Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travelling with an infant(an active ONE!)

Okay, those who followed my Instagram would know that I went to Bali last week for a much needed vacation. Initial plan was to go to Melbourne, unfortunately its Winter and Adam cant be in cold weather due to his condition so we scrapped that idea out.
So we chose Bali
Bali is so amazing this visit was my 5th one


We booked flight ticket without much hesitation. I was a little bit nervous when I have those image Adam running around the plane in a very tight and small area, and those stary eyes that will look at us with some i-am-going-to-kill-you-why-your-son-is-so-hyper, so we booked the business class. 

Immigration counter

Taking the aero train. Acting like big boy

He is a big boy actually

Selfie time

The flight going to Denpasar was easy. We took off at 12.05noon and its actually his nap time. After 5 minutes, he started to sleep


Time for mommy and abah to selfie

Fit right into the bassinet. Dont think he would be in few more months

Meal with no stress

After 2 hrs of napping, he woke up and started his own hyper self back


So we used Hi5 to the rescue

All in all, it was a good flight to Denpasar Bali, but we definitely cant say the same about flight going back to KL.He was so hyper, luckily all the ang-mo in the business class area were not that judgy towards us. 

Prior going, I did some research on how to occupy infant his age in flight. Some suggested buying books and toys and only show him those when you board the plane so he wont feel bored so fast. Some suggested keep the snack coming and just feed them to get them sit still. But I think one lesson that I learned is that, it really depends on your kid. The hyper adam can only focus for 10 minutes max! 
Not even Hi5 can save us

I need to train him how to sit still

Pls,help me


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