and expand their market, as they thought it wont necessarily break even their cash register.

Secondly, most of the organisation here do not pay adequate attention to the needs of performing prayer. Eventhough muslim comprises of at least (safely say; maybe more) 20% of the communities here, there is no facilities such as surau especially at high end places as well as main attraction/places here.

Hence the reason I find it difficult to basically love this country. Well besides the extremely low crime rate which I like and the safety for women to basically wonder around at 12.00midnight without having any fear, I feel i cant survive in this country. or maybe I can. Haih we'll see.

Till then

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long overdue


It has been so long since I last wrote something here.
I even missed the chance to join the hype of 'wet race' report last 2 weeks.
Extremely busy even I dont have time for fb.

Nonetheless, will write more soon, since I have some free time now.
Being away can only bring a blessing in disguise

I've just landed and I miss home already

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