Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pressure cooker

No this post is not about cooking stuff,
Its about handling pressure
How you have to 'cook' it in order for good stuff to be served on the table

Ones can only take so much,
Ones can only do so much,
Ones can only hope so much

For now, I have nothing

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pay now or Pay Later?

Often we see this element as something which is not a necessity in life.
Some might says "I am healthy I dont need a health insurance as a plan"
Some even only pay for 3rd party coverage for their vehicle insurance, with the thinking that "Nah, I am not gonna meet any accident this year. Choiiiiiii"

Ever since we are blessed with this happy news of my pregnancy, I have become the most risk adverse person Ive ever known in my life. Everything needs to be hedge, be it financial position or even our baby clothes.

Then one day when I was watching Private Practice, there was this episode about a child that is in dying need of a blood transplant as shes diagnosed with leukimia. Waiting list from donor would take her more than 2 years when she only have 6 days left. Her only chance was stem cell transplant but of course they made it dramatic, she didnt have one. Her parents did not do it when she was born. Then the doctor went extra miles by violating the rules and search for a match in the private banks when he was not supposed to do that. Sigh things that you do when you are emotionally attached

Story cut short, the stem cell transplant saved her life. That was the moment when I realised if ones ever to be caught in the position, you wouldnt mind paying $$$$ money now to do the cord blood banking rather than spending more in the medical expenses department or worst, risking your child's life

So I went to my best friend, Google. I googled the information about cord blood banking and the acceptance rate in Malaysia. Statistic shows that the take up rate is relatively low in this country, nonetheless is in increasing trend. People nowadays believe in the thinking "Pay now rather than later"

So I thought why not Ill join this team. apparently there are 3 cord blood banks that are active in this country but StemLife is the most famous one (or more like the most URL ive managed to googled). After reading all the benefits and stuff, I told myself (and booTak of course) that we need this. We need to do this. I am not sure how others sees it but my environment told me that this is necessity

The collection fee is not that high but the cost of maintaining could be high as you need to pay for annual fee. But for fee as low as RM250 per year, I guess it is doable. With that, I need to purchase less shoes and handbag that is. :)

So ive taken the necessary step. I hope this is the best for my child and my future child insyaAllah. Hope more will do the same :)


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