Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SCKLM 2010: F21KM 10254

Race: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010
Distance: 21km (Women Open)
Pacer(s): Fara and Tot
Venue: Dataran Merdeka and KL area (and Cheras also. WTH is Plaza Uncang Emas. Apakaahhhhh)


How do I start?


I think I should begin with writing about pre, during and post race kan?

Here goes:


Let me begin with race kit collection. I went there with booTak on Thursday itself. Being very bersemangat waja we reached Stadium Titiwangsa around 12noon and boy the line was already as long as KTMB (the old one I must say, new train mcm pendek je). And it was like snake; curling. I went straight to Half Marathon booth, squeeze my eyes real hard to notice that they had around 6 counters for Half Marathoners. Hurmmm...should have been more counter. booTak went to the 10km kandang and then we waited for our turn.

*tick tock*

*tick tock*

*tick tock*

Hurm, the lane remain quo. This will be a damn long wait I told myself. Then the fella in front of me whining. "This is damn lama man" then we started bitching about things, and another fella joined in our bitching session. Bla bla bla...still no movement. *sigh* I am so gonna miss my lunch like this. Dahla hamba lapar okay. The rest of the waiting time we filled it with some inspirational talk by some uncle who ran Shanghai Marathon ke apa ntah as well as some pre-race jitters from Azam, the dude in front of me. So it was fruitful waiting time I must say

So it took me 1hr and 10 minutes to get my race kit. *sigh*. Nonetheless, I thought it was kinda fun since I get to meet new people. :) and bitch about some stuff. Yah, I like to bitch around

Then we move on to the day before the race. Had a class in the morning, went to Puchong for some wallpaper hunt and chandelier hunt. Yah, yah boring stuff. Went back, sleep and then went for dinner with booTak. I finally bought him the "Run Fatboy Run" dvd. Hope to watch it soon. And then what yeh, erm yah went to sleep already at 10.20pm. hehe

Race day:

Woke up at 4.30am. Get ready while waiting for tot, put on my new 2xu compression calf guard. My knees and my calf are always in bad shape during run so I put this on for some mind comfort. Hoping and crossing my fingers that I wont get any calf distress what not.

Reached BNM around 5.40am. Went for prayer and then off we go to the starting point. We were at the baccckkkkkk of the flock. Did little bit of stretching and Boom the gun went off. The participants were so many that it took me almost 4 minutes to reached the timing mat so called. Waved a little bit to booTak, he's doing the 10km race.

I started quite okay, quite a slow pacing at the beginning, scared that the whole Cyberjaya Night Race breathing chaos happened again. Tot and fara started slow as well. But they look like they were like having fun jogging, not even running. I was a little bit stressed out. *sigh* nih maksudnya aku la yg lambat ni. Maka mempercepatkan larian saya

I was doing perfectly fine till i reached KM8.5. First, I was little bit stressed out with the KM Marker. Mengapakah perlu ada ye perpuluhan lima (0.5) di situ. Maka agak sukar untuk saya mengira kelajuan larian saya yang tidak berapa laju pun ini. I have my blonde moment especially when I reached 13.5km marker. That was the moment when I gave up. I told myself, its okaylah just run je la. So I gave my cheap adidas watch a rest. Didnt even look at it, even a stare the whole time i was running after that marker.

I kept on running and sometimes walking until I reached Pavilion area. I was literally singing "all the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up! Ouk oo oo...Oukk ooo oo" when I saw one abang waved crazily at me. For a minute, I thought he likes me. Ahahahhaa..then to realised that he actually was screaming out loud at me "Dik, pijak mat ni. Nanti tak record time"

Ehehhee..maafkan saya. terperasan seketika di situ.


Ran straight to Menara Standard Chartered.Along the way there were a few uncle taxi driver was clapping and keep on saying "go...go...go". I was touched. Usually what people do is just stare at you with some tension face because you actually blocked the road that they want to use. (Yah I had that at the cheras area along the shop lots which one of it was Lorenzo Country Style. And yah I was walking that time because I want to see their furniture from the window glass)

Those uncle gave me the boost of energy right away. Fara and Tot were just besides me and we entered the Cool Zone provided by Standard Chartered. Thankssss!! I love it!. I feel sexy already!

Kept going until the turning at Raja Chulan (besides The Weld). I felt really weak so took another Accel Gel, and I cant swallow it anymore. It gave me this funky taste. i threw it away and keep on going. Fara and tot were already far ahead. So it is just me I guess. At this point I have no intention to qualify within the stipulated time. I just want to finish.

Still, kept on till Renaissance Hotel. The heat is already up. Matahari memancar dengan girangnya. Yeiks. Saw one uncle lied down. Cramp I think. We gave him some flanil and pour some ORS water in his widely open mouth. He basically cant do anything. He looked so tired and he stared at you; with an empty looks. I guess the race really hit him.

We arrived at Pertama and still another water station. Wow, great. Final 1 km also got water. and I tell you the final 1km is always the most gruelling part. huhuhu....reached kedai Brahim Sha terus excited memikirkan nasi kandar afterwards. Saw booTak at the finishing line and I did my final sprint to clocked:


I am grateful for the ability to still run despite a total lack of training. Thou i did not qualify so to speak, but
finishing the run is the most important part. Hey at least I improved my time compared to Cyberjaya night race. And that is good enough already.


* tot di hadapan memecut laju

* kelihatan seperti berlari sambil memegang perut supaya tidak jatuh.

* masih memegang perut. actually i was trying to hold my water bottle belt drpd jatuh

* pandangan sisi

* another pandangan sisi.
I hope I can do my PB at another race. But anytime soon. I have a lot on my bowl right now that I need to concentrate on. Perhaps during PBIM then.
But at least i PBE kan? Bak kata Enaikay...personal best effort.

Post Race:
I did 2 massage session. Ehehheheh....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bafana, Bafana, Banana

I dont think I have the energy to ber blog anymore. Well not that I write lots of post anyway, but I just dont have the will power. I like reading blogs but when I read mine, I think I just dont have it. Im not cut out to be a brilliant writer. With no vision, no creative thinking whatsoever, yah I think the list is not exhaustive. I aint Carrie Bradshaw for that matters.

There was a time when I was excited, every moment that I went through, I took pictures hoping that I can translate it to an excellent post in my blog,
Have you guys read any interesting post lately? I bet the answer is NOT.
Or to those who sugarcoat their answer will be "err...ada je"

How I wish I have the time to actually utilise my brain and write thoughtful stuff.


Anyway, its the world cup fever. and yah I am so lack of sleep now.
Hence the PMS mode now

Ouh ya, wish me luck for SCKLM2010
Err, I sure need tonnes of luck. Since I do not train at all.
Im gonna get it goooooddd this time
Wait for my post
Errr that if only I have the will to write it

Monday, June 21, 2010

Its Sex and The City Time

It feels like ages since the last time i really hang out with my babe. Yah. ages keadaannya. Both of us we really busy with work, life and stuff. So when she suggested we had a girly day out, my immediate response was


So we did.

It was a lovely Sunday. We had so many things planned eventhough both of us are like SUPER BROKE.

Started with a lovely brunch at La Bodega. Had the big breakfast, 2 poached eggs with sauteed mushroom, chicken sausages and grilled tomatoes are like a perfect breakfast after a long run that morning.

* menu nya...

*menikmati makanan yang enak ye

As usual some bitching and whining session during breakfast. Gawd! I miss that. You see during university time we always had this brunch session (especially after loan money in. ahuh..u know what I mean) and usuallu this is the time when we bitch about things that we like. Its amazing how things change now. Last time we used to bitch about boys, "he is so like full of himself; he didnt call me back la; and bla bla bla. Now, our conversation revolves on "I hate my colleague wei; my system sucks wei; my senior stabbed me back: I got an emo boss". Yah...we are old people!

Anyway, after brunch session, we went to A Cut Above for some hair pampering session. Being a cheap skater I am, it was supposed to be at Shawn Cutler malangnya mahal sangat rege rawatan rambut nyer maka kami ke A Cut Above sahaja. Sekali, rege nyer pun sama jugak mahal gile and my hair went FLAT! Damns

* my flat hair. *sigh*

Since we had a very unsatisfactory results from the A Cut Above and since Anet hates her Tai Tai hair, we decided to go to Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling at Bangsar Village II. I was a bit sceptical earlier. Yah, being a runner I have the most fugly toe nail ever. Ye saya mengaku. Kuku kaki yang sudah beberapa kali tercabut, almost dead nail part and you name it. But she convinced me that it will be a very nice experience so yah I told myself WTH just try it la.

I had the pedicure session for RM55 (50 minutes) and it was beyond awesome. The pedicure person (if massage we call them masseus, if pedicure apa yeh. Enrich my vocab pls) also had a difficult time to treat my nail. Kesian her. I like the deco though, usually when you go to these kind of places (beauty parlour I meant) its usually decorated to mimic balinese and minimalist style. This is totally different and I like it.

*two thumbs up*

* waiting for my session

* ber bbm while waiting

* anet with her manicure session

* at Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling

To those pedi mani virgin out there, this is a MUST GO place. STAT!

Then off we go to The Gardens. Went to collect our ticket at GSC Signature and had a drink at San Terri Cottage.

* and still ber bbm

* ye masih lagi ber bbm

At almost 3pm we went to Signature again, getting sexcited about the movie and camwhoring session again. Ouh ya karate kid is on show as well. I think I want to watch also la next time.

* aiyak...

* masih lagi bercamwhoring. my hair less flat already
At 3.30pm the movie started. Okie now we are talking business. The review of the movie.
I have to say I was quite disappointed. It was a year of waiting and it did not satisfy me. You see, I am a hard core SATC fan. I watch the series since season 3 (yah that was when I have HBO at home) and I bought all the season DVD Box Set. I watched the first movie and it was way better. Let me sum it up, they have no idea and no story line anymore but heck people like those 4 womens so lets just make a sequel out of it. And I think Abu Dhabi perhaps paid 50% of the filming cost because I feel like im watching a tourism movie with a title "Abu Dhabi: The New Middle East"
Nuff said bout the movie la.
*two thumbs down* (and I am a hard core fan. So you do the math how bad the movie is)

Went for dinner afterwards at Belanga. Ordered Nasi Kerabu Ayam and Anet ordered Lompat Tikam
And yah you dont have to jump around and stab someone to do it

* berteh tarik. Notice my lazy eyes. Its only 6.30pm that time.

* my nasi kerabu ayam berempah. Nyummm

* menikmati

* her lompat tikam

It was a lovely day. Ill do it again


I am freakin exhausted. Tight schedule. Work related matters, NO TRAINING AT ALL and this world cup fever is really getting into me. I need zzzzzZZzzZzzZzzzZzZzZZ....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Do you really want it?" vs Waka Waka

Yah...its the WC fever again. Hurm...I can never see myself as someone who likes football. Me and football will be like one bimbo with an upside down Encyclopedia on her hand. Yah. That would be me. I dont even know what is OFF SIDE and ON SIDE. Yah and that is like the simplest thing ever in football rules innit? (but thanks to booTak, saya sudah pandai sikit sikit)


So when people talk about WC, I feel kinda left out. But sure as hell I dont want to be like those girls who only watch it because the boyfriend likes it too and want to be accepted. Haih...I understand that you wanna be supportive but not like that kot kan...

Anyway, but this time around. It feels different. Suddenly I have the sexcitement in me that I finally feel like I want to learn a thing or two about football. So I did my own research about few teams. By research I meant watching the games and stuff. LIKEY.

I started with Mexico vs South Africa. Of course, its the opening game so you gotta watch it. and when I saw one of malaysian referree being the 4 referree for the opening game so I told myself "eh bleh tahan gak org Mesia ni". Back to the game, I thought it was rather okay but it managed to give me further sexcitement to watch another game. I decided to watch England and USA. But yah me being me, I zzzZZzzZzzzzZz-ed

So maybe I will give myself another chance. Ivory coast vs Portugal eyy? sounds like fun!

Ouh ya, I prefer lagu Ricky Martin tu dari Waka Waka..Ehehehhee....

Monday, June 7, 2010

When I Look at You

Everybody needs inspiration,
Everybody needs a song
A beautiful melody
When the nights so long
Because there is no guarantee
That this life is easy...
When my world is falling apart,
When there is no light to break up the dark,
That's when I look at you
When the waves are flooding the shore and I cant,
Find my way home anymore that's when I, I look at you...
When I look at you I see forgiveness,
I see the truth,
You loves me for who I am,
Like the stars hold the moon,
Right where they belong,
And I know I am not alone

When I look at You - Miley Cyrus

Friday, June 4, 2010

SCKLM 2010: Run For a Cause Final Call?

Ye, itu adalah saya...
Yang gambar sekecil hama itu....

I wrote something on Run For a Cause before in one of my post. This year I will be running the SCKLM again, but with a little bit of twist. I want to give back.

You see, I cannot consider myself a pro runner thus I cant really conduct any running clinic what not. The only 'clinic' that I had before was when I took with me 2 mothers who wanted to shed off some post baby fat and they totally didnt like my training regime. So I was called Miss J. Why you may ask? *sigh* In case you have never watch The Biggest Loser (US version), check out the chick in RED who always yell at the contestant and her fav mantra was "If you do not puke, faint or die, then keep running"

Okay, can you see the connection now?


Anyway, this year I have decided to take part in the Run For a Cause. and Alhamdulillah to date the amount of money collected is big enough for someone who like me. Who aint celebrity of course. Hehehee. Thanks to all who have donated their hard earned cash in order to see me running the miles. InsyaAllah, I will try my level best to finish the distance; strong (enough)

and to my close friends who read this, hope for your continuous prayer for booTak's dad. Lets pray for his speedy recovery and thank you so much for your concern and kind thoughts.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beat the Sunrise? Yeah they DID IT!

I was swamped with work recently till I have no time for myself. But I still find those tiny bit of time to get me self updated with three of my idol's experience on their Ultra Marathon. Yup, thats right. They did it. Kak Haza, Kak Kash and Prakash.

* Kak Haza and Kak Kash (sorry kak Haza, curik your gambo)

Some of you may wonder, what the hell is ultra marathon? and whats the distance like? I'll tell you why their experience is so amazing. Its because Ultra Marathon is a race where the timing no longer matter, its the race where your mental and physical will be tested at its upmost level, and it is a race where you even have a break to eat and stuff. and most importantly it is a race where you have to run 84KM. Yup you heard me right. ITS 84KM (with echooooo)

See, I cant even write about it let alone run it. Hehehehe...
You see long distance running requires extremely strong mental ability, to cope with what every runner call it, "The Running Wall". Ouh ya, did any of you watch the movie "Run Fatboy Run"? In the movie, they did explain what is a running wall.

When I did my 21km race, i always stumbled upon my running wall at the 16km marks. Yup. 16km. I dont know why but once I hit 16km, my feet will right away became very shaky and failed to work in tandem with my brain. and its frustrating

But, these 2 women...I have no idea whats in their mind when they ran the race. They are one of those real life example of STRONG women. When I read their race report, Kak Kash to be exact, I feel like as if I am running with her and feel the agony as well. I feel so empowered when I read these...

to quote Kak Kash:

I had nothing left in me in the last 5KM, except maybe for my determination. I was numb, physically and mentally. As long as the time had not strike 9.00am, I was going to make it back. And when daylight came, I was surprised to see so many people still on the course. On the last two Sundown race I did, I always wonder about these people who seems mindlessly walking and making their way back to the finish line, now I am one of those people.

If it was me on the last 5km, I think i have given up already. Or even worst sampai ke idak aku ni ke last 5km kaedahnya!

But they didnt. They fought to the last KM and they fought it real hard. True fighter spirit instills in them and for a strange reason even though I dont really know them personally I felt very proud of their achievement.

Yah and I still am proud.

And they are both MOMs okay. Shame on me! *sigh*

To those out there who think running is only for professional and elite athlete. Think twice

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