Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Mare Race 2011: Again


ENERGIZER Malaysia will refund and courier the goodie bag to all runners.


Well done ENR

*not so much to Expose thou*

Event: Energizer Night Race 2011

Distance: 11km

Venue: SIC Sepang

Pacer: booTak


How shall I start..

Well to be honest I really dont know how....

ENR is well known among runners as the biggest night race in Malaysia

Remember my post about ENR 2010?

I thought last year's event was the worst. Somehow they managed to TOP it this year. From bad to worst, only an expert can do that. People strive to become better but apparently not to this event

Last year's chaos begin with the chaotic running kit collection. I cant say the same this year as it was really organised with sufficient volunteers to help all runners with their race kit collection. So I thought oh well they did learnt some lesson after all.

Maybe they have taken into consideration all those complaints last year and improve for a better race this year

Boy, was I wrong completely!

We reached SIC at around 7pm and was searching for parking area. We were told that parking costs us RM10. Heh? must charge ke? Being a cipsket we are, we parked at the road side. Hehehe

As we walked inside the grandstand area, we were not sure on the location. Wheres the entrance? wheres the starting grid and stuff. After 10mins of time wasted trying to find the starting grid entrance, we were told that we need to enter the tunnel to cross to the other side

Yeay! I dont have to warm up as the tunnel was completely hotttt and tonnes of people were around trying to cross to the starting area. It was suffocating experience I must say

We reached the head lights collection only to realise that there were NONE left. Hurm, trying to be positive, "sokay la bukan kita nak pakai pun head lights tu". Walking like a headless chicken trying to find our way to the starting area was tiring enough. Mmmm mcm tak payah lari je dah penat already

When we finally managed to find the starting area entrance, the 21km race has began. I felt excited and we stretched and 2 mins before starting time, we were still stucked and cant even enter the starting block. Finally we managed after most of the 11km runners finally began their race.

Okay, I love F1. so i am going to be a little bit bias here. I love the part where I had the chance to run on the track, theres a pros and cons here. As I practically remember all the corner (even their names) so I dont really find it interesting since I practically know whats gonna happen next. So eventhough I was excited to run on the track but the quality of my run was so-so je la

We finished the first lap with a very chaotic scene. 11km runner only ran 1 lap since they have no idea whats the distance like, rude marshall and everyone was practically have no idea what to do next. We continued our run and finish the race within the QT

But what was more shocking was the end of the race. No guidance on what and where to go next. I saw 2 long q and we have no clue why these people were q-ing for. We went inside only to find out that theres only 1 crew were there to handle goodie bag collection and it was chaotic.

I heard one of the crew shouted "stupid people, can you be civilised"



Why so PMS?

The moment she shouted like one crazy lady most of the runners lost their patience already and started to push here and there to get their goodie bag.

Okay, I know to some of you, you may think it is just goodie bag la wei. Why so semangat to get it. But to us runners thats the token that serve as our satisfaction after a long race (well not so long la for me 11km only. hehehhe)

To be treated in such a way is totally unacceptable. Think about it. We paid fortune for the race fee and end up getting nothing. Heck not even water and banana. *sigh*. The rude MC keep on cursing people for not being civilised and I wonder why since they are they one who started the chaos by treating people like shit

We gave up. We didnt take our medal and we walked out. The moment we walked out the organizer shut off the pit stop entrance and they almost hit one girl. Let alone the way they 'give' the goodie bad by throwing it to people, that is just unbearable.


This morning I woke up with tonnes of FB post cursing ENR fanpage

go and browse it or watch this instead

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Master Chef Malaysia

One thing I've learned during these 7-8 years staying on my own is, in order to survive you have to know how to cook. Some of you may ask, "eh can eat outside whattttt"


My mama taught me one thing, that is homecook meal is the best way to live a healthy life. Ahahahha so not if you keep cooking Masak Lemak cili padi, Kari kepala ikan and what not.

*drooling with lazy eyes*

*slaps back to reality*

Anyway, to my good friends, they know that I can cook. Maybe not as good as Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson, but things that I cooked usually end up in people's belly instead of their bin.

While trying to get my gold weight again, I think the best way to keep in shape is to dine-in. Not at any restaurant but my own restaurant. Hehehe. So, last months Ive been trying to eat healthy and cook healthy stuff too. Some of you may think that healthy stuff is boring. Hell no. They are fun, interesting to cook as well theres a lot flavour that you can twist and turn to nice dish

I feel charitable today. So I think why not I share with you my own recipe for healthy living

My favourite dish!

Shrimpy Aglio Olio Spaghetti


200g shrimp

1 pieces salami (cut into small pieces)

6-7 pieces of asparagus

Sliced mushroom (you can get the ready made at stores)

1 -2 chilli (you can use those big pepper aswell, god I forgot what does it call)

300g spaghetti

1-2 garlic

a pinch of salt

a pinch of thyme

a pinch of italian herbs

a pinch of black pepper

a pinch of chili flakes

Olive oil

Making it! Duh!

Boil spaghetti according to instruction. Make sure to put a pinch of salt in the boiling water. Drain your pasta with a little bit of butter or a small spoon of olive oil

Put a little bit of olive oil in the frying pan, sautee the chopped garlic until almost yellow and put in the salami. Until almost brown, put in the shrimp

Sautee for 1-2 minutes and put in the asparagus and sliced mushroom

Flavour in with salt, pepper, thyme and italian herbs.

Tossed in your spaghetti and mix it with the ingredient

Sprinkle some chili flakes on top and serve

Next one: Grilled chicken with couscous/grilled vegetable

Okay I am a bit lazy to type now. Maybe I will continue later


Its saturday maaaaaa.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Done Deal!

I'm a sucker for cheap stuff.


Even bettter...

The latest addiction that I have in my life now (growing in a very significant trend) is to get good deals from those site that churns good deal (pfftt, of course la kan) Anyway, Malaysian are very lucky now. we have these sites that is trying to save our pocket and be interesting coming out with all sorts of deals anyday. Name it. Be it deals about martial art class, cooking class, make-up class even got flying class summore. (nah, they will not teach you how to become Superman) There are tonnes actually.

To name a few:

oh theres another one

(but this one is a little bit ah beng I must say)

Dont you love it?

The opportunity to dine or take a class that usually will cost us fortune (well maybe peanuts to some) at the most 90% discount??? No?

I guess I am alone in this cipsket zone

Oh well, I bought these in 3 days time. Hahahahahahh

Manicure + Pedicure + Deep Hydration Hand and Foot Scrub. Aaaahhhh you and me in paradise (cue Brandy's song): 60%

Facial Treatment with Skin Scrub + Hydrating Serum + Eye Rejuvenating Theraphy. I have never been to facial, so as a debut this would be awesome! Ouh forgot! its RM38 (Rm380worth). So cheapppp......(frankie from Lat Kampung Boy the Musical. Tak tgk? sigh....)

some lo-mantik dinner with booTak soon. Tanzini for RM30 only (oh well for RM70 worth of food la)

Another food deal from Joseph Kitchen @ Solaris Dutamas. Free flow of drinks okie. Only at Rm25 (64%)

Even cheap bread deal also I bought. Hehehhee

Okie the last 3 are all about food. So dont ask me why I still didnt lose much weight. I also wonder why....

Still not interested?


I feel so alone in this world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gobo Upstairs

1st March only came once a year, means that's the day where I have to crack my head thinking where should I bring booTak for his birthday (which also means this is a long overdue post. heck, I will still write about it)

After much research done and 3 times changing location (I was practically like one's PA, trying to call restaurant and book places), I set my mind at Gobo Upstairs. Reason being? simple! From 10 posts written by other bloggers, 9 gave 2 thumbs up. So, why bother thinking still!

One thing with booTak his expectations is as high as the twin tower. If you plan to throw a surprise party for him, think twice because he will suspect it at the very inception.

"R u trying to do surprise thing for my birthday?"

"Erm, no. So not! Why so perasan?"

"Better not, I just want simple dinner with you"


So, with that I specifically act as if I have nothing special plan, only that I told him...

"we're going to KLCC, yang kat atas-atas punya restaurant la k"

I bet he must be very kaciwa. Hahahaha... so off we went to KLCC

Arrived, and I tricked him that I need to go to Traders to see my friend to grab something from him. Much to his disapproval and sad face, he still tag along. Hoping that I will change my mind and take him to somewhere else I guess.

When we reached Traders, we stop at Level 6 and I was like...

"tadaaaaa....we r dining here. Ngeh ngeh ngeh"


Okay, thats the response he gave. Hahaha. Coupled with Omg Omg why you tipu me. Eleh berlakon konon. pffftt

We begin our dinner with this lobster bisque with chocolate oil (RM26++). Well, he liked it, me not so much. I can barely eat the lobster, is there any?

mind the quality. I only have my blackberry camera with me. The taste of the soup to me was a little bit salty. Or maybe it was just me as I saw he was licking his spoon. Haih, cannot bring anywhere la this man.

trying to get every possible drop from the bowl. *sigh*

Done with the appetizer, the main course arrived. I had the Grilled Cod Fish with Salad (RM55++)


YUMMEHHHHHH! The fish was grilled to perfection and as I cut it slice-by-slice, it falls perfectly and it wasnt flaky at all. I like....

He ordered some Wagyu Beef Steak something something served with salad (RM80++)

. Uhhhh, so perfect! The beef is like melt in your mouth so to speak. even without sauce, it was still good.

We also had some side dishes, the sauteed mushroom (RM19++) and Green Beans with creamy sauce (RM15++). The green beans really compliment my fish in a perfect way.

Before we came, I told the person in charge that it is a birthday dinner (uhum, i was expecting some free cake from them),

The very-nice-guy suggested that we give him a marble cheese cake (price unknown) with a candle and the staff will sing some birthday song

My only reply was


He hates those singing together-gether clap clap hand kinda birthday celebration. I guess because he is old already. Hahahahaha.

So when the waiter/waitress came full semangat singing their heart out i was like


and he was like


and they spelled his name wrongly!


Rizhan --> Rizaham!

His response

"BF lain ke ni?


Monday, April 4, 2011

Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Received BBM from Miza, miza: "babe, jom makan chocolate fondant kat cafe barbera" me: "heh, is it something like chocolate souffle in Junior Masterchef?" miza: "erm, so called la. but this choc fondant is really gooood. Jom la" me: "hurm, okie will see you there in half an hour" Hokay, I have read some post on Chocolate Fondant at Cafe Barbera earlier. But never have the privillege to pay a visit. First, because Im not really a chocolate sucker in any sense, and second of all I rarely dine out nowadays. Reason? Simple, DIET maaaa.....hehhehee. so the best way of dieting is to dine in and cook simple food that contains less carbs. pfffttttt... So, almost 45 mins later (yah I was procrastinating because I know how late I will be, they will be at least 15 minutes later. huh), I was at Jalan Telawi Bangsar trying to withdraw money from 3 different ATM with MEPS label on it but failed. Damn you MEPS. Technologies nowadays always failed me whenever I need them the most. Actually I dont really know this Cafe Barbera, never been so I have no idea where it is actually. So I thought, Bangsar...hrrmmmm sure at Telawi kan? NOPE!!!!!! I bbm-ed the girls asking their whereabouts only to find out that I was actually at the wrong road. Hahahaa. The cafe is located at Jalan Maarof la, not Jalan Telawi. Sighhhh So off I went to Jalan Maarof, its located nearby Cafe Rebung anyway, for a better landmark. Went in and saw the girls and they laughed at me for my stupidity. Double sigh. As it was already 9pm that time, I rushed them to make up their mind on what to order. Enough changing of menu constantly already! Miza ordered Some Shakerato (RM10), combination of coffee and shakes I think. Must be full of fat too. Dang! But she said it taste goooodddaahh. pfftttt....mind me, im not a coffee drinker and will never be one. I ordered a pot of Earl Grey Tea (RM8) and Ina ordered Apple Juice (RM10). I think both are just ordinary drinks lah. So lets go the real thing, the foooooddddd... Ina had this Creamy Mushroom Bruschetta (RM13). Yummehhh, tasted good and even though theres only 4 slice of bread but we didnt really care. We still curi her food. I had Grilled Chicken Ciabbata Sandwich (RM18). Gooooood, the bread was so crispy, I guess they toast it the right way and the vegie was fresh too...I wanted to try their pizza that day but as I was still in the coma-diet zone, I said big no-no to the cheeeesseeeeyyyyy pizza that they have Must come back one day when Im already in size '0'... (as if) Miza had the Aglio Olio Prawn (RM28) and it was yummmeehhh. They managed to customize it to the Asian taste where they put in slices of cili padi. It has a perfect blend of italian herbs and malaysian taste in it. Highly recommended! So, now we reach the real reason why we are here. The chocolate fondant!

Hurmmmm.....the chocolate fondant (RM12) was rather disappointing I must say. It wasnt as gooey as I expected it. So, we were contemplating should we return it back and request for it to be prepared the way it is supposed to be or just suck it in and enjoy then almost dry fondant U think? Of course we act brave-brave and we requested a nicer one. I was using my '90 seconds' theory of how chocolate souffle should be served right after it is taken out from the oven (thank you to Masterchef US and Junior Mastercher, I know speak some chef language). I even use the Gordon Ramsay theory on how gooey it should be and the waiter is giving me some pffftt look. Hhahahhahaha So they rejected the fondant and made a new one. Still dissapointing as when we cracked the fondant, there were still some batter left uncooked. So, I guess thats the sign from the universe, some karma that I shouldnt eat those kind of fattening food at the first place, now the fondant was like telling me "eat that, sucker" All in all, it was a lovely dinner. I love the ambience and the nice waiter (not the one who gave me the 'wtf, u think u top chef issit). I would probably come back soon, but not for the fondant I guess Address: 18 Lorong Maarof Bangsar Park, 59000, Kuala Lumpur 03 2287 3628 Opens daily from 9am to 11pm GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.732 E 101 40.495

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