Friday, December 23, 2011

2 months and counting

No, I am not pregnant if thats what you think when you read the title.
At least not yet. *hehehe*

Yesterday marked the 2 months for us, to be in this holy knot, lifetime commitment between me and booTak.
Boo hoo, no fancy celebration what not, instead we were at klcc * i was forced to wait at klcc for him as he worked late yesterday*, had dinner at foodcourt (did I tell you the ikan bakar + sotong with spicy sauce is damn good there) and while waiting for the food to arrive, we played game

Oh well not really a game la, more like sticker game kind of thing.

I was at eclipse yesterday trying to kill time but unfortunately I killed my wallet too when I was there browsing for the latest collection. Cant blame me though, the 50% tag really played its role in persuasive action. HEBAT!

Anyway, before I move further can I just tell you that eclipse store at klcc has the best customer service personnel! EVER! there were very nice, the both of them and very friendly. and they were selling this charity sticker by World Vision (i think thats also part of the paperdoll project to raise money for children in africa)

"Sayang, beli la sticker, 10 ringgit je, boleh tolong kanak2, kesian diorang"

"Tapi kalau beli 2 15 ringgit je"

Oh well, how can I say no to anything relates to charity. They showed me that the sticker that I bought are for helping the kids to get water. Ahhhhhh, makes me feel like buying more sticker then.

In the end, I did pay for the sticker and the both of them were really happy as if I bought something that they sell personally and they gain profit out of it. Sincerity really shows its face yesterday for the both of them and I felt warm

So, back to the earlier story, while waiting, we stick the stickers onto the main board and we had fun. Really, I tell you sometimes the small small stuff that you do together with your significant others really makes your realtionship feels warm and the laugh that we had when I stick the sticker perigi floating on the air was genuine

Maybe you should try too, if lazy to buy sticker just play fruit ninja or play Amazing Race games on iPad.


ketap bibir like kanak kanak je

can you see the floating perigi? *kekekekkee*

booTak decided to be gila kuasa and stick them all. no laaahhh kidding...

So far, no doubt marriage really needs effort from both parties, and adjusting may need time but I am grateful to have him as my husband because seriously who can really take my crap anyway? hehehe

Love you booTak! *i doubt you are reading this. lagi menarik kot. hehehehe

Thursday, December 22, 2011


So my inai dah nak habis.
That marks the end of my bride moment...
I have to admit
I miss being a bride
I dont miss the prep time, I certainly miss the wedding day itself
Its so nice when people attended to your needs by any means...eventhough sometimes it did sound unreasonable

But now,
Back to reality...
*slaps forehead*

p/s: I just realised I have yet to write about my wedding day. hhahahaha....

Monday, December 12, 2011

[Review]: Ombak Rindu

The phenomena of Ombak Rindu (OR) is amazingly crazy. It has been the talk of the town since its opening night and remain as such ever since. If we look at it from a positive point of view, this is truly an achievement to Malay Film industry as it is not easy to attract audience nowadays. Unless you have some cheap gimmick from your movie and list of ‘beautiful and handsome’ cast in it, your movie will highly unlike to become hit and blockbuster rated

Nonetheless, OR also has these element. Albeit the director gave his assurance that he does not sell cheap sex scene in the movie, you have to admit the thoughts of Aaron Aziz and Maya Karin performing sex scene surely is inviting to some crowd. Let's be honest, we always love some provocative elements in our lives and this is one of it.

When I heard about the phenomena created by this movie, I told myself I have to validate its accuracy. So we did, and we weren’t happy with the outcome.

The movie surely missed one important element in a good film. Climax! Ombak Rindu doesn’t have a pinnacle in it. True, everybody love happy ending but it has to have content, meaning to it. Not just sipping tropical drinks and eating fruits on yacht and sailing to a happy ending. Yesterday I read one review on OR written by one critics that is specializing in literature, and I totally agree with his point of view. Nur Izzah (Maya Karin) did not win anything in this battle. She didn’t manage to bring Hariz (Aaron Aziz) into Islam and embracing it. Her battle is purely to ensure that Hariz is hers, but whether or not the marriage is going to be great one, we don’t know.

There are too many typical local film scenes in this movie. I don’t understand the need of showing a night club scene in this movie. I understand the fact the she was sold to become a prostitute by her uncle Pakcik Taha, but seriously does prostitution really takes place in night club? Shouldn’t the scene takes place at one dodgy area (looking at peanut payment received by his uncle for selling her)? I seriously don’t understand why night club scene is a must in a Malay movie.

Another typical scene or more to character is Datuk Suffiah (Azizah Mahzan), Hariz’s mother. What is up with the slang? I happened to know a lot of Datins Datins and they surely don’t talk like one. That surely gave a wrong impression of the Datins community and I don’t think they like it.

When it comes to improvement in acting, I have to give it to Maya Karin. She surely did improved and I believe her sadness in this movie. The character itself is not those typical ‘wanita malang dan teraniaya’ and hoping that one day the truth will reveal itself. Im glad the director did not visualize her as such.

source [Google]

But Lisa Surihani (as Mila), is a total disappointment. I don’t really like her acting nowadays, she overdone it in certain ways. I like her better in Lagenda Budak Setan. I don’t really understand the needs of screaming and jegil mata all the time. No no for me

Aaron Aziz? Hurm, don’t know what to comment. I don’t fancy him neither his acting. I don’t really like those typical romantic guy bla bla bla character that he played in Nora Elena (but who am I to comment, I only watch one episode), but he was the total opposite in this movie. In terms of how he managed to convinced me in his emotion in this movie, probably in some scene. That’s all.

Ouh ya another thing, Bront Palarae wasted his talent in this movie. He is an awesome actor and he did not give any impact to this movie. The movie will still sell if it’s someone else.

What else, hurm none I guess. I better stop here before people hate me for this comment. Hahahahaha

Monday, December 5, 2011


Last Saturday was a hectic day for me, attended mini convo for my Shariah Law certificate in the morning, had a power nap; the two of us in the car at parking lot KLCC for one solid hour, had lunch and we ran to KL Convention Centre to watch the much anticipated event for the year

STOMP' 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I had the chance to score good seats for the show, much thanks to booTak for sponsoring :)

Erm, I dont think stomp need any introduction, eventhough I had it explained briefly in my previous post. All I can say is its freaking awesome and I dont mind killing good bucks in my wallet *cough* hubby's wallet *cough* for it

Off we go to Door 2 to enter and we ran into Nanayau and siapa lagi, BF nyer lah....

Bergambar seketika

To sum the show up, I like all parts of it. Be it the broom session, the sink session, the paper session and so on...

But my favourite one was this....

ZOMG! mcm terbang ok

and this one. this part was super awesome. I saw the front row there were 2 kids were enjoying themselves kengkonon mcm tgh bergendang jugak. SOOOO CUTEEEE!!!!

who said brooms cannot be entertaining meh?

They really managed to get the crowd cheering non stop, even for us to clap. They really got us involved, I like the part where they made us imitate what they did...super cute...

Its funky, and it has beats and even kids likes it. Im sure one day once we have our kid we will definitely bring them to this show. (if datang KL lagi la kan...)

STOMP, sila datang lagi ye.....


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