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[Review]: Bunohan

Word has it that Bunohan, the latest movie directed by Dain Said is the movie that certainly bring Malaysian movie standard to a higher notch.

Even since his movie 'Dukun' created the buzz after failed to be aired in the cinemas due to religion and human sensitivity, Bunohan took over the frustration of Dain's follower and the airing is much awaited

Being the greatest supporter for local made film (I even watched Toyol, thats how much I supported Malay Film industry), we head to Midvalley for the first day screening. Crowd's deemed acceptable, not as much as Ombak Rindu though

Have I told you that prior watching any much anticipated movies, to never put extremely high expectations on any?

I'll tell you why

I aint movie critics, not that I used to study things about what makes a film, a quality one. This review of mine is certainly based on my limited knowledge in scene integration as well as my layman view of any arts.

This is definitely an art movie. So, if you are expecting a simple movie like OR or LBS or what not, this is not your cup of tea. If you think Songlap is confusing enough, I bet you'll fall asleep in Bunohan, tired; due much thinking process.

Bunohan needs a mind that is capable to interpret art. The connection between arts and life, that is. Bunohan was executed well enough, depending on your level of interpretation. However the build up was tad too slow, it loses focus and brings audience everywhere without streneous grasping.

Actually,the theme of the movie is pretty simple. Everything is about killing (Bunohan). I shall not bore you with the synopsis, instead let's proceed to the way I see and analyse this movie. This movie is packed with messages that are somehow real in life, however the underlying is rather dark and deviated audience understanding to something that is more complex; which is unnecessary. At least that's what happened to me and booTak. We both went "I think, Ilham ni bla bla bla...", "eh no la, cannot be". Thinking too much will only slows down the process to decipher the non-connected puzzles.

Hatred, jealousy, mystery soul, are among the elements that act as a connection between scene. Hence the title...

I failed to sense any elements of religion in this movie. Probably it was planned that way. There are also several scene that I feel are not relevant and were there to fulfill the seconds with images of Bunohan

For example, take the scene where Ilham went to a shop and man slaughtered the chinese man's neck even after he found out about Adil's whereabout. I feel its unnecessary. Perhaps it is just to show the audience that Ilham has a dark soul and No Mercy is his middle name. Maybe...

The fight scene however is neat. No sense of choreographed kicking and punching, unlike KL Gangster where you feel like you are watching The Kickboxer reality tv show. Adil a.k.a Bunga Lalang played his role well and rather fulfilling especially with his Kelate accent. I did not feel the same with Ilham thou, his accent smells unauthentic

The messages about life, yah we have to talk about that. Normal messages; siblings relationship will never die,never to do bad things to others, never to listen and care about what other people think of you and etc etc...but somehow I feel the pertinent message is kind of gloomy. It is somehow intertwined with his enthusiasm to portray those dark and black soul, leading to audience will be loss in interpretation.

Nonetheless, I have to give credit to good acting by 'Jolok', 'Adil', Bakar and Ilham. Mek Yah not so much. It kinda kill the mood, at least to me. Especially the part where she catwalk out from the river. Cant blame her, it runs in her DNA.

p/s: there were 3 intra scene at the first 5 minutes, managed to decipher the latter 2 but not the first one. Apakah itu?

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Travel Talk: 3 weeks more

3 weeksssssss to go...

eurostar: checked, accomodation: checked, easyjet: checked, itinerary: ntah bila la

For now, i'm swamped with work

I wish Im a tai tai...

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh So Nice: Matelasse

Isnt this a beauty?

It has finally arrived and now I am flipping through my calendar trying to search for weddings and events to attend

Can't wait :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Reception

I know this is an extreme late post. But I just received my pictures from the official photographers. Hehehe. Not their fault, but it was purely mine as we are a real

Move on.

Our reception was held at Dewan Perdana Felda on the 26th October 2011. (yah I know I know its like 4 months back. hehehe)

It was an odd date since the booking was done at an extremely ad hoc basis as we had to bring fwd the reception scheduled on 7 April 2012 to this date due to my late FIL condition. But Allah lebih menyayangi abah yang dikasihi...

Lets begin the story with the preparation bit. We booked Double Tree by Hilton, merely 5 minutes away from the hall to get ready. Registration was a little bit chaotic since we were late and the suite that I booked was not available as promised so we had to take the executive room and it is very small for us to get ready.

Imagine 5 photographers, 2 videographer, 2 pengapits, 2 make up person and the 2 of us cramped in the room.>

But I was still happy!

[look at my happy face]

[finally, I look pretty]

I was dolled up by Freda Santos, the famous MUA as recommended by KS Entourage. Initially I booked Kak Liza for the night but since Freda was already included in the deal so I had to let Kak Liza go. :( I love you kak liza (if you are ever reading this)

To sum up everything related to the night, the list as below:
Make up and hair : Freda Santos
Our Attire : Syahrir Nurdin
Our material : Jakel near Jalan TAR
Jewellery : Custom set by Ariff D Tanjung
Shoes : Custom shoes from Ariff D Tanjung
Photographer : danialhaikal studio
Videographer : CST Production
Bridemaids' Attire : Kebaya material from Pantas Batek, Kelantan. Tailoring was her own
Location, and catering : Dewan Perdana Felda
Invitation cards : Some card maker I forgot. It was done by Rizhan
Live Feed: Rizhan's friend
Kompang and gamelan: Rizhan's friend

[tonnes of accesories]

[on our way to the hall]

[he cant wait to go out. he was more nervous than me]

[walking towards the holding room to meet the VVIP]

[our beautiful pelamin by KS Entourage Sdn Bhd]

The concept and theme for the night was 'Classic Malay: Balairong Seri', the idea was thrown to us by KS (the Principal for KS Entourage) when we met him at Marriot Putrajaya when we were still in searching the hall mode.

I have to admit that the pelamin was beyond words. It was more than what I ever dream of it. Well, lets be honest here. I have never dream for a big wedding and never would have crossed my mind to have it at this scale.

[his hulubelalangs]

The entrance concept was a little bit difference as he walked in first with his hulubalang and walked in later with my dayangs and we meet at the pelamin which is supposed to be our balairong seri whatever. hahahaha...and believe me it was not my idea

The whole plan was his idea. We usually hear stories bout bride turning bridezilla making sure things goes according to their plan but this one is groomzilla

*sorry baby...hehehhee*

[that's me, walking alone a-la- catwalk kucing siam since the kain was so sempit i had to walk exactly like kucing siam]

[meeting up at the balairong seri la konon]

[mak kenik and aunty norlia as the emcees]

[memohon sembah memulakan majlis]

[my beautiful bridesmaid, ina]

[mama mwahh mwaah dgn hubby]

[the exciting silat scene]

[kengkonon sultan dan permaisuri]

We had 4 different types of speech that night. One from best friend, one from the brother who didnt make it for the wedding as he was in the U.S, one from the family and one from us (more like from rizhan since I looked like a total bimbo smile smile look pretty only. hehehehe)

[part 1: from best friend Aishah and Jamalee]

Part 1 was more like to introduce how we met. But since the real cupid has a stage fright so she outsourced it to Rizhan's best friend Aishah and she dragged Jamalee as well

I love Aishah's speech. It was one honest speech and a thoughtful one. Jamalee's speech was more like ceramah by ustaz

[part 3: from the families]

Mama, Uncle Jaafar and Ana were representing the family in thanking the guest for the night. Ouh ya, part 2 takde gambar. hhehehe.

[part 4: from rizhan]

Theres a reason why we gave out speech that night. It was to thank personally all abahs' friends who came from all over the world (literally) just to attend the wedding.

The guest invited for the night were from the list made by Abah personally before he was admitted to the hospital. On his way back from my house for the merisik, he wrote down every single name in his small black book and we feel that we must invite all these people to fulfill his wish.

The guest for the night came from Indonesia, Japan, Spore and even US to celebrate us and we feel extremely blessed to know that Abah had wonderful friends who always want to remember him by.

[rizhan and abah's best friend]

We also prepared one multimedia show that shows up abah's picture and it was beautifully presented along with 'Pergi' song sang by Rizhan's friend

It was a touching moment. Al-fatihah...

We miss you Abah

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and thank you to everyone involved. and thank you booTak for giving me one reception that I will always remember for the rest of my life

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bali o Bali: Part 3

How do I begin? Things have been rather crazy and hectic for me. Work, work, work and I can finally blog when I am on mc. Huhuhu

Lets continue our bali journey, that is if you are still interested to read about it...

After 2 days well spent at Kintamani area, we moved to Ubud area. Ubud is a remarkable and peaceful town in the middle of Bali island. It is certainly the tourist attraction for arts, music and all sorts of dance and thats the reason why we chose to stay at Ubud.

We were fetched by The Samara Villa & Restaurant's driver and it was 45minutes drive from Kintamani. Along the way we passed by Tegalalang where the beautiful paddy rice terrace is located and streets of handicraft and arts are manufactured and made by the locals.

[the beautiful rice terrace]

The location of the villa is quite secluded from the main road so we had to wait for the staff to come and pick us up by motorcycle. The reason why we chose this villa is simply because of it's location.

I'll tell you why....

[Bali is celebrating the Galung & Kuningan Festival while we were there. The things that sort of like a street lamp here is called Pancur]

It was a merely 3 minutes by motorcycle (probably 15mins walking) and we reached the villa. Checked in and we were served with the welcome drinks

[doing some registration matters]


[the lobby]

[the surroundings]

[manage to catch the glimpse of the beautiful and breathtaking surroundings?]

[the villa!]

[sila masuk]

[testing our camera]

[semi open shower area]

[the bathroom/toilet area]

[table should you feel like working on laptop. NOT!]

[rest area with daybed]

Okay, enough of the villa picture. Now the reason why we chose this villa!

[Noooooo, not because they have romantic swan on the beddddddd]

This is whyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

The villa is located in the middle of paddy field and some villages. I have to say this is the best location that one could get in Ubud. How often do you get to wake up in the morning and open your door and wallah ada sawah padi!!! Erm yah maybe if you have kampung in Kedah la

But we DONT!!!

So we were quite jakun by it and were pretty excited. The villa has 6 identical rooms, one public swimming pool and a restaurant. 5pm every evening the will serve you tea with homemade biscuits and the staff are all very friendly and nice

The villa is run by a couple, Stefano and Gusti. A very nice and accomodative couple I must say. At night, it is suffice to just chill in the villa and have a nice romantic dinner at the restaurant. Most of the guest did that when we were there...


[who can say no to delicious nasi padang and Teh botol? who?]

We were lucky we managed to catch some street local dance by kids and it is called Barong Dance. They walked along the street and whoever donated money will then get special dance from them

How cute!

[happy lady with ice creams]

Now, lets see some scenery again....

[merenung masa hadapan]

cantik kan????

Part 4 sooon (ntah bila)


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