Friday, May 31, 2013


Some take it well
some may not

Parenthood is a learning process, sure none of us dont like to be told what to do, what is wrong with whatever we are doing and the most disgusting thing of all is comparing who does it better

But somehow, you cant run from the fact that someone else might do it better than you. Like I mentioned earlier, its a learning process. Kids are dynamic as well in nature. One day they may like your method, tomorrow they may not. Today Adam like it when I sing him some weird song that I created, yesterday it didnt work at all. The most important thing of all is to analyse which one works and then use it. I have my Mother in Law and my maid to thank for because sometimes they discover a new thing on him. Things that sooth him. But sometimes this baby of mine is unpredictable, when he is in his crying mode, nothing works. But once he hit his sleeping mode, whoever gets to cuddle him at that particular moment managed to get him to sleep. Its amazing how kids get to boss you around as well. It took 3 people to get Adam ready in the morning. Hahahahaha...and that was funny

I guess in this learning process, what we have to do is to take it with an open arms. The nice thing about confinement leave is I get to analyse his cry and see his pattern. There was one night, he dont want to sleep and keep on crying, Ive tried every single method that I know, nothing works. Little that I know is that he just need to change his baju because he was not comfortable. Once we change his sleeping suit, he slept like an angel. Pheww, after 10th attempt to get him to sleep. But till now, I am not too sure whether I can know all of his crying sounds.

It is also important to accept things are not always on your side. You are not always right and sometimes other people do the right thing. Of course, its a little bit sad to know that your kids prefer to sleep in the arms of your maid rather than you but heck Ill accept anything that makes my kid comfortable, even when I have to swallow the fact that my child only need me for my nipples

I am not always right. Its just that I only tell things that we discover. Sure, people will think that you are wrong but to me this is not a competition although some people think I take it as such. I only tell what I think and its up to the individual whether to take it as good or not

For the new parents, I was told by a friend that both parents will struggle to find the right thing to do to your kid. I think this is true as I am struggling a little bit now. And she once told me the key to it is to just tell your side of the story and see whether it works. If its not working then just try other thing. Never give up. I hope I can find the key to this and make it work for Adam.

Of course I dont like it when my maid told me that I was wrong. For a minute, you'll feel like ek eleh im his mother la of course I know. But it doesnt work that way. when you are wrong, even you are your child mother, you are still wrong.

What to do.
Just accept it lah I guess

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Have you heard about it?
Well I havent until Adam was disgnosed with it
It is not a disease but it is more like sometic genetically inherited from your parents
and in this situation Adam inherited it from me
I am a carrier but I do not experience neither the symptoms nor the allergy triggered by foods and medication

G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn't have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally. This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections. There is no known cure nor do you grow out of it. It is a life long condition. The only thing you can do is avoid substances which cause oxidative stress and that use G6PD

Read more:

Caring for a G6PD will be most challenging when they will be in school
Because then we will no longer have the control on what they eat, what they touch and such
Looking at the list of food to avoid for G6PD deficient I cried
Because theres too many good things that they cant consume and whats more daunting is these stuff are easily and commonly used in food making
For example Soybean

Educating your child with the Do's and Dont's will be the crucial part in our parenthood process soon. I pray hard to Allah that He will ease and make it slightly easier for us to care for lil Adam and ensure he will still experience the best childhood experience even with this condition

For now, I feed him with the best food he can get in this world

Breast milk!!!!

Breastfeeding I kid you not is the most amazing experience ever. You get to bond with your baby and the most amazing thing is when they look at you when they suckle and try to hold your hand
Being amazing as it is, it is not easy as well especially in the first week
But once you get the flow, everything will be easy for you and your baby

By breastfeeding, you must ensure you get the right nutrition to let your body prepare the most yummy milk ever for your baby
Your meal has to be packed with Vitamins, Carbs, Protein and most importantly to stay dehydrated and drink 3L of water everyday


But if you cant stand the taste of Full Cream Milk, try this one


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yes, I would like to talk about the long 44 days that mothers MUST go through.

I am not too sure why its 44 days but rest assured its DAMN LONG

Before giving birth, I always thought days will go by without me knowing it
You know like eh dah 44 hari dah ke... (eh, its 44 days already? I cant tell)

But let me tell you,
Days go by pretty slow
Nights especially, it seems longer now
You checked your clock ah its 2am, next thing when your baby wake you up, you checked again hoping its already 6.30am
Its 3.45am in the morning

There were days in my confinement period where I was literally a human pacifier. Adam needs to be feed every one hour and it took him 30 minutes to feed and almost 20 minutes to get him to sleep. So thats about 10 minutes window left for eye shut

I have to tell you that it was a real help to hire a confinement lady that stays with you during your confinement. The lady will help taking care of you, taking care of the baby and even stay awake at night to ensure your baby's asleep and such

I hired a confinement lady for 28 days and I cried the day she went home. Seriously guys, dont get calculative and think that forking out RM3k for the 28 days is a waste. It is not. It was a real good investment for me. Unless you have a full time maid to care of your newborn, then I believe you must hire a confinement lady, especially for those first time mom. I am still struggling when I want to bath adam but imagine if I had to do that at day 5 or day 6 of my confinement
The early week (week 1) was crucial to ensure that you get enough rest.
But the thing that really makes confinement is as dull as ever, is the thing that you can eat
I am a real eater
I can really eat and I usually indulge for food
So when the list of food that you can consume is just one page during confinement
I hit my I-cant-take-it-anymore wall during week 4
Its so boring
Its fish, fish and fish all the way
Yesterday I ate steam fish, what to have today? Ah there you go, fish again

And it is really not helping when my favourite channel to watch are AFC, Food Network and all those
Whenever I watch Giada at Home, Man vs Food, and Grilled it with Bobby Flay, I had my imaginary eating out scheduled and I whatsapp booTak right away

source: *Google*

Post confinement eating out schedule:
1. Rakuzen (Sashimi, I really miss you)
2. El - toro (Steaks that are yummy)
3. Chillis (I want those burgers)
4. Upstairs cafe - I want those spaghetti
5. Sari Ratu - I want my Gulai Ayam and Sambal Hijau)
6. Thai Thai (I want my Thai Iced Tea with Tom Yam  and mieng Kam)

But above all these restaurant,
Theres one thing that I really really want to eat right now

source: *google*

I really want thissssss....
I think the morning on day 45 I am going to eat this

Le sigh

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The 18hrs...

Phewwww, I can breath now
Let me continue my story about my labour experience
Warning! Too much picture

The story began at 5.30am where my water broke
I was sleeping and I remembered I had a dream about giving birth
Little that I know that its actually for real

At first I thought I peed and wet my bed
Oh boy malu kot
But suddenly the water flows were very strong and it came out terlalu banyak
Then I told myself AMAGAAADD this is it

Woke booTak up and his first reaction
Relax...relax...relax (boleh la suruh relax cuba dia yang pregant)

I read that if your water leak/broke minimally you have around 3-4 hours to delay before going to the hospital
But this one was too much, even after I took my shower it was still flowing
My initial plan was to go mamak and eat maggi goreng (regret not doing it)
But since the flow was too heavy I decided straight to the hospital it is

But let me have some bagel first
and for the record, I cook my scrambled egg that morning

Who can really eat at 6.00am in the morning

Reached the hospital and went straight to 4th floor, the labour room
Registered myself and went to the Labour Room 1

Baring first, no wire around my belly yet

Can still smile at the moment

My contraction was 4 minutes apart that time. I can still manage to tahan the pain but my back was killing me

And it kills me further when the midwife told me I was only 2cm dilated
Hoiii, lama lagi tu kot

Prior going to the labour room, Ive already decided that I want to take the epidural.
Yah, the chicken me
I am so scared of the labour pain Ive let it control and took over me
a friend of mine once told me
"Bungee jumping leh buat takkan beranak takut"
("you can do bungee jumping, dont tell me you are scared of labour pain")

was playing candy crush.

So my mind was occupied with 'when should I take the epidural?' thought
Ive heard friend's experience where they wanted epidural but it was too late as they were already dilated for more than 5cm and I sure as hell dont want that to happen to me

But we can only plan, the Almight above has other plan for me
Instead of too late to take epidural scenario, mine was epidural too early case

I took mine with empty stomach, when I was only 3 cm dilated and let me tell you it really prolong the wholeeee process
Migration between cm happened every 2-3 hours and I felt like giving bitch slap to the midwife whenever she said "ouh baru 4.5cm"
whats up with the .5cm?
Cant you just round it up?

My contraction after 8 hours I think

Ouh you might ask why took the epi with an empty stomach?
so let me just answer the imaginary question...
Lil adam's heartbeat was not in a very good pattern. It was okay circa 130-145 but the pattern was not 'pretty' as they described it
So i had to restrained myself from taking anything through my mouth in preparation for emergency c-section

One thought, c-section will definitely end this thing early and i could go back to the normal ward and sleep
Another thought, slow recovery, and whopping cost to be taken care of

I pray hard for it not to go through

Things I did best, sleep

So, with epi in me, empty stomach some more, at 5pm onwards I keep on vomiting the gastric juice. You see thats one of the cons of taking epi (which the anaes didnt tell me. cissness)
I vomited for about 6 times and of course I loss my energy but I keep some still and playing candy crush helps to ease my pain

Thank God for Candy Crush (ouh btw I killed 5 level while waiting for my labour. Ha cool or not)

At 8.30pm I was already 8cm dilated and the midwives all preparing the labour room for the delivery



So we took picture first

At 10.30pm I was already 9.5cm dilated and the pain felt like I am going to die. Okay you may think I overreacted and exxagerated it
I swear to God I am not

The pain felt like somebody came to you and patahkan your pinggang
and it happened every 2 minutes
The epi certainly did not do its wonder to me anymore so the midwives asked me to take the laughing gas to help ease the pain


They should call it sleeping gas cause I sure as hell felt sleepy and felt no energy to push

So, tick tock tick tock I was at 10cm at about 11pm
Yes I know the time because I will remember it for the rest of my life now and the giant clock was right smack in front of my face anyway

You know, when you didnt eat, you vomited so at 10cm dilation, you felt nothing
I tried to push and push
I know the midwives tipu me when they said I am doing great because i catch them laughing sesama mereka

So when the doctor arrived she suggested its either I vacuum or go for C Section
You have got to be kidding me
After 18hrs baru cakap nak suruh C Sect?
Then I somehow got some hidden energy inside me as if Ive just ate some power bar before marathon and I pushed like hell
I pushed hard until booTak hands almost patah when I grabbed it

At 11.45pm
This miracle happened

My angel Muhammad Adam Khaliff

I am so blessed that I am now a mother and I now realise the labour pain is no shit yo
Thank you Emak, I can never repay you for that (plus dulu dulu takde epidural, so I have no idea how she did it)

For anak anak di luar sana, hargailah ibu anda
For suami suami, hargailah isteri anda because Im pretty sure if its the other way around, you cant do it.

This was me after that. Tido ngaga and tak sedar diri

ADAM KHALIFF, Mummy loveeeeee youuuuu (i hope this blog will remain until my son besar so he can read it and know how awesome his mother was when giving birth to him)


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