Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Run is what I wish (for)

with 12 more days to Mizuno Wave Run,
I hope my stamina will be at least adequate to meet the minimum requirement
1hr 40mins for 10km race.
My best timing so far was 1hr 09mins (Siemens Dream Run 09)
But that was under the influence and pressure of running with someone as great as Fara
Yah, she's my running mentor.
So I was forced to be at least at PAR with her.

But I am running with bootak this coming 25th October
Im guessing it will be fine.
So long I dont have to run alone, I will be fine

To be a the race qualifier, I must clock in no longer than 1hr 40mins
However, it will only be for the first 250 runners...
On paper, I think I can do it
But its all depends on my stamina level during the race day.
Nonetheless, i will write a report on that particular race

So this will be our vest for the event
Sponsored by Mizuno

And this will be the route. Apparently we will all be running in UPM territory. As far as I could remember it, it is rather hilly. Gosh....another thing that I dont like while running any race.

Its about time to start running again. Tonight, Ill start my night run with bootak again. 3-6km will be just fine

**I guess Im running alone today. No night run. Sigh**

Wish me luck dear readers.

p/s: I could use a little support from you. Should you feel the need to feel the adrenalin rush of running the race, do come to UPM. Details:

Date: 25th October 2009 (Sunday), Time: 7:30am
Venue: Stadium UPM, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang



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