Monday, June 21, 2010

Its Sex and The City Time

It feels like ages since the last time i really hang out with my babe. Yah. ages keadaannya. Both of us we really busy with work, life and stuff. So when she suggested we had a girly day out, my immediate response was


So we did.

It was a lovely Sunday. We had so many things planned eventhough both of us are like SUPER BROKE.

Started with a lovely brunch at La Bodega. Had the big breakfast, 2 poached eggs with sauteed mushroom, chicken sausages and grilled tomatoes are like a perfect breakfast after a long run that morning.

* menu nya...

*menikmati makanan yang enak ye

As usual some bitching and whining session during breakfast. Gawd! I miss that. You see during university time we always had this brunch session (especially after loan money in. ahuh..u know what I mean) and usuallu this is the time when we bitch about things that we like. Its amazing how things change now. Last time we used to bitch about boys, "he is so like full of himself; he didnt call me back la; and bla bla bla. Now, our conversation revolves on "I hate my colleague wei; my system sucks wei; my senior stabbed me back: I got an emo boss". Yah...we are old people!

Anyway, after brunch session, we went to A Cut Above for some hair pampering session. Being a cheap skater I am, it was supposed to be at Shawn Cutler malangnya mahal sangat rege rawatan rambut nyer maka kami ke A Cut Above sahaja. Sekali, rege nyer pun sama jugak mahal gile and my hair went FLAT! Damns

* my flat hair. *sigh*

Since we had a very unsatisfactory results from the A Cut Above and since Anet hates her Tai Tai hair, we decided to go to Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling at Bangsar Village II. I was a bit sceptical earlier. Yah, being a runner I have the most fugly toe nail ever. Ye saya mengaku. Kuku kaki yang sudah beberapa kali tercabut, almost dead nail part and you name it. But she convinced me that it will be a very nice experience so yah I told myself WTH just try it la.

I had the pedicure session for RM55 (50 minutes) and it was beyond awesome. The pedicure person (if massage we call them masseus, if pedicure apa yeh. Enrich my vocab pls) also had a difficult time to treat my nail. Kesian her. I like the deco though, usually when you go to these kind of places (beauty parlour I meant) its usually decorated to mimic balinese and minimalist style. This is totally different and I like it.

*two thumbs up*

* waiting for my session

* ber bbm while waiting

* anet with her manicure session

* at Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling

To those pedi mani virgin out there, this is a MUST GO place. STAT!

Then off we go to The Gardens. Went to collect our ticket at GSC Signature and had a drink at San Terri Cottage.

* and still ber bbm

* ye masih lagi ber bbm

At almost 3pm we went to Signature again, getting sexcited about the movie and camwhoring session again. Ouh ya karate kid is on show as well. I think I want to watch also la next time.

* aiyak...

* masih lagi bercamwhoring. my hair less flat already
At 3.30pm the movie started. Okie now we are talking business. The review of the movie.
I have to say I was quite disappointed. It was a year of waiting and it did not satisfy me. You see, I am a hard core SATC fan. I watch the series since season 3 (yah that was when I have HBO at home) and I bought all the season DVD Box Set. I watched the first movie and it was way better. Let me sum it up, they have no idea and no story line anymore but heck people like those 4 womens so lets just make a sequel out of it. And I think Abu Dhabi perhaps paid 50% of the filming cost because I feel like im watching a tourism movie with a title "Abu Dhabi: The New Middle East"
Nuff said bout the movie la.
*two thumbs down* (and I am a hard core fan. So you do the math how bad the movie is)

Went for dinner afterwards at Belanga. Ordered Nasi Kerabu Ayam and Anet ordered Lompat Tikam
And yah you dont have to jump around and stab someone to do it

* berteh tarik. Notice my lazy eyes. Its only 6.30pm that time.

* my nasi kerabu ayam berempah. Nyummm

* menikmati

* her lompat tikam

It was a lovely day. Ill do it again


@net. said...

I'll definitely wanna do it again babe! so much fun!! but maybe next time when got more funds heh! ;)


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