Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken: Haih

I am so so craving for this

Nandos Peri Peri Chicken

*picture courtesy of babydeardear4 flickr collection

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Penang Bridge International Marathon: Training, Training

So with 24 days to go for PBIM,
and with some good news received yesterday:

Starting time: 0330 am (Men) 0345 am (Women)

Reporting Time: 0230 am (Men) 0245 (Women)

Finishing Time: 3.5 hours (Three and a half hours)

I think we will be just fine. Insyallah... 3.5hrs will be more than enough for us to finish the distance. Provided no injury and stuff. but i have this one problem now where my endurance level has deter. I can only last 30mins run used to be at least 50mins hokay...haih...i have got to do something about it...thats why I plan to use this. Not sure whether this will work or not but at least I have got to give it a try.

Power Bar Endurance Drink.

Proper hydration is essential for any athlete striving to maintain performance during a training session or workout. Dehydration and overhydration are both valid concerns for athletes who exercise for an extended period of time. The POWERBAR® BEVERAGE System works hard to help serious athletes avoid the dangers of either state with a beverage that addresses hydration needs during training and in recovery. POWERBAR® ENDURANCE sports drink has POWERBAR® C2 MAX for optimum carbohydrate delivery to muscles and the POWERBAR® RECOVERY beverage contains a carb-whey protein isolate blend, sodium, and magnesium to help restore key nutrients lost during training or competition.

  • POWERBAR® Endurance sport drink features the C2 MAX optimized carb blend and provides 380mg of sodium per 16. fl. oz serving.
  • POWERBAR® Recovery beverage delivers 40g carbs, 6g protein and 500mg of sodium per 16 fl. oz serving.
  • Two-drink system that delivers optimal hydration, energy and recovery.
  • Available in convenient single-serve packets and multi-serve small and large canisters.
hope it will help me during the race.

anyway, this will be our vest for the race.

wish me luck

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mizuno Wave Run 2009 @ Serdang

Race: Mizuno Wave Run 2009
Distance: 11km
Venue: UPM, Serdang
Organizer: Pacesetter Athletics Club Malaysia

Race begin at 7.30am. We reached UPM Gate 8 sharp at 7.00am, there queue for parking was already there. Parked along the road and slow jog to the stadium...damn i had a stomach ache. so we ran to the nearest toilet and when i saw the queue "ahh, forget it la"
then one auntie told me "eh got the mobile toilet, we go there la ha...faster a bit" then i quickly became her bff and went to the field where they located all the mobile.luckily it was clean

but my stomach was not comfortable still. haih. guess i had to run with it. so we went to the starting point, get ready to start the race. did little bit of stretching. then 5 mins later Boom we were released to start the race

the first 2km was easy I must say. Not really hilly, the weather was on our side and it was smooth. We continued running but as we reached nearly 3.5km, bootak complained that he had 'to go for number 2'


so we scout around for toilet. found one and he ran his lung out towards it while I was left alone pretending to tie my shoe lace and stuff. was funny when one uncle shout at me
"eyyyy....lari la..." with me replying "tunggu orang la"....then everybody laughed at me. shiessshhh sabar je

12 mins later he showed up and we tried our level best to catch up.

but i guess im not up for it as the final 2km i was really dragged to finish it. coupled with the blister that i had. haih its not funny at all. i dont know what i have to do to avoid blister. really..i used anti blister socks before, not really work...bootak mentioned that it might be because of the way i run...
"middle foot awak...middle foot running"
haiya dah cubalah but kenot

anyway, we finished with an embarassing timing of 88mins. so minus 12mins, we clocked in 76mins translated to 1hr 16mins (again failed to do sub 1hr) and 6.9m pacing per KM
Hurm, not so good but terima je la
But little bit sad cause we didnt get the medal.

So this is us...

I hope your gag reflection wont turn on when u see the picture of us running and holding hand
we need to get the cameraman feel excited to capture us

Friday, October 23, 2009

Running, Running....

Blogger mclarenna said...

Kak Haza,

I may just be one of your reader but to me the real reason why I like to read your blog because I really adore how much positive ion you have in you. I do not adore you because of your speed, how fast you can run but its more on how much you can really bring up normal people like me to love running. I would love to run with you (no worries, Im sure you will easily beat the snail in me :)...perhaps one day you will love running again...

October 22, 2009 5:43 PM

Blogger Haza said...

I still do love running. I wouldn't have felt this horrible if I weren't really attached to it. :) Running calms me, I take comfort in the pain it brings. it's just right now it's so hard to start. Even in the morning.

Tey, if it weren't for you, I would never had started. You gave me the idea lah.

And deep inside I really hope to be back. I hope this is temporary.

Mc, you can run wit me in Penang? I reg for 21k. and bootak will run with Running Mom for PBIM 2009.

and ouh ya, i received reply from Syah a.k.a Kaki Runner. Panjang lebar penjelasan beliau mengenai latihan untuk PBIM. Lil bit scared I must say but whatever it is I will try my level best to fit in. Thanks so much Syah for helping out.

Okay...Mizuno Wave Run this Sunday. I hope I can finish strong. Ewahhhhhh

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Wish (for) No More Hiding

I wish I can breath easily and tell the whole world about it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miza's Happy Moment

When I was in uni, I remembered the happiest moment would be during our convocation.
5 years in agony...
The 'hat throwing moment' was priceless.

* hat throwing moment

So when Miza text-ed me inviting to attend her MICPA graduation
I say "wah..exciting"
I got to feel the excitement again
So I went with booTak...
Together we went to UiTM Shah Alam

This is Amiza a.k.a Miza Kru (siapalah yang still suka KRU lagi di zaman zaman skrg ni)
The extremely brilliant girl that is very down to earth
I dont know how she did it
Study and working at the same time
Clap...clap...clap kepada miza

i am extremely proud of her achievement. Im telling you to get a CA (Chartered Accountant), its not easy. Time, energy and almost everything you have to sacrifice to get it. Haih, I wonder whether I can do that.

While taking her picture, we came with this crazy idea of me wearing her robe pulak. Knowing I will never get the chance to wear UiTM robe, so I bought the idea. Hehehehe

* me getting ready

* lompatan

* demi lompatan

* bootak bersama Miza

* all of us....

Congratulations Miza...
I am so, very, extremely proud of you

Monday, October 19, 2009

Losing, Gaining, Losing again

So some of you might have read this post about my own journey to become my own biggest loser.
Which I have succeeded (3KG reduction in 3 weeks time)
But now it came to a point where the reduction are in continuous trend and it worries me...

I have stop, completely stop all my diet (i.e rice once a day, protein based diet and stuff)
and is back on track with all those crappy form of dieting, u name it, pasta, pie, ice cream...
These are my cannot-live-without item(s) in my list now.

But still, it keep on reducing
I know I know, some might say "ek eleh dah kurus pun nak banyak cakap lagi. bersyukur je la"
or even
"sekejap nak kurus, pastu nak gemuk la"
But to be honest I dunt think by being super skinny is good.
I need to have some fat in me to be converted to muscle

I used to have 3.3kg fat to lose before
But now
I have 1.7kg FAT TO GAIN...

* mind the blurry image

So, what should I do now...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

L4T: Appeal for Padang Earthquake Victim Donation

I received this from L4T (maksudnya Leader for Tomorrow. Time kasih)

KITA UNTUK MEREKA - L4T Appeal for Padang earthquake Relief

Indonesia menangis lagi…
Tataplah dan lihatlah derita saudara kita.
Moga Tuhan mendengar tangis mereka.
Doa kita, Semoga mereka yang tertimpa bencana akan tegar dalam menempuh segala kesulitan.
Semoga mereka tetap percaya dan masih punya harapan diantara puing-puing keruntuhan.
Sesungguhnya kehidupan tidak dapat dihentikan oleh yang pergi.

Official report that at least 1,100 people were killed in the disaster, but estimates of the final toll range up to 5,000.

21,400 buildings are damaged or beyond repair. About 60-90 percent of houses and 20-50 percent of public facilities are damaged to the extend of being uninhabitable.
“Many people are homeless or too scared to return to their homes due to fear of further earthquakes and a possible tsunami, so they are living outside in temporary shelters they have erected.”
Urgent funds are needed to buy medical supplies, tents, tarpaulins, water and food.
L4T is launching a two months campaign to raise funds for the Padang earthquake victims. All donations will be channel to CIMB Sumatran Earthquake Victims Relief Fund.

You can personally pass the donation to us personally or bank deposit to:

Acc Num: 14530001 –5180 51

or you can pass your contribution in terms of cash or cheque personally to Afiah (012-2783008 /

Together, let’s build this wing of hope. Contribute any amount as a relief effort to help victims of Padang Earthquake.

Afiah Hafiz on Behalf on L4T Management Team

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Run is what I wish (for)

with 12 more days to Mizuno Wave Run,
I hope my stamina will be at least adequate to meet the minimum requirement
1hr 40mins for 10km race.
My best timing so far was 1hr 09mins (Siemens Dream Run 09)
But that was under the influence and pressure of running with someone as great as Fara
Yah, she's my running mentor.
So I was forced to be at least at PAR with her.

But I am running with bootak this coming 25th October
Im guessing it will be fine.
So long I dont have to run alone, I will be fine

To be a the race qualifier, I must clock in no longer than 1hr 40mins
However, it will only be for the first 250 runners...
On paper, I think I can do it
But its all depends on my stamina level during the race day.
Nonetheless, i will write a report on that particular race

So this will be our vest for the event
Sponsored by Mizuno

And this will be the route. Apparently we will all be running in UPM territory. As far as I could remember it, it is rather hilly. Gosh....another thing that I dont like while running any race.

Its about time to start running again. Tonight, Ill start my night run with bootak again. 3-6km will be just fine

**I guess Im running alone today. No night run. Sigh**

Wish me luck dear readers.

p/s: I could use a little support from you. Should you feel the need to feel the adrenalin rush of running the race, do come to UPM. Details:

Date: 25th October 2009 (Sunday), Time: 7:30am
Venue: Stadium UPM, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Wish (for) a Great Run...again

Bloggermclarenna said...

kak haza, ur picture sangat cantik la...good job...anyway i know this is totally unrelated matter but i so need a crash course of training plan now for PBIM. i have not been running well lately...shiiiesshhhhh takutttttt


I am freaking out!!!!

Like seriously freaking out

45 days away and I have yet to test my stamina for 21km race. So i turned to kak Haza, my idol in running. A very modest person and sure did write whole loads of inspirational post in her blog regardless whether its for running or life in general.

So she replied....

haza said...
Mc, you don't need a crash course, it's 45 days away. Still got time, 6 weekends to build up your long runs, assuming you don't need to taper. What's your longest run so far, and are you running the half or the full? Even if you can't train enuf, take race day as another long run. Enjoy the trip, the event, the scenery, the fact that you are running on the Penang bridge, make new friends and take it easy. Believe me, you'll do fine. Think of the medal and the pride of attaining something you previously thought impossible. You'll feel good Nov 22 noontime!

I understand it now kak Haza...rather than me stress out for something that is beyond my control, I might as well enjoy it...It kinda brought me back to me own ground...and me own believe that its all about your mind set...


Hope to see you during the race Kak Haza...

Ouh ya,

Think Global, Run Local
Worldwide Half Marathon 10 - 11 Oct 2009
For those doing the Borneo Marathon, its in
conjunction with Worldwide Half Marathon. And for those who are not
racing just run a 21k wherever you are. Register Online and create a
bib for yourself.

Have you registered yourself?
I did...

*my bib for the race

My Wish (for) You to Make it Real

So much craziness surroundin? me
So much goin? on, it gets hard to breathe
When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me
You make it real for me

When I'm not sure about my priorities
When I've lost site of where I'm meant to be
Like holy water washin? over me
You make it real for me

And I'm runnin? to you, baby
You are the only one who saved me
That's why I've been missin? you lately
?Cause you make it real for me

When my head is strong but my heart is weak
I'm full of arrogance and uncertainty
When I can?t find the words
You teach my heart to speak
You make it real for me, yeah

Everybody?s talkin? in words I don't understand
You got to be the only one who knows just who I am
You?re shinin? in the distance, I hope I can make it through
?Cause the only place that I want to be
Is right back home with you

I guess there's so much more I have to learn
But if you're here with me, I know which way to turn
You always give me somewhere, somewhere I can learn
You make it real for me

You Make It Real - James Morrison

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another 'The Truth' of the Day: PTPTN chaos

I believe all of us heard about the recent news about PTPTN submit names of borrowers who did not pay the study loan to immigration for restricting them going abroad

I have mixed feelings about this and I would like to comment from 2 perspective. Allow me...

(a) As a PTPTN borrower
WTH wei...what kind of move is this. If you are just restricting them from migrating or something can la but what if we have some emergency at Singapore (which is considered as overseas). Its not that we dont want to pay, in fact we are paying its just that maybe we dont pay the full amount. Huh you may ask why didnt you do that i.e pay the full amount
Okie allow me to elaborate more on why:

1. Loan disbursed during study: RM85000
2. Total payment so far (3 years): RM7200
3. Interest accrued for 3 years: RM3400
3. Total ADMIN Cost ending October 2009: RM2400
4. Balance B/B: RM83200

So lets calculate:
Ive paid RM7200 ever since I started payment to only realised that 33.3% of payment is just to cover admin cost. Who would feel want to settle the loan when at the end of your payment year for the first year you realise that your balance bring forward is more than what you borrowed before.

I am not complaining about the interest rate thou I think it is ridiculous. Yah yah i know some of you might say "hey, u read the agreement what." I was 19 back then who the hell know about how deep of a debt i would be in if i opted for PTPTN. Thou I have proposed to PTPTN to reduce the interest portion due to 'good CGPA obtained', the respond was rather disappointing. So don't blame us if we dont wanna pay. Huh!!

I also read some comments saying "you cant pay then apply for scholar la".
Senangnya cakap, Im not that bright I have to admit that. Even though my first semester's result deemed qualified for scholarship application from JPA, still I was stuck with PTPTN as U have already signed the agreement as well as I dont think I can find RM10k to finance the first year of studies. I was wrong. Maybe I should just apply a personal loan for that amount and opt for scholar instead


Sigh...PTPTN will remain as a black mark in my life. Little that I know that it will be the greatest debt I've ever step foot in. Its like a daylight robbery. Sad...

(B) As a non PTPTN borrower
No comment!!! PTPTN should do some review on what is the best repayment scheme should be introduced to their borrower.

The Truth of Being Malaysian Banker

The truth of being a MALAYSIAN BANKER .
Reflecting on my circle of friends, i really feel like a prostitute.

1. You work very late ...
.. Just like prostitutes.

2. They pay you to make the client happy...
.. Just like a prostitute.

3. The client pays a lot of money, but your employer keeps almost every cent ..
.. Just like a prostitute.

4. You are rewarded for fulfilling the client's dreams...
.. Just like a prostitute.

5. Your friendships fall apart and you end up hanging out with people in the
same profession as you...
.. Just like a prostitute.

6. When you have to meet the client you always have to be perfectly groomed..
.. Just like a prostitute.

7. But when you go back home it seems like you are coming back from hell...
..Just like a prostitute.

8. The client always wants to pay less but expects incredible things from you
..Just like a prostitute.

9. When people ask you about your job, you have difficulties to explain it....
.. Just like a prostitute.

10. Everyday when you wake up, you say: "I'm not going to spent the rest of my
life doing this."
.. Just like a prostitute.

p/s: I am not a banker. I am a REGULATOR. Hehehehe

The above post is just a mere joke and has no relation whatsoever to any banker(s), any commercial, investment, foreign, Islamic bank(s) in Malaysia as well as all the Development Financial Institutions.

Nuff said....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open House 2009

Okay, seperti tahun tahun sebelumnya,
Adalah wajib company ku ini membuat Open House konsepnya...
This year it was a bit different since we did it on Tuesday instead of Friday normally,
Nonetheless, it was awesome
It may not be as good as last year (but last year wasnt that great either)
But I feel this year it was well managed.

Maka tepat sahaja pukul 11.50am kami pun berduyun-duyun terus
Sebenaqnya disini adalah malas untuk turun awal
Tetapi memandangkan disini adalah mempunyai tugas yang berat iaitu men-chup-kan tempat utk rakan2 juga rakan2 banker ku, maka kugagahi juga

Masuk je ke Dinar Matahari, berdesup terus meletakkan barang2 di 3 buah meja
Mak cantas semua meja yang ada di situ
Kemudian menunggu dan menunggu....
Haih...that was the not so great part.
I hate waiting for people.

And then the gang came down
Dan bermula lah keadaan yang maha riuh rendah
Ouh ya, our open house PM datang
But as if I care anyway

* muka meriah dan meja juga meriah kaedahnya

I think I let the picture do the talking huh...

* sedang mengarahkan butler of the day utk mengambil makanan

*muka kerisauan menanti kehadiran bootak dan geng bankers nyer yang tidak kunjung tiba

* with 2 best friends!!!!

We were there sehinggalah org kat meja sebelah dah bertukar2 sebanyak beberapa kali
Lama sungguh

All in all it was okie la except kejadian tidak dibenarkan masuk ke ruang makanan oleh seorang makcik
Mak tak TASTE okie!!!

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