Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bafana, Bafana, Banana

I dont think I have the energy to ber blog anymore. Well not that I write lots of post anyway, but I just dont have the will power. I like reading blogs but when I read mine, I think I just dont have it. Im not cut out to be a brilliant writer. With no vision, no creative thinking whatsoever, yah I think the list is not exhaustive. I aint Carrie Bradshaw for that matters.

There was a time when I was excited, every moment that I went through, I took pictures hoping that I can translate it to an excellent post in my blog,
Have you guys read any interesting post lately? I bet the answer is NOT.
Or to those who sugarcoat their answer will be "err...ada je"

How I wish I have the time to actually utilise my brain and write thoughtful stuff.


Anyway, its the world cup fever. and yah I am so lack of sleep now.
Hence the PMS mode now

Ouh ya, wish me luck for SCKLM2010
Err, I sure need tonnes of luck. Since I do not train at all.
Im gonna get it goooooddd this time
Wait for my post
Errr that if only I have the will to write it


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Don't stop writing, u r still young (i know your age.. remember?) hehe.

Good luck n all the best for SCKLM this sunday! go and have fun!

mclarenna said...

Good luck to you too! FM kan? *sigh* nak sebut Full Marathon pun dah penat.
See ya sunday!

@net. said...



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