Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smooth sailing, I wish...

There's a huge difference between grown ups and teenagers. The most obvious is when you started to think about security and certainty. Often during our kiddo life we live our lives just to survive the next day.

We bought expensive jeans to show off and left us with only 100 bucks for the rest of the month.

We often study till the next day without proper sleep just to get sufficient marks so we can move to the next semester

And we often do things which will make us live until tomorrow.

I don't think I can do that anymore. A lot of things has changed and I believe this is just a kick start for a good life ahead. Now only I realised the fact that to own something, you have to fight for it and stand firm!!!

I hope that things will go smooth sailing.

I am now officially taking my baby steps to achieve it. It is definitely not easy but I'll survive...

Ya Allah, pls guide me through this phase...

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Think Its About Time...

I wrote something about my contemplation on braces earlier...
Munn said in her comment "Ala, buat je"
Ikhwan pun kata "Go for it"
Miza: "Ala buat je babe"
So the first action that I took recently was the OPG and Lanteral X Ray
And boy was it ugly
My teeth are not just ugly and crooked, it still have 3 milk teeth (lanteral and K-9, cheewahh now Im talking some dental terms)
So my orthodontics, Dr Hassan mentioned that in order to do this braces thingy, I have do 5 removal of teeth. 4 via normal extraction and 1 via surgery
Scary right?
But I think what the heck, just do it la
Because these gigi susu will eventually leave me...

After consultation with the orthodontics, mould impression was done to get the real picture of how my crooked teeth looks like. and err that one also dah 'sakit' already
I cant imagine how it will feel like once I have the metal attach to my jaw.
I have nightmares already thinking about it

Wish me luck people

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tough journey, tough contestant?

I am watching the biggest loser asia now (yah of course the repeat show). The only conclusion that I can make:


Asia has been known well when it comes to drama. The real drama as well as the drama mama.

The drama started in TBLA way too early. Desmond withdrew himself the second day after he got selected to join the kristy team, the RED team... Well let's face it, in the history of The Biggest Loser, never! I repeat never has any contestant withdrew from the competition. Yah Michelle did blurt out her intention to quit, but more to her conflict with her mother not because of the gruelling exercise.

Second drama, when Garry was eliminated due to his strategy to 'play' the game, I thought that was the biggest mistake Red team did! And indeed it was. Luckily they won the temptation challenge which gave them the extra 3kg reduction during weight in.

Third drama, what the hell is wrong with all the contestants who wants to quit? Thousands people kill to be in their shoe,to be accepted as TBLA contestant and they just gave up? Are we Asian a quitter? *sigh*

This reminds me of me own journey to become my own biggest loser. It was stressful experience but in the end the journey that brought me here now. While trying to lose weight I discovered my capability to run long distance.

I personally love Kevin, the heaviest guy in the villa. He has this can do attitude which I think top everyone in the house of biggest loser. If everyone can be like him...hurmmmmmm

I hope these series of drama will end no one can get an easy ride throughout the whole journey.

But if I'm in the red team, I'm so screwed man. Garang giler! Kalah miss J

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm down with a flu and slight fever...*sigh* never like it when I have those...

When I got flu I will turn to be the most cranky bitch you have ever known in your life. Everything will go wrong and nothing that can actually make it right. (Not even tonnes of mullah)

So at first I thought the decision to go to Clarks Warehouse Sale will be a complete disaster, yah...loads and loads of people, long q dem I hate those. But luckily it was the total opposite though I must say I was quite disappointed with the shoes for sale. Limited choices and of course when I saw the one that I like, NO SiZE miss! Heish..

Managed to get one flat for work since I no longer like to wear those killer heels anymore. I dunt know why, maybe I just do go with that looks anymore.

Gotta go, the medicine has just kicked in. *yawns*

Nighty nite...

P/s: good luck to all runner for New Balance Pacesetter 30KM Race tomorrow!!!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

The frustration!!!

Arggghhh...I just found out that Celcom is having a launch party for the latest BlackBerry Bold 9700..anddddd its 50% discount for the device. Haihhhhh!!!

Okay this is me talking out of frustration!

*tambah lagi 162 dah boleh beli bold. Yeiksss bengang nyeee!
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To do or not to...

If you ever notice,
I never smile and show my line of teeth
Like never...
The reason why???
I dont have the perfect teeth.
As simple as that...

My teeth are crooked and yah I can safely conclude it as UGLY

Like seriously UGLY
Well, I dont have my teeth picture to upload here (or rather I dont want to *sigh*)
So, it may sounded as if I am exaggerating.

So I thought maybe its not too late to get braces done
After all, I can afford it now to do it on my own
So the thought of having a perfect line of teeth overshadowed all my friend's remarks on how difficult and painful it is if you get a braces done
I was like "I cant be that bad, its just teeth anyway bukan pembedahan yang major"

So, I browse information about it
and few links popped out
and yah
Hell it looks scary

and when i watch the video on how painful it is to get it done
i am having a second thoughts now
is it worth it?
"No Pain No Gain"...(thats what Fiza told me"
But is it really worth all the pain?
Just to get your teeth displayed in picture

What say you Doc?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I See You"

Have you ever watch a movie and right after the movie you feel something different?
and you keep talking about it as if that's the only movie that you watched that year?

well, I used to have that feeling after I watched Transformer's movie
The first one to be exact
The second one was so-so only...

But, I was given a surprise from bootak one day, mentioned that he bought us a movie tickets. When I asked, "movie apa?" (considering he always want to watch lame movie. sorry!!!), so I have some shaky feelings. hurmmm...
Then he said "serpriseeeee"
Then all of sudden I have this thoughts in mind, habislah mesti dier nak ajak tgk citer melayu ni

After series of guessing what movie will it be, I gave up and said to me self, lantaklah tgk je la citer apa...
So we went, to Cineleisure to be exact...
After the stubs has been collected and stuff,
He directed me to one hall
And I saw one counter with 3D glasses on it
and I was like
(nasib bukan Twilight! phewwwww...sorry i dont like that movie at all)

Then the movie started,
excitement kicked in the minute the movie started
I guess you know why
Jake Sully...
One Goddamn hot Aussie dude

*inilah Jake Sully saya

Well, I guess I dunt have to write any review about the movie,
Im guessing the whole world watched it already
and yah
THE BEST MOVIE FOR 2009 goes to

It has full of emotion,
and everything is well integrated and the messages are well conveyed in 2hrs and 30minutes
Nuff said gang...
But I seriously dunt understand Malaysian viewer,
When it comes to a funny part, they never laugh but at the entirely opposite scene they laughed as if like they can never laugh anymore
I dont get it man, I think Neytiri is super hot tall blue cat!!! (and so does bootak. he think the same too)

*the hotness

So, to whoever who have yet to watch this movie,
Your RM10 (normal cinema of course) wont be a total waste as this is a movie to die for!
Sekian...terima kasih

"I See You"

Monday, January 11, 2010


I believe I did not do justice to 2009,
For not writing about it,
For not writing what the year gave me,
and for not writing about how 2009 changed my life.

So I am writing now...

Early 2009 gave me the pleasure of having the significant others in my life
For once I thought I have lost it,
The ability to trust, the ability to love and the ability to feel those feelings again...
After almost 2 years being the most cynical and skeptical girl on earth,
I have officially moved to the brighter side
and the ability to trust again
is satisfying and beyond word...
I cant explain...

2009 has also gave me my new hobby and my new passion
I have always been a sprinter before but never a long distance runner (err long max 21km la. considered long run right? right?)
I have never thought that I will have the ability to run such distance and ace it (erm at least at my standard la kan)
But yah I did it,
with some motivation and some will power...
Im glad that finally running long distance is not something that I can dream about only
I can actually do it.

2009 has also be the year where I have improved emotionally and physically
and yah no i did not grew any taller if you wonder "I thought she look the same. Still ketot je"
when i say physically, i meant i got healthier and my body has responded positively to all those health regime that I have embraced lately.
So when you released loads and loads of endorphin, you do the math on how happy and 'glowy' you will be.

So yah,
2009 was a great year
And I so hope that 2010 will be top it...

10 Things I Hate About You

Okay, I received this via email this morning,
And boy it was a good start for my morning...
I was literally smiling till I hurt my jaw...

10 Things Good Boyfriend Won't Ask You to Do

"A savvy boyfriend would never ask us to make him a sandwich while he plays armchair quarterback"

excerpts taken from Yahoo! Personal

I have no intention to list out all the 10 things but things that I assume most boyfriend do these:

#6. Be his wake-up call
Really, buy an alarm clock. Remembering a man's nap and wakeup schedule should be an occasional favor, not an everyday obligation.

#8. Keep up with his favorite shows
How would you like it if we made you religiously watch Desperate Housewives? Instead, let's pick a show we both like and make sure we follow it together.
(Malay movie is not amusing at all. PERIOD!)

#9. Lose weight
We'll tone up for health purposes and for ourselves, but if you're really concerned about the 5 lbs we gained over the holidays, don't flat-out complain that we're getting flabby. Instead, invite us to go biking with you or to take a yoga class together. Treat exercise as a fun activity we can do together instead of something that we should do just for you.

#10. Keep our hair long
Trust us, short hair is cute, fun, and just as feminine as back-length hair. Just look at Halle Berry, Audrey Tautou and Keira Knightley, circa 2005. It's not as if we're going to shave it off or sport one of Rihanna's hairstyles, but even if we did, we hope you'd find us just as attractive..
(I have to agree with this one. I am the type who like my hair to be as short as it can but too bad short hair is not as attractive as long hair to someone. Hehe. But whatever la...)

Dont ya think so???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 is better than 1

So I talked about the miadidas shoe before in my post
and after almost a month of waiting...
I hate waiting
It has agony!!!

So the day I received a call from adidas Pavilion saying that my shoe(s) are ready,
I was literally jumping with joy
(though I was actually watching Sherlock Holmes that time, so I did not really jump ye, time kasih)

and double yeay!!!!

So we went to Pavilion last 2 days to collect it


* ini hanyalah kotak kasut sahaja

I was shocked to see the end result
It was better than what I expected
With RED, GREY and BLACK as the base color
(u reckon the theme color ey?)

Proud to present to you
my miadidas
my mclarenna

* pandangan sisi yang memaparkan nama hebat saya!

* both shoes with its bag

RED and BLACK has always been my favorite color
so when it comes to decision to merge this 2 together,
It has never fail me
I was literally smiling and jumping at store
(okay this time it was true. I did jump around)

It comes with a customize special shoe box as well as shoe dust bag to make it easier for storage
Also, I was given a special voucher 30% discount for my next miadidas purchase.
I am actually considering another pair.

* together with the dust bag

bootak has his own shoe as well...
BLACK, ORANGE and GREY combination
and he chose the mimicrobounce for his
but I dont have the picture of his shoes cause I was drowned with my own

So, I believe it is not too late still to get yours
Erm, even though its only 30% discount now
But its worth it
Not everytime you get to wear a shoe with your own name on it
Unless your mother used to wrote your name sebesar dunia like SUHANA ALI kat kasut sekolah
when I was in standard 1 and 2
(lets face it, those children have their own shoes right? takkan la ada yang nak curik)

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