Wednesday, June 29, 2011

some talent

Omg, how sad is this story? I cried bucket...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Deal: Comida "The Way You Like It" is...

Another friday to went through before the weekend, and we were wondering where should we head out for lunch.

My first thought, lets browse some deals should there be any...

Found one!

50% off on food and drinks at Comida, Solaris Dutamas, pay RM20 instead of Rm40 for Gourmet food "The Way We Like It"

Ahhhhh cheap

Lets buy...

Done, so 12.30 we head straight to Comida

ahhhhhh parking was easy at this hour, probably because it was at Block D. Not so high on occupancy just yet

[the interior]

It is a small restaurant that promotes range of Tex-Mex food including variation of Italian food. Comida is actually the brainchild of Basil, a food enthusiast who dreamed of owning a succesful chain of restaurant. The menu is quite wide spread, so it is all up to you to make your choice

They also have some lunch promo starting from Rm16.90 (with complimentary soup and ice lemon tea)

But being greedy, we ordered extra drinks. Heeee...

[ the almost finish comida soup]

Its actually a pumpkin soup. Miza didnt quite like the taste, it is quite distinct and somehow were lacking in the salt department

So the food that we ordered:

Me: Seafood Paella
Miza: BBQ Chicken Pizza
Ina: Hell's pizza
Mr Ir: Fried Steak


And so we waited...

Tick tock tick tock

After 30 minutes still no sign of our food.


You see, one thing about me is I am the type of person who treasures time, and waiting for food in the restaurant for unappropriate amount of time is not considered acceptable to me.

*double sigh*

After almost 45 minutes, the pizza arrived. Thank good for the crunchy thin crust that almost crack in your mouth when you bite it as well as lovely topping. That kinda justify the waiting time

*sorry no pic of pizza, so hungry already*

But I certainly cant say the same for my seafood paella and Mr Ir's Fried steak. It did not worth the wait, so to speak. The paella was too salty and the rice was a little bit hard.

And his fried steak was so-so. I'd give it 5.5/10

[Seafood Paella: RM35.90]

*again sorry no pic of fried steak. heeee....*

They are still new I think, so I might give it a try again for JUST the pizza. But not sure whether I can wait that long.


D2-G3-1, Solaris Dutamas
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deal: Tanzini it is...

Did I tell you I was hooked to getting a deal from several websites that provides goood deals/voucher for all sorts of stuff i.e Food, Spa, services even Pet Workshop

I was one of the gazillion people who keep on receiving email alerts from you name it Groupon, MilkADeal, dealmates, MyDeal and what not....

I purchased one voucher from dealmates in April, a RM30 voucher for RM70 worth of food @ Tanzini restaurant.
Simple calculation means you saved RM40 (57% discount to be exact)

Made a reservation and wallah we were there last week.

I was looking forward for this fine dining experience. The last one that we had was during booTak's birthday and we were pretty busy ever since. Ive been wanting to come to this place to taste their selection of fine cuisine where they only promote freshness in their food.
"Fresh from the farm" they said....

[source: Tanzini website]

We were addressed by our name once we step in (I wonder how they know my name, must be Im the only Malay girl who made a reservation that night). We chose weekdays as weekends they are usually fully booked.

The ambience is pretty spectacular. The restaurant occupies 2 storeys of the building (28 and 29th floor to be exact). So far we like it

[source: Tanzini's website]

We did not wait too long to order. We ordered Fruity Smoked Duck Salad (RM26) as our appetizer, Grilled La Jade Perch (RM46) for my main and Pasta Puttanesca (RM42) for his main.

[the menu]

Ouh we also had complimentary bread with 3 choices of condiments, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salsa and some spicy stuff.

[Fruity Smoked Duck]

This was awesome. The freshness of the veggie coupled with some small fruit cuts accompanied the saltiness of the duck.

Yummeh!!!! Clearly a good choice for an appetizer.

[Grilled La Jade Perch]

Presentation? Nice! Taste? Double NICE.

Okay thats the only thing that I can comment. Hehehehe...its memorable.

Ouh I forgot to take the pic of the Pasta Puttanesca. But it wasnt that good anyway. 5/10 for taste and presentation.

The night ended with chocolate ice cream for sharing. hehehehe...Yah, we are cheap people

Head your way to Tanzini then. Make sure to make reservations.

Level 28, G Tower,

Jalan Tun Razak,

50400 Kuala Lumpur



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