Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon: Training, Training

So with 24 days to go for PBIM,
and with some good news received yesterday:

Starting time: 0330 am (Men) 0345 am (Women)

Reporting Time: 0230 am (Men) 0245 (Women)

Finishing Time: 3.5 hours (Three and a half hours)

I think we will be just fine. Insyallah... 3.5hrs will be more than enough for us to finish the distance. Provided no injury and stuff. but i have this one problem now where my endurance level has deter. I can only last 30mins run used to be at least 50mins hokay...haih...i have got to do something about it...thats why I plan to use this. Not sure whether this will work or not but at least I have got to give it a try.

Power Bar Endurance Drink.

Proper hydration is essential for any athlete striving to maintain performance during a training session or workout. Dehydration and overhydration are both valid concerns for athletes who exercise for an extended period of time. The POWERBAR® BEVERAGE System works hard to help serious athletes avoid the dangers of either state with a beverage that addresses hydration needs during training and in recovery. POWERBAR® ENDURANCE sports drink has POWERBAR® C2 MAX for optimum carbohydrate delivery to muscles and the POWERBAR® RECOVERY beverage contains a carb-whey protein isolate blend, sodium, and magnesium to help restore key nutrients lost during training or competition.

  • POWERBAR® Endurance sport drink features the C2 MAX optimized carb blend and provides 380mg of sodium per 16. fl. oz serving.
  • POWERBAR® Recovery beverage delivers 40g carbs, 6g protein and 500mg of sodium per 16 fl. oz serving.
  • Two-drink system that delivers optimal hydration, energy and recovery.
  • Available in convenient single-serve packets and multi-serve small and large canisters.
hope it will help me during the race.

anyway, this will be our vest for the race.

wish me luck


Zayani said...

so u r joining half marthon for PBIM..Wish u all the best..
yup..i join this year tp tak tau la jd prg ke tak,,myb tak kot..


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