Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Think Its About Time...

I wrote something about my contemplation on braces earlier...
Munn said in her comment "Ala, buat je"
Ikhwan pun kata "Go for it"
Miza: "Ala buat je babe"
So the first action that I took recently was the OPG and Lanteral X Ray
And boy was it ugly
My teeth are not just ugly and crooked, it still have 3 milk teeth (lanteral and K-9, cheewahh now Im talking some dental terms)
So my orthodontics, Dr Hassan mentioned that in order to do this braces thingy, I have do 5 removal of teeth. 4 via normal extraction and 1 via surgery
Scary right?
But I think what the heck, just do it la
Because these gigi susu will eventually leave me...

After consultation with the orthodontics, mould impression was done to get the real picture of how my crooked teeth looks like. and err that one also dah 'sakit' already
I cant imagine how it will feel like once I have the metal attach to my jaw.
I have nightmares already thinking about it

Wish me luck people


Julin Julai said...

So you decided to have it a go?
Good luck!
p/s lateral, dear

mclarenna said...

Hi Doc,
Yah...I think its about time.
Plus the gigi susu will leave me soon kan

Wish me luck. Berdebar ni

Alamak lateral ke. Typo la


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