Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gobo Upstairs

1st March only came once a year, means that's the day where I have to crack my head thinking where should I bring booTak for his birthday (which also means this is a long overdue post. heck, I will still write about it)

After much research done and 3 times changing location (I was practically like one's PA, trying to call restaurant and book places), I set my mind at Gobo Upstairs. Reason being? simple! From 10 posts written by other bloggers, 9 gave 2 thumbs up. So, why bother thinking still!

One thing with booTak his expectations is as high as the twin tower. If you plan to throw a surprise party for him, think twice because he will suspect it at the very inception.

"R u trying to do surprise thing for my birthday?"

"Erm, no. So not! Why so perasan?"

"Better not, I just want simple dinner with you"


So, with that I specifically act as if I have nothing special plan, only that I told him...

"we're going to KLCC, yang kat atas-atas punya restaurant la k"

I bet he must be very kaciwa. Hahahaha... so off we went to KLCC

Arrived, and I tricked him that I need to go to Traders to see my friend to grab something from him. Much to his disapproval and sad face, he still tag along. Hoping that I will change my mind and take him to somewhere else I guess.

When we reached Traders, we stop at Level 6 and I was like...

"tadaaaaa....we r dining here. Ngeh ngeh ngeh"


Okay, thats the response he gave. Hahaha. Coupled with Omg Omg why you tipu me. Eleh berlakon konon. pffftt

We begin our dinner with this lobster bisque with chocolate oil (RM26++). Well, he liked it, me not so much. I can barely eat the lobster, is there any?

mind the quality. I only have my blackberry camera with me. The taste of the soup to me was a little bit salty. Or maybe it was just me as I saw he was licking his spoon. Haih, cannot bring anywhere la this man.

trying to get every possible drop from the bowl. *sigh*

Done with the appetizer, the main course arrived. I had the Grilled Cod Fish with Salad (RM55++)


YUMMEHHHHHH! The fish was grilled to perfection and as I cut it slice-by-slice, it falls perfectly and it wasnt flaky at all. I like....

He ordered some Wagyu Beef Steak something something served with salad (RM80++)

. Uhhhh, so perfect! The beef is like melt in your mouth so to speak. even without sauce, it was still good.

We also had some side dishes, the sauteed mushroom (RM19++) and Green Beans with creamy sauce (RM15++). The green beans really compliment my fish in a perfect way.

Before we came, I told the person in charge that it is a birthday dinner (uhum, i was expecting some free cake from them),

The very-nice-guy suggested that we give him a marble cheese cake (price unknown) with a candle and the staff will sing some birthday song

My only reply was


He hates those singing together-gether clap clap hand kinda birthday celebration. I guess because he is old already. Hahahahaha.

So when the waiter/waitress came full semangat singing their heart out i was like


and he was like


and they spelled his name wrongly!


Rizhan --> Rizaham!

His response

"BF lain ke ni?




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