Monday, April 4, 2011

Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Received BBM from Miza, miza: "babe, jom makan chocolate fondant kat cafe barbera" me: "heh, is it something like chocolate souffle in Junior Masterchef?" miza: "erm, so called la. but this choc fondant is really gooood. Jom la" me: "hurm, okie will see you there in half an hour" Hokay, I have read some post on Chocolate Fondant at Cafe Barbera earlier. But never have the privillege to pay a visit. First, because Im not really a chocolate sucker in any sense, and second of all I rarely dine out nowadays. Reason? Simple, DIET maaaa.....hehhehee. so the best way of dieting is to dine in and cook simple food that contains less carbs. pfffttttt... So, almost 45 mins later (yah I was procrastinating because I know how late I will be, they will be at least 15 minutes later. huh), I was at Jalan Telawi Bangsar trying to withdraw money from 3 different ATM with MEPS label on it but failed. Damn you MEPS. Technologies nowadays always failed me whenever I need them the most. Actually I dont really know this Cafe Barbera, never been so I have no idea where it is actually. So I thought, Bangsar...hrrmmmm sure at Telawi kan? NOPE!!!!!! I bbm-ed the girls asking their whereabouts only to find out that I was actually at the wrong road. Hahahaa. The cafe is located at Jalan Maarof la, not Jalan Telawi. Sighhhh So off I went to Jalan Maarof, its located nearby Cafe Rebung anyway, for a better landmark. Went in and saw the girls and they laughed at me for my stupidity. Double sigh. As it was already 9pm that time, I rushed them to make up their mind on what to order. Enough changing of menu constantly already! Miza ordered Some Shakerato (RM10), combination of coffee and shakes I think. Must be full of fat too. Dang! But she said it taste goooodddaahh. pfftttt....mind me, im not a coffee drinker and will never be one. I ordered a pot of Earl Grey Tea (RM8) and Ina ordered Apple Juice (RM10). I think both are just ordinary drinks lah. So lets go the real thing, the foooooddddd... Ina had this Creamy Mushroom Bruschetta (RM13). Yummehhh, tasted good and even though theres only 4 slice of bread but we didnt really care. We still curi her food. I had Grilled Chicken Ciabbata Sandwich (RM18). Gooooood, the bread was so crispy, I guess they toast it the right way and the vegie was fresh too...I wanted to try their pizza that day but as I was still in the coma-diet zone, I said big no-no to the cheeeesseeeeyyyyy pizza that they have Must come back one day when Im already in size '0'... (as if) Miza had the Aglio Olio Prawn (RM28) and it was yummmeehhh. They managed to customize it to the Asian taste where they put in slices of cili padi. It has a perfect blend of italian herbs and malaysian taste in it. Highly recommended! So, now we reach the real reason why we are here. The chocolate fondant!

Hurmmmm.....the chocolate fondant (RM12) was rather disappointing I must say. It wasnt as gooey as I expected it. So, we were contemplating should we return it back and request for it to be prepared the way it is supposed to be or just suck it in and enjoy then almost dry fondant U think? Of course we act brave-brave and we requested a nicer one. I was using my '90 seconds' theory of how chocolate souffle should be served right after it is taken out from the oven (thank you to Masterchef US and Junior Mastercher, I know speak some chef language). I even use the Gordon Ramsay theory on how gooey it should be and the waiter is giving me some pffftt look. Hhahahhahaha So they rejected the fondant and made a new one. Still dissapointing as when we cracked the fondant, there were still some batter left uncooked. So, I guess thats the sign from the universe, some karma that I shouldnt eat those kind of fattening food at the first place, now the fondant was like telling me "eat that, sucker" All in all, it was a lovely dinner. I love the ambience and the nice waiter (not the one who gave me the 'wtf, u think u top chef issit). I would probably come back soon, but not for the fondant I guess Address: 18 Lorong Maarof Bangsar Park, 59000, Kuala Lumpur 03 2287 3628 Opens daily from 9am to 11pm GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.732 E 101 40.495



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