Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gotta Live Like We're Dying

Often we regret things that we could have done differently,
"If I did not stop for a walk, Im sure I can clock in sub 2hrs for the race"
"If I trained well, mesti tak jadik mcm ni kan?"

or in a non running world, something like
"I wish didnt decide that, so I would still have time to do this"
or something that come along with this line.

Maybe what we should do is to take some lesson out of it,
Instead of saying If I do this, If I do that,
Maybe what we should do is to live it to the fullest,
Take whatever mistake(s) that had happen and move forward
Reminisce it for a bit, and see what went wrong
And take that to govern your journey ahead.

If you know that you are dying (touch wood..)
What is the thing that you wish you could have done differently,

As what sing by Kris Allen,

You never know a good thing until it’s gone

you never see a crash until its head on

All these people right when we’re dead wrong,

You never know a good thing till it’s gone

Yeah… we gotta start lookin’ at the hand of the time we’ve been given here

this all we got and we gotta start thinkin it

Every second count on a clock that’s tickin

Gotta live like we’re dying

So from there on, we have to start to treasure good things that we have in life, cause only God knows how much time we have left in this world.

So, whatever thoughts you have in mind,
Blurt it out,
Share it
It may be difficult for some to do it (I know I do)
But maybe its worth to give it a try
After all,
There is no harm in doing so
We gotta live like we're dying

Whoever that you wish you could have treat them differently,
Do so...

Whatever things that you wish you could do (running marathon for example. Sorry, cant help it..heheheh)
Do it
Cause in all of us, the 'impossible is nothing' has already been planted in,
Its up to us how we want to nurture it

Remember, live life to the fullest and please try full marathon

Friday, December 11, 2009



My picture for PBIM 2009
I thought I wont be captured as there was a long line to queue for finishing that day

p/s: Timing stated on digital watch are based on Full Marathon clock ye. Terima kasih.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malakoff Run 12km

Kindly note that due to overwhelming response, only participants who have SIGNED UP and PAID for the event by 6 December 2009 are considered CONFIRMED and eligible to take part. The organisers will not accept payment at Race Kit Collection or on the day of the race.

I forgot that I did not make payment for the race, hence my participation is
not confirmed.
Double haihhhhhhhhhhh....

for anyone out there who knows anyone who cant make it for Malakoff Run 12km (Women) and have SIGNED UP and PAID, and willing to let me run using their bib (of course I'll pay the cost la), let me know.
Cause this kaki is so the itchy itchy to run another race. (ayat macam bagus.hahaha)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ida & Irfan: Congratulations!!!

I often see wedding as one part where those in business get rich and those wanting to have a good one die trying.
It has turn into one day where everyone try to outshine each other by doing something that others cannot do or rather cannot afford to.
From the event venue till the very last detail, even the invitation card.
What requires is just tonnes of bucks lying around, waiting to be splurge excessively.
What makes it more sad is one even suffer after that, post - marriage depression due to huge debt

This one is an exception

This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended this year.
From the pernikahan, after nikah ceremony and the reception.
It was indeed a beautiful wedding marathon
They deserve medal for this
Clap clap

Wedding held at Sime Darby Convention Centre,
It was the day to celebrate the merger of two entities,
'The Idas' and 'The Irfans'

From the door gift till speech given by bride's father,
I love it all....

* The newlyweds getting ready to perform the grand entrance.

* persandingan

* The pelamin

* menu for the night

We started the night with the lovely oxtail soup. Yum yum...as we were extremely hungry that time so the soup reach its base in just seconds away. Hehehe

*the soup

And so we begin the makan fiesta right after,
I did not take much time to walloped all offered dishes. Hehehe, pity those who were seated at the same table as mine as I believe almost 50% of the portion went into my belly.
My jolly belly

* the sumptuous food

Soon, we were served with the desert. Haih, I have to tell you, it was good until I have no shame at all to even request for a second plate. Hahhaha... DID NOT!!! Segan okie..

And this is the door gift for the night, a chocolate egg from Fidani. Lovely

Guests were seated according to organisations. Ehwah...namely Maybank, BNM, LSE and of course family members. There were performances that night, Zapin, Joget and Inang kot. But I didnt have the picture to be uploaded here

Okay, before I further bore you with my lousy write up about the wedding, enjoy the rest of the pictures.


* with CJ

* among all....i believe this is the LSE table

* Bride and Groom's dining area

* us with Ida & Irfan

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ida & Irfan

@ wedding

Im in a mood to upload a recent picture
More story on Ida's wedding soon

The only conclusion I can make from her wedding
"Best wedding attended this year"

I Think Its About Time...

I am a person who never like a smoker, smoke or anything associated with it
And I dunt think I will change

Some say you can never understand why people smoke if you don't smoke as well
Well I DID TRY (pengakuan hebat)
and trust me its not just one puff, i did for one whole week
To really experience and know what kind of feeling smoking can give me

Well, I failed
At least to realise that smoking can release any level of stress or give me any booster to any sort of stuff
So in my diary smoking is just one stick full of nicotine that not only can burn your wallet but also burn your life.

But when I know I have to be there for someone who wants to quit smoking, little that I know it takes more than "you have to stop smoking" nagging bit.
I always thought that by giving a 'tough-love' kind of support, this smoker can actually be threatened and will quit on their own


It takes more than that.
Patience, strong will power (not just for them but you as well) and it is not an exhausted list

Here are some tips that I read from CHANTIX website. CHANTIX is actually a varenicline tablet that helps person to quit smoking

Your Quit-Smoking Role:

You might already know what it’s like when a smoker is trying to quit. It can be a difficult time. And while you can’t force anyone to quit, when the time is right, you can provide encouragement when they need it. Here’s what you can do:

Know that the beginning can be tough – The first few weeks during a smoker's quit can be the toughest. Try to create a stress-free environment whenever possible.

Focus on the positives rather than the negatives – Most smokers already know that smoking is bad for them and that they need to quit. Instead of telling them what they need to do, try to focus on their achievements. Tell them you're proud of them as often as you can, and support them with encouraging messages if they slip up.

Never tell a smoker they can have "just one" – No matter how much a smoker is tempted to smoke, or how challenged they may feel, you should not encourage them to smoke for any reason. Doing so may make it harder for them in the long run.

Provide support whenever possible – There are many things you may be able do help boost a smoker's confidence in their ability to quit:

  • Tell them that you're proud of their progress.
  • Offer to take breaks or walks.
  • Help them celebrate quit anniversaries.
  • Limit their exposure to cigarettes, especially if you are a smoker yourself.
  • Ask them if there's anything you can do to help.
  • If they slip up, encourage them not to give up.

Encourage them to speak to their doctor – Their doctor knows their medical history and can play an important role in helping them get the proper treatment.

Remember. Be patient and supportive. The smoker you are going to try to help is facing what is potentially one of the greatest challenges of their life. And give yourself a pat on the back, too. Helping someone get started on the road to quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for their health.

So, im telling you its not easy, but its worth it.
Go to CHANTIX for more details

* picture taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/no-smoking/2988345109/

Friday, December 4, 2009

adidas Sun Down Marathon

me: "The race will start at 3.45am la" (when I was telling my SIL about the Penang Bridge Marathon)
SIL: "Haaa, 3 pagi? Giler ke apa korang ni?"
me: *smile*

So when we talk about people who will be crazy enough to start running at 7pm and finish 15hrs later, the fact that I started my PBIM at 3.45am seems nothing here.

Lets talk about the adidas Sundown Marathon

Whats with the sigh?
I'll tell you why...

1. The crazy distance

Why is it crazy you may ask? It is going to be 100km marathon. I repeat 100km marathon. **sigh** or let me just give **sigh**....double sigh there. This is only for DAMN SERIOUS marathon runner and to those who have big hearts, strong determination and extremely powerful will power. *TABIK MEREKA*

2. The expensive fee

Hahhaha...I know this is actually considered normal for Singapore race but me being cheapskate, i think SGD70 adalah amat mahal bagiku untuk 42km race

3. No other reason

So, only 2 excuse for not participating. I am contemplating to try the full race. 42KM for that matters (for the knowledge of my non runner readers). Or maybe I should try the Pacesetter 30km race first. At least to complete the full marathon, it will only take me another 12km to push myself.

From what I heard, this is one of the best Singapore race organised previously. Hurm....

So, to those who wanna try the distance
Go to:

adidas Sundown Marathon

* website nyer

Checkout the theme color for the race. Guess my new mi adizero Ace2 would match it

Thursday, December 3, 2009

mi adidas: Its Me, Truly Me

I guess some of your heard about miadidas before
Where you get to customize your shoes according to your preference color, your kind of mesh and so many other things...

So lets go to the site then

For your information shoes are not limited to running shoes only,
they have tonnes of other options,
Futsal shoes, Football Boot and even casual shoes

Of course I would lay my eyes on those running shoes
My fav?
mi adizero Ace 2

As yer all know forefoot propulsion is the key to powerful running. With its full adiPrene forefoot, the adizero Ace2 is not only maximize our power per step, it actually makes every step more efficient. It also available in all season ventilation (summer and winter mesh)

So first you will go through the selection of shoes and once you have decided, you will then be directed to various option to choose from the base mesh color right until customization on words to be embroidered.

How cool is thatttt???

* main page

* you can put your name on your shoes. So kasut tidak akan hilang okie. Nanti kantoi orang pakai kasut nama Suhana

So I did mine...
In fact I have created tonnes of design
All play around with 3 main color
RED, Black and Grey
Its McLaren official color kan for Grey and Black and I JUST LOVE RED

So this is what I have created for my shoe


So lets hurry up...
Customize your own adidas
Get yours today

Ouh ya, its only for HSBC Credit Card customer only where you get 50% discount. Cool!!!

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