Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SCKLM 2010: F21KM 10254

Race: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010
Distance: 21km (Women Open)
Pacer(s): Fara and Tot
Venue: Dataran Merdeka and KL area (and Cheras also. WTH is Plaza Uncang Emas. Apakaahhhhh)


How do I start?


I think I should begin with writing about pre, during and post race kan?

Here goes:


Let me begin with race kit collection. I went there with booTak on Thursday itself. Being very bersemangat waja we reached Stadium Titiwangsa around 12noon and boy the line was already as long as KTMB (the old one I must say, new train mcm pendek je). And it was like snake; curling. I went straight to Half Marathon booth, squeeze my eyes real hard to notice that they had around 6 counters for Half Marathoners. Hurmmm...should have been more counter. booTak went to the 10km kandang and then we waited for our turn.

*tick tock*

*tick tock*

*tick tock*

Hurm, the lane remain quo. This will be a damn long wait I told myself. Then the fella in front of me whining. "This is damn lama man" then we started bitching about things, and another fella joined in our bitching session. Bla bla bla...still no movement. *sigh* I am so gonna miss my lunch like this. Dahla hamba lapar okay. The rest of the waiting time we filled it with some inspirational talk by some uncle who ran Shanghai Marathon ke apa ntah as well as some pre-race jitters from Azam, the dude in front of me. So it was fruitful waiting time I must say

So it took me 1hr and 10 minutes to get my race kit. *sigh*. Nonetheless, I thought it was kinda fun since I get to meet new people. :) and bitch about some stuff. Yah, I like to bitch around

Then we move on to the day before the race. Had a class in the morning, went to Puchong for some wallpaper hunt and chandelier hunt. Yah, yah boring stuff. Went back, sleep and then went for dinner with booTak. I finally bought him the "Run Fatboy Run" dvd. Hope to watch it soon. And then what yeh, erm yah went to sleep already at 10.20pm. hehe

Race day:

Woke up at 4.30am. Get ready while waiting for tot, put on my new 2xu compression calf guard. My knees and my calf are always in bad shape during run so I put this on for some mind comfort. Hoping and crossing my fingers that I wont get any calf distress what not.

Reached BNM around 5.40am. Went for prayer and then off we go to the starting point. We were at the baccckkkkkk of the flock. Did little bit of stretching and Boom the gun went off. The participants were so many that it took me almost 4 minutes to reached the timing mat so called. Waved a little bit to booTak, he's doing the 10km race.

I started quite okay, quite a slow pacing at the beginning, scared that the whole Cyberjaya Night Race breathing chaos happened again. Tot and fara started slow as well. But they look like they were like having fun jogging, not even running. I was a little bit stressed out. *sigh* nih maksudnya aku la yg lambat ni. Maka mempercepatkan larian saya

I was doing perfectly fine till i reached KM8.5. First, I was little bit stressed out with the KM Marker. Mengapakah perlu ada ye perpuluhan lima (0.5) di situ. Maka agak sukar untuk saya mengira kelajuan larian saya yang tidak berapa laju pun ini. I have my blonde moment especially when I reached 13.5km marker. That was the moment when I gave up. I told myself, its okaylah just run je la. So I gave my cheap adidas watch a rest. Didnt even look at it, even a stare the whole time i was running after that marker.

I kept on running and sometimes walking until I reached Pavilion area. I was literally singing "all the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up! Ouk oo oo...Oukk ooo oo" when I saw one abang waved crazily at me. For a minute, I thought he likes me. Ahahahhaa..then to realised that he actually was screaming out loud at me "Dik, pijak mat ni. Nanti tak record time"

Ehehhee..maafkan saya. terperasan seketika di situ.


Ran straight to Menara Standard Chartered.Along the way there were a few uncle taxi driver was clapping and keep on saying "go...go...go". I was touched. Usually what people do is just stare at you with some tension face because you actually blocked the road that they want to use. (Yah I had that at the cheras area along the shop lots which one of it was Lorenzo Country Style. And yah I was walking that time because I want to see their furniture from the window glass)

Those uncle gave me the boost of energy right away. Fara and Tot were just besides me and we entered the Cool Zone provided by Standard Chartered. Thankssss!! I love it!. I feel sexy already!

Kept going until the turning at Raja Chulan (besides The Weld). I felt really weak so took another Accel Gel, and I cant swallow it anymore. It gave me this funky taste. i threw it away and keep on going. Fara and tot were already far ahead. So it is just me I guess. At this point I have no intention to qualify within the stipulated time. I just want to finish.

Still, kept on till Renaissance Hotel. The heat is already up. Matahari memancar dengan girangnya. Yeiks. Saw one uncle lied down. Cramp I think. We gave him some flanil and pour some ORS water in his widely open mouth. He basically cant do anything. He looked so tired and he stared at you; with an empty looks. I guess the race really hit him.

We arrived at Pertama and still another water station. Wow, great. Final 1 km also got water. and I tell you the final 1km is always the most gruelling part. huhuhu....reached kedai Brahim Sha terus excited memikirkan nasi kandar afterwards. Saw booTak at the finishing line and I did my final sprint to clocked:


I am grateful for the ability to still run despite a total lack of training. Thou i did not qualify so to speak, but
finishing the run is the most important part. Hey at least I improved my time compared to Cyberjaya night race. And that is good enough already.


* tot di hadapan memecut laju

* kelihatan seperti berlari sambil memegang perut supaya tidak jatuh.

* masih memegang perut. actually i was trying to hold my water bottle belt drpd jatuh

* pandangan sisi

* another pandangan sisi.
I hope I can do my PB at another race. But anytime soon. I have a lot on my bowl right now that I need to concentrate on. Perhaps during PBIM then.
But at least i PBE kan? Bak kata Enaikay...personal best effort.

Post Race:
I did 2 massage session. Ehehheheh....


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yesss.. PBE should be the attitude for people like us (who sometimes lack training).

Well done! Walaupun tak dpt buat PB, but still, masih ramai yg takut nak lari 21km as compared to u, n ur pacers. :)

P/s: Errr.. i haven't watch Run Fatboy Run.. mana nak cari dvd dia eh?

Julin Julai said...

okla tu..finishing photo masih kiut lagi..akak punya macam hareemmmm.
Congrats on another HM!

kaki LARI said...

try yr best next time...")

mclarenna said...

Yah, for now i think PBE is good enough for me. I should start training soon should i want to do sub 2.30hrs soon. Tetapi alangkah malasnya ye....
p/s:I bought that DVD from a place kat Hatamas. Hehe.. RM9...cetak rompak maaaaa...

Kak Julin:
Kiut ke? nampak peha saya yang menggemuk. Hehehhee...
Congrats on your sub 2.30hrs. Hebatt!!!

Hey, thanks...hows ur run? eyy update blog la wei...

RaYzeef said...

mac laren, congrats on completing the run. Not everyone have the guts to take on the HM :)

wow banyaknya gambar finishing? how come?

mclarenna said...

Hi RaYzeef: 3rd HM and im deteriorating. Nevermind. Have to try harder next time. Congrats on ur run too!

Finishing? Sbb i buat asek seperti perut nak terjatuh sbb tuh cameraman amek gambar byk. or perhaps because I was too slow maka berjaya dicapture. Ekekkeke

Izrin said...

nana!! congrats, i didnt see you during the race. funny la ur race report :) true apa kata enaikay, unlike some people tak berani nak lari 21km. I lah tuh.. hahha.. but.. soon..i will ececeh! :p

hope to see you soon.


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