Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deal, deal, deal

The 'deal phenomena' is back

As I surf those sites that provide good deals religously, I always managed to purchase good deals at an extremely discounted price.

I bought one pretty good deal

RM37 instead of RM655 for a Top Level Domain Name + 2GB Hosting plan for 1 year

cool eeyy?

I need this for my future project
Lets hope that the project will run smoothly as planned


[the payment page]

Did I tell you that I am now hooked to buying deals online. Its pretty cheap I must say. The one that I will always try to search everyday will be deals on food...duhhh. For a peanut price I get to dine at fine dining restaurant like Tanzini and stuff. Oh review on Tanzini soon. Stay tuned [sigh, what am I thinking, is there such person who cant wait to read my blog?]

[done deal. pfftttt ayat bankers]

[pretty awesome deal]

To those who planned to open up small scale businesses online, this is definitely a must get for you. Think about it

You have 2 more days to be exact



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