Thursday, November 7, 2013

Difficult time

Breast-feeding and being an auditor working mom is one tough job. I was told that it is going to be difficult, but I totally underestimate the process. Juggling between the two exhaust me, sometimes I feel like giving up especially when I heard comments:
"Susu tak cukup, pam la lagi" (Not enough milk, pump more)
"Ha kalau susah, bagi la formula" (If its so difficult, just give formula milk)
"Asek meragam je dia, mesti nak melekat je la tu" (He's always fussy, he just want to latch all the time)
If you chose to a bf mom, you are in for a challening times. Not handling your baby but people's perception towards breastfeeding, how to handle people's lack of knowledge on breastfeeding, not to cry when you see your maid wasted 2 oz of your milk, your panic attack when you see your EBM is depleting, sleep deprivation and the most important thing to watch what you eat and drink
source: Google
Eversince I breastfeed my baby, my new breast best friend is milk, milk and milk. Not to forget almond, green vegetable, eggs, barley, oats and all sort of food that are labeled as 'milk booster'
But of course when you constantly eating and eating, you will gain some numbers in the weight department. There you go again, another stress on handling people's comment about your weight. I gave up on my 5th month, I simply dont care anymore what people say about how I look, and how I need to start dieting and bla bla bla
Whenever I feel down, I will look at Adam and remember I am giving him the best of what babies can get. I constantly say to myself, its okay, you can be slimmer later. The most important thing is Adam is healthy and growing up in the best way. You let go of your needs, and you put your son needs first
But when I read this today, I am crying inside

How can you possibly do that to your child?
Its irresponsible! Period
I know that when u breastfeed, you saved a lot. No need of expensive formula milk, you dont need tonnes of bottle set to feed your baby and etc.
source: Google
But you just CANNOT be irresponsible towards what you eat ( I was once trying to puke back something that I ate that had trace of soy lecithin)
May Allah give me strength to do this the right way 

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