Monday, October 26, 2009

Mizuno Wave Run 2009 @ Serdang

Race: Mizuno Wave Run 2009
Distance: 11km
Venue: UPM, Serdang
Organizer: Pacesetter Athletics Club Malaysia

Race begin at 7.30am. We reached UPM Gate 8 sharp at 7.00am, there queue for parking was already there. Parked along the road and slow jog to the stadium...damn i had a stomach ache. so we ran to the nearest toilet and when i saw the queue "ahh, forget it la"
then one auntie told me "eh got the mobile toilet, we go there la ha...faster a bit" then i quickly became her bff and went to the field where they located all the mobile.luckily it was clean

but my stomach was not comfortable still. haih. guess i had to run with it. so we went to the starting point, get ready to start the race. did little bit of stretching. then 5 mins later Boom we were released to start the race

the first 2km was easy I must say. Not really hilly, the weather was on our side and it was smooth. We continued running but as we reached nearly 3.5km, bootak complained that he had 'to go for number 2'


so we scout around for toilet. found one and he ran his lung out towards it while I was left alone pretending to tie my shoe lace and stuff. was funny when one uncle shout at me
"eyyyy....lari la..." with me replying "tunggu orang la"....then everybody laughed at me. shiessshhh sabar je

12 mins later he showed up and we tried our level best to catch up.

but i guess im not up for it as the final 2km i was really dragged to finish it. coupled with the blister that i had. haih its not funny at all. i dont know what i have to do to avoid blister. really..i used anti blister socks before, not really work...bootak mentioned that it might be because of the way i run...
"middle foot awak...middle foot running"
haiya dah cubalah but kenot

anyway, we finished with an embarassing timing of 88mins. so minus 12mins, we clocked in 76mins translated to 1hr 16mins (again failed to do sub 1hr) and 6.9m pacing per KM
Hurm, not so good but terima je la
But little bit sad cause we didnt get the medal.

So this is us...

I hope your gag reflection wont turn on when u see the picture of us running and holding hand
we need to get the cameraman feel excited to capture us


Faramin said...

betulla,asal gamba ko berdua lari,mesti berpegangan tangan.sweet je..hehe..

kaki LARI said...

congratz 2 u n bro bootak..hehe
i tau why u kne blister..
mybe bcoz of yr shoes...tak brape sesuai dgn kaki..

keep training 4 PBIM..see u there..! mybe bleh cite byk sket nti..huhu...

@net. said...

hanawww so cute the picture. i like it very much!

great, now we know roughly how long it takes for him to do a number 2 :S


mclarenna said...

baby: ouh berpegangan tangan hanyalah tactic keji untuk membuatkan encik encik camera mengambil gambar kami. hahahaha

syah: ha sbb kasut ke? i used to run with Nike Free before tapi masa kasut tu dah nak hampir lanjut usia barulah kena blister. now with adidas MANA also got blister. ada any cream ke nak prevent blister?

@net: 12 mins is when he was under pressure. if he has his own sweet little time amek kau half an hour also can. haih


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