Friday, April 8, 2011

Done Deal!

I'm a sucker for cheap stuff.


Even bettter...

The latest addiction that I have in my life now (growing in a very significant trend) is to get good deals from those site that churns good deal (pfftt, of course la kan) Anyway, Malaysian are very lucky now. we have these sites that is trying to save our pocket and be interesting coming out with all sorts of deals anyday. Name it. Be it deals about martial art class, cooking class, make-up class even got flying class summore. (nah, they will not teach you how to become Superman) There are tonnes actually.

To name a few:

oh theres another one

(but this one is a little bit ah beng I must say)

Dont you love it?

The opportunity to dine or take a class that usually will cost us fortune (well maybe peanuts to some) at the most 90% discount??? No?

I guess I am alone in this cipsket zone

Oh well, I bought these in 3 days time. Hahahahahahh

Manicure + Pedicure + Deep Hydration Hand and Foot Scrub. Aaaahhhh you and me in paradise (cue Brandy's song): 60%

Facial Treatment with Skin Scrub + Hydrating Serum + Eye Rejuvenating Theraphy. I have never been to facial, so as a debut this would be awesome! Ouh forgot! its RM38 (Rm380worth). So cheapppp......(frankie from Lat Kampung Boy the Musical. Tak tgk? sigh....)

some lo-mantik dinner with booTak soon. Tanzini for RM30 only (oh well for RM70 worth of food la)

Another food deal from Joseph Kitchen @ Solaris Dutamas. Free flow of drinks okie. Only at Rm25 (64%)

Even cheap bread deal also I bought. Hehehhee

Okie the last 3 are all about food. So dont ask me why I still didnt lose much weight. I also wonder why....

Still not interested?


I feel so alone in this world.



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