Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Wish (for) a Great Run...again

Bloggermclarenna said...

kak haza, ur picture sangat cantik la...good job...anyway i know this is totally unrelated matter but i so need a crash course of training plan now for PBIM. i have not been running well lately...shiiiesshhhhh takutttttt


I am freaking out!!!!

Like seriously freaking out

45 days away and I have yet to test my stamina for 21km race. So i turned to kak Haza, my idol in running. A very modest person and sure did write whole loads of inspirational post in her blog regardless whether its for running or life in general.

So she replied....

haza said...
Mc, you don't need a crash course, it's 45 days away. Still got time, 6 weekends to build up your long runs, assuming you don't need to taper. What's your longest run so far, and are you running the half or the full? Even if you can't train enuf, take race day as another long run. Enjoy the trip, the event, the scenery, the fact that you are running on the Penang bridge, make new friends and take it easy. Believe me, you'll do fine. Think of the medal and the pride of attaining something you previously thought impossible. You'll feel good Nov 22 noontime!

I understand it now kak Haza...rather than me stress out for something that is beyond my control, I might as well enjoy it...It kinda brought me back to me own ground...and me own believe that its all about your mind set...


Hope to see you during the race Kak Haza...

Ouh ya,

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nanayau said...

babe, reading this entry is freaking me out, ha!

mmg cari pasal ke kalau nak masuk suke2 tanpa training?!!! shoooooooooooooot


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