Friday, October 23, 2009

Running, Running....

Blogger mclarenna said...

Kak Haza,

I may just be one of your reader but to me the real reason why I like to read your blog because I really adore how much positive ion you have in you. I do not adore you because of your speed, how fast you can run but its more on how much you can really bring up normal people like me to love running. I would love to run with you (no worries, Im sure you will easily beat the snail in me :)...perhaps one day you will love running again...

October 22, 2009 5:43 PM

Blogger Haza said...

I still do love running. I wouldn't have felt this horrible if I weren't really attached to it. :) Running calms me, I take comfort in the pain it brings. it's just right now it's so hard to start. Even in the morning.

Tey, if it weren't for you, I would never had started. You gave me the idea lah.

And deep inside I really hope to be back. I hope this is temporary.

Mc, you can run wit me in Penang? I reg for 21k. and bootak will run with Running Mom for PBIM 2009.

and ouh ya, i received reply from Syah a.k.a Kaki Runner. Panjang lebar penjelasan beliau mengenai latihan untuk PBIM. Lil bit scared I must say but whatever it is I will try my level best to fit in. Thanks so much Syah for helping out.

Okay...Mizuno Wave Run this Sunday. I hope I can finish strong. Ewahhhhhh


kaki LARI said...

hye..welcome..keep on training..")


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