Monday, October 19, 2009

Losing, Gaining, Losing again

So some of you might have read this post about my own journey to become my own biggest loser.
Which I have succeeded (3KG reduction in 3 weeks time)
But now it came to a point where the reduction are in continuous trend and it worries me...

I have stop, completely stop all my diet (i.e rice once a day, protein based diet and stuff)
and is back on track with all those crappy form of dieting, u name it, pasta, pie, ice cream...
These are my cannot-live-without item(s) in my list now.

But still, it keep on reducing
I know I know, some might say "ek eleh dah kurus pun nak banyak cakap lagi. bersyukur je la"
or even
"sekejap nak kurus, pastu nak gemuk la"
But to be honest I dunt think by being super skinny is good.
I need to have some fat in me to be converted to muscle

I used to have 3.3kg fat to lose before
But now
I have 1.7kg FAT TO GAIN...

* mind the blurry image

So, what should I do now...


miaomiao said...

bask in the moment!


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