Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Do you really want it?" vs Waka Waka

Yah...its the WC fever again. Hurm...I can never see myself as someone who likes football. Me and football will be like one bimbo with an upside down Encyclopedia on her hand. Yah. That would be me. I dont even know what is OFF SIDE and ON SIDE. Yah and that is like the simplest thing ever in football rules innit? (but thanks to booTak, saya sudah pandai sikit sikit)


So when people talk about WC, I feel kinda left out. But sure as hell I dont want to be like those girls who only watch it because the boyfriend likes it too and want to be accepted. Haih...I understand that you wanna be supportive but not like that kot kan...

Anyway, but this time around. It feels different. Suddenly I have the sexcitement in me that I finally feel like I want to learn a thing or two about football. So I did my own research about few teams. By research I meant watching the games and stuff. Andddd.....me LIKEY.

I started with Mexico vs South Africa. Of course, its the opening game so you gotta watch it. and when I saw one of malaysian referree being the 4 referree for the opening game so I told myself "eh bleh tahan gak org Mesia ni". Back to the game, I thought it was rather okay but it managed to give me further sexcitement to watch another game. Hehe...so I decided to watch England and USA. But yah me being me, I zzzZZzzZzzzzZz-ed

So maybe I will give myself another chance. Ivory coast vs Portugal eyy? sounds like fun!

Ouh ya, I prefer lagu Ricky Martin tu dari Waka Waka..Ehehehhee....


Julin Julai said...

yes, what's up with all this waka waka rave?
I like the raise your flag song better.

farah said...

Hurmm...I havent watch any WC games at all! Hehehe...dh ada baby ni, she takes all the energy outta me ^_^
Thanx God also hubby not a football fan! Hehehe...


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