Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deal, deal, deal

The 'deal phenomena' is back

As I surf those sites that provide good deals religously, I always managed to purchase good deals at an extremely discounted price.

I bought one pretty good deal

RM37 instead of RM655 for a Top Level Domain Name + 2GB Hosting plan for 1 year

cool eeyy?

I need this for my future project
Lets hope that the project will run smoothly as planned


[the payment page]

Did I tell you that I am now hooked to buying deals online. Its pretty cheap I must say. The one that I will always try to search everyday will be deals on food...duhhh. For a peanut price I get to dine at fine dining restaurant like Tanzini and stuff. Oh review on Tanzini soon. Stay tuned [sigh, what am I thinking, is there such person who cant wait to read my blog?]

[done deal. pfftttt ayat bankers]

[pretty awesome deal]

To those who planned to open up small scale businesses online, this is definitely a must get for you. Think about it

You have 2 more days to be exact

Friday, May 27, 2011

Its Chatime

Ever since Nadiah introduced me to bubble tea, I got hooked to it.

Big time!

Every week I must pay a visit
Regardless what is the brand
And every week there will be additional pound added to my existing weight
But still no sign of calories burning exercise done


So if I keep on writing about how I cant be skinny anymore, feel free to click the 'x' button on top

So, coming back to the bubble tea phenomena, its madness
Everytime I passed by any kiosk that sell bubble tea, the line is like an endless tail
But I still q anyway

One after another bubble tea brand mushroom-ing around Klang Valley, and of it is none other than 'Chatime'


Its Cha (Tea) time

Chatime has a few different location; Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid, SS2Mall, The Gardens and the latest one is at SS15, Subang (yeayyyyy)

So far Ive been to 3 location and these 3s are always jam packed with customers. They are all here for the most famous premium milk tea. Not just milk tea, they have more than 50 flavours to choose from, everything is under the sun including tea that you cant even pronounce like "Komquat Lemon what not", and "Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh (eerrrr) Tea" and many more....

Of course to be safe you always go with Pearl Milk Tea
Nothing can go wrong with this yummy drink

[Famous Pearl Milk Tea]

Chatime uses specially brewed tea and good quality milk for their drinks, unlike most kiosk that uses powder base for their milk tea.

Chatime Pearl Milk tea has some distinct taste that is so rich you keep on smiling when you drink it.


The bubble also taste nicer than the rest

Of course with premium quality, you pay premium price for it

[mahal sikit la kan]

The waiting time is a little bit more than the usual bubble tea kiosk. Understandable as the q for ordering is the same. That makes you feel like ordering more than a cup to justify the waiting time

Yah, it is all excuses to drink more bubble tea

[my order for today: Brown Rice Green Milk Tea and Passion Fruit QQ]

Chatime has this system where tevery receipt generated has its own unique order number so they will key in your number as an indicator that your order is ready. So you dont have to "excuse me, excuse me dah siap ke belum"

Pretty smart!

[and my order number is 2778. sigh]

You'll be a convert once you try it


Monday, May 9, 2011

source: google

I think every smokers should begin their baby steps on the 'stop-smoking' journey.

New Look

I knowwww...
Its too yellow
But I like it

p/s: I think I like it due to the big picture of cheeseburger (oh you can only see it on preview mode when you wish to download the template)


I shall update soon

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