Saturday, February 9, 2013

The List

30th weeks
10 more weeks to go.

When it comes to preparation to welcome this precious little gift, we are at the borderline of being ready. Of course we hit the 70% of the-must-have-list for the newborn stuff, but I am pretty concern on emotional preparation of ours.

Being the first timer in this area is pretty daunting sometimes. I dont know what to expect and sometimes my tear factory overflow without any particular reason. I blame it on the hormone. Hahahah. Easiest excuse pregnant lady get to use throughout this 9 month of our journey

Ive read about how pregnant ladies are often associated with emotional stability. Most of the case, it wasnt stable, so to speak. I once told myself maybe it is just your mind, if you set your mind to not face it, then you wont. Simple right? Boy, I was wrong

Sometimes you just feel down under. Sometimes you think everything is not enough. When you are typing something, suddenly your mind is at some other matters. You've become stressed out and you feel like everything is going againts you. Oh well, Allah is fair. I dont experience morning sickness at all but I am blessed with emotional yo-yo in me. Hahahaha....

Ive also read that when you stress, the lil munchkin in you can feel it. Its certainly scary that you are setting a bad example to your kid, but sometimes I really cant help it. There were times I was actually felt angry at myself for not trying harder to contain my feelings but who am I kidding. Sis in law told me once that it is okay to feel such way. If you are not than you are not human. Stop trying hard to please others. Just focus on your self. Make yourself happy

Truth to be told, only pregnant ladies will understand how does it feel. Well probably there will be a slight ratio of women who disagrees with this, but I think majority will nod the head to the above statement.

Okay, enough about emotional thingy, sheesshhhh
Now lets talk about the baby stuff. Yippie

As mentioned earlier, 70% of the checklist has been ticked. I went overboard with the clothing department to be honest but hey takpelah, its my first time. I get to use it for the second baby, insyaAllah kan?

The big ticket items are the one that needed to be cleared from the list first. But I think stuff like stroller and car seat etc can wait. You need it once the baby is in their 1month plus anyway right?

Lets see, where do I stand with my list.

  1. Breast pump (Medela Freestyle) + Citystyle Bag
  2. Milk storage plastic
  3. Cooler pack for milk (included in Medela)
  4. Feeding bottles
    • Anti colic 260ml bottles (Tommee Tippee) x4
    • BPA Free 260ml bottles (Tommee Tippee) x 2
    • BPA Free 150ml bottles (Tommee Tippee) x2
  5. Bottle brush
  6. Liquid wash for feeding bottles
  7. Nipple cream
  8. Breast pad (Medela)
  9. Warmer (Tommee Tippiee)
  10. Sterilizer (Philips Avent)
  11. Drying rack
  12. Newborn bib (Mothercare)


  1. Bath tub x2
  2. Anti Slip Mat x1
  3. Hooded towels (Carters) x4
  4. Normal towel (Babylove)
  5. Burt Bee's/ Buds shampoo and bath gel
  6. Burt Bee's/ Buds Baby lotion
  7. Burt Bee’s Baby oil
  8. Wipes
  9. Cotton roll
  10. Cotton buds
  11. Burt Bee's baby cream
  12. Nail grooming set (Tommee Tippee)
  13. Comb set (Tommee Tippee)
  14. Washing detergent for baby clothes (Go Organix)
  15. Buds Powder
  16. Nappy changing mat
  17. Wash cloths
  18. Gripe water
  19. Minyak Yuyee
  20. Air badak
  21. Nose saline water


  1. Mittens (Carters) – 5 pairs
  2. Booties (Carters) – 6 pairs
  3. Hat (Carters)
  4. Diapers for newborns (x2)
  5. Swaddle
  6. Baby binders
  7. Blankets (Carters)
  8. Clothes
    • Bodysuits (Carters) – 15 set
    • Short sleeve side snap – 5 set
    • Pants
    • Sleeping Pajama (Carters)
    • Sleeping suit (Carters & Pumpkin Patch) – 6 sleepsuits
    • Top (Mothercare & Pumpin Patch)
  9. Socks (Mothercare, Carters and Pumpkin Patch)
Travel system

  1. Stroller
  2. Car seat
  3. Travel / diaper bag
  4. Baby carrier (Baby Bjorn Air) + Bib
  5. Nursing cape
  6. Moses basket (Bumble Bee)

Besides the above stuff, theres going to be ante-natal class next weekend. Look forward for that :)
More update soon


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