Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yes, I would like to talk about the long 44 days that mothers MUST go through.

I am not too sure why its 44 days but rest assured its DAMN LONG

Before giving birth, I always thought days will go by without me knowing it
You know like eh dah 44 hari dah ke... (eh, its 44 days already? I cant tell)

But let me tell you,
Days go by pretty slow
Nights especially, it seems longer now
You checked your clock ah its 2am, next thing when your baby wake you up, you checked again hoping its already 6.30am
Its 3.45am in the morning

There were days in my confinement period where I was literally a human pacifier. Adam needs to be feed every one hour and it took him 30 minutes to feed and almost 20 minutes to get him to sleep. So thats about 10 minutes window left for eye shut

I have to tell you that it was a real help to hire a confinement lady that stays with you during your confinement. The lady will help taking care of you, taking care of the baby and even stay awake at night to ensure your baby's asleep and such

I hired a confinement lady for 28 days and I cried the day she went home. Seriously guys, dont get calculative and think that forking out RM3k for the 28 days is a waste. It is not. It was a real good investment for me. Unless you have a full time maid to care of your newborn, then I believe you must hire a confinement lady, especially for those first time mom. I am still struggling when I want to bath adam but imagine if I had to do that at day 5 or day 6 of my confinement
The early week (week 1) was crucial to ensure that you get enough rest.
But the thing that really makes confinement is as dull as ever, is the thing that you can eat
I am a real eater
I can really eat and I usually indulge for food
So when the list of food that you can consume is just one page during confinement
I hit my I-cant-take-it-anymore wall during week 4
Its so boring
Its fish, fish and fish all the way
Yesterday I ate steam fish, what to have today? Ah there you go, fish again

And it is really not helping when my favourite channel to watch are AFC, Food Network and all those
Whenever I watch Giada at Home, Man vs Food, and Grilled it with Bobby Flay, I had my imaginary eating out scheduled and I whatsapp booTak right away

source: *Google*

Post confinement eating out schedule:
1. Rakuzen (Sashimi, I really miss you)
2. El - toro (Steaks that are yummy)
3. Chillis (I want those burgers)
4. Upstairs cafe - I want those spaghetti
5. Sari Ratu - I want my Gulai Ayam and Sambal Hijau)
6. Thai Thai (I want my Thai Iced Tea with Tom Yam  and mieng Kam)

But above all these restaurant,
Theres one thing that I really really want to eat right now

source: *google*

I really want thissssss....
I think the morning on day 45 I am going to eat this

Le sigh



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