Sunday, October 31, 2010

I ran and it was painful


Yah thats how I felt this morning.

I had the usual morning run (well cant really say its usual anyway now since I have missed it for about 2 months already) with Tottie today...

and boy it was painful

You see, PBIM is around the corner, and I have not done anything besides booking the famous Eastin Hotel and Resort @ Tanjung Bungah for our accomodation.

Bersedia dari aspek penginapan je adalah tidak mencukupi kaedahnya kan?

So Ive decided to get the ball rolling, AGAIN...maka berlarilah kami seawal jam 6.20 pagi tu kan
For the first 10minutes I felt as if my muscle were burnt with no mercy.
Everything felt so tight and I felt as if it was tearing apart (drama sungguh)
I told myself "heh, nak half marathon kemendenyer lari 10minit dah sakit gini"
Looked at tottie in front of me running effortless as if she was having fun wasnt helping either


I have to do something
I must run
I must get my physical ability to be at its top position
I must...


pregnant pause


Tapi bagaimananya nak reach the above kalau vitamin 'M' adalah memenuhi diri


I need help


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hen...Hen...Hen Partay!

I am all set for tonight
Well, mostly...
Bought one top, kumkum bindi and gelang lip lap lip lap with Shaz just now @ Madras Store Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Physically i'm not set ekceli.
Too tired with work and stuff, so to spice up my boring life and to get sexcited for tonight I have decided to give this boring blog some story to tell,
Not too sure whether you will be interested to read or not
Nonetheless, here goes

Tonight is Soraya's hen party
Well Hen-na party to be exact
No strippers involved
It will be fun if we have one tonight kan?

Checklist for the party:
  • Venue - checked
  • Bollywood songs - checked
  • Shisha set from Bad - checked
  • Attire - checked
  • Indian food - checked
  • Henna thingamagic - checked
  • Strippers - rejected *double sigh*

Neways, will update more stories from the henna party soon

* yah my kumkum bindi is really cheap. hehehhe. RM3.90 sajork!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lets Go KL - Nike City Run 10.10.10

Event : KL vs SG Nike City 10k Run
Date : 10.10.10 (Sunday)
Venue : KLCC Parking (Starting),
Route : All over KL including AKLEH
Pacer : Tottie and Yoes

Okay, so some of you must have heard earlier bout this challenge - meng-challenge between KL and SG on who run better. So today's the day. 10.10.10 to be exact. Cool date but not so cool run la I must say

You see, I have not been running since SCKLM2010. Ever since the race, I hangged my running shoe (well ekceli I put it for a quite good 4 month's rest) as well as my running attire. Reason being? Well, simple. Vitamin 'M' adalah memenuhi badan ini. Before this, I had cancelled at least 3 race namely MPSJ 10k Run, Newton Challenge and another one what race ntah lupa. So this time I really cant say no nemore.


booTak did not run today due to bad health condition. Well ekceli he was injured so he better not run at all la kan. So, he was the photographer for today, so called la until what incident. Haih...nantilah saya ceritakan.

Neways, parking KLCC nearby Binjai was the starting grid for the race. I would safely say around 6k people were there today. or maybe more. I wonder how many participants SG had for today. Hmmmmm

The race started at 7.15am. Exact! The only thing that I can conclude was theres too many kiddo around. or at least teenagers. So, u all know teenagers when they got little bit excited, they all run and sprint as if they only have 400m to go. Hehehe. Sampai yang terjatuh pun ada nyah. Mak tak reti nak komen eksited beno kome ni

Ran passed by Eden Village, Pavillion area, Bukit Bintang (apparently theres another race too. hooHa Fun Run), Jalan Sultan Ismail, KLCC, Renaissance kemudian moh ke AKLEH kaedahnya. Few KMs in AKLEH and then we were out back at Tabung Haji area and ran for 500km more to the finishing line. I think its better to sum up the race with points and LIKEY and ME NO LIKEY

Huh! (emo seketika)


  • DJs that were stationed at almost every 3km. They managed to get the event hip hip and hooray

  • Good traffic control. Pakcik polis menjalankan tugas dengan jayanya

  • Event crew was helpful. And theres also enuff medic on the road. Or at least to my thinking la


  • The concept of "100 Plus, drink and go". Apakahhhhh. People shared bottles as they were running out of paper cup at water station @KM6 and KM8

  • The Malaysian attitude of "marilah melemparkan paper cup di merata tempat". Malaysian will always be Malaysian

  • The over hyper exicted kids. Tolak menolak kengkonon mereka adalah laju and unstoppable. tak suka okie!

  • The finisher award. alahaiiii..hooHa fun run pun ada medal okie

So, itulah sahaja cerita saya mengenai Nike City 10k Run. To be honest, I think SG kick out butt real hard. Theres not much participation thou. Perhaps due to the other race that seems more fun iaitu Fun Run.

Ouh ya, I clocked 1:18.46

Enjoy the picture.

* marilah stretching

* senyum melebar sebelum bermulanya larian tanpa mengetahui azab aftermath dek kerana tidak berlatih langsung sebelum race.

*berstretching lagi bersama tottie and yoes

* marilah melompat gembira

Ouh ya, lupa. Edan drop by to say hello. Hehehe. Highlights for the race. Akan tetapi terlupa untuk berfoto dek kerana terlalu terkesima. Beliau adalah pelari yang jaya!

* muka yang amarah kerana tiada photographer di finishing line

Ouh ya lagi sekali. Terlupa menceritakan kejadian booTak as photographer. Ada ke beliau tidak berada di finishing line kerana beliau agak kami akan tiba selepas 1jam setengah. Eish Eish eish....sungguh meng-underestimate saya dan jua tottie. Maka saya adalah emo seketika tadi

Wonder how the other run was? Awesome kah?

p/s: Pain ALL OVER ME BODY. *sigh*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whoop, Whoop, Whooper! - RM1 okay

Received BBM chat from Farah Shukur

"BK Whooper for RM1 at KLCC, MVal, Sri Hartamas, OU for today. Just purchase carbonated drink"

Herm, sure or not ni. For all you know it is just another hoax from Burger King with little tiny disclaimer...

But me being me, the kiasu-ness in me especially when I read RM1.

RM1 okay!!!

Replied her,

"Babe, sure ke ni RM1. Lunch time je ke"

"No la, whole day"

Maka zaaasss, dengan sepantas kilat saya mengdrivekan kelisa silver saya ke tempat kejadian. Contemplating, perhaps I should go to Sri Hartamas then rather than ke KLCC itu. Nearer and sure takde orang (considering BK at Hartamas is more like a ghost town on a normal day)

Zasssssss (what's up with me and zaaaassss ni)
Manusia adalah memenuhi Burger King itu.
The q was like wwwooooowwwwwooooowwwwwwweeeeee!
Forgot to take picture! *sigh*

sungguh tidak dramatic blog ini

Yah, its true! Its not just a hoax. Cant really seems to figure out reasoning why BK wanted to do such thing. Probably their Whooper patties is expiring soon thus heck why not sell at cheaper price la. Us being Malaysian, whatever cheap or promo thing sure can sell one

The only catch was you have to purchase Carbonated Drinks (RM3.25) for every burger ordered. Well, since a customer is only allowed to purchase 3, maka saya pun zaaaaasss membeli 3. Not that I can eat 3 burger at one go, adalah tetapi lebih teruja dengan hakikat saya berjaya berjimat sebanyak RM8.65 bagi setiap whooper yang dibeli. Siap berkata kepada diri sendiri...

"Malam ni makan satu, sahur makan satu, esok after berbuka makan satu"


Ye, itulah whooper saya.
No wonder lately tgk tv asek nengok iklan beger sahaja
And when I watched "How I Met Your Mother' the other day also showed episode where Marshall searched his ultimate New York Burger

Whoopss! 2 whooper at a go means 1kg or probably more gain in weight

I googled Calory King website, for every burger you have to jog for about 77mins or 186 mins of walking. Maka untuk 2 burger dimakan semalam adalah perlu berjongging selama 2 jam setengah gamaknya maka adalah perlu berhalf marathon untuk membuang kalori itu


Erm, takpelah malam ni saya makan lagi satu
Kali ni je k

Hiburan kaki:

Beger apa yang gembira


Okay LAME!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh dengarlah, jeritan batinku...

Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu
Sehari kurasa sebulan
Hatiku tiada tertahan
Ku pandang kiri
Ku pandang kanan
Di kau tiada...

Batinku menangis risau
Makin kau jauh
Makin hatiku bertambah kacau
Mengapa kita berpisah
Tak sanggup menahan asmara
Oh! Dengarlah
Jeritan batinku

P. Ramlee - Jeritan Batinku
It was beautiful!
The music arrangement made on this song was rather superb.
Safe to say that almost everyone were glued to their seat and sit still, no time to even blink and stare at their loved one besides them.
It was magical
Like what booTak said, "P.Ramlee would feel very proud"
I second that...
Okay, pardon me. I actually jumped straight to the first 30 minutes of Sheila Majid Showcase at Dewan Filharmonic Petronas. :)
Remember my earlier post on Sheila Majid's concert at DFP?
So it was on last weekend.
2 October 2010 to be specific

She sang most of her famous song except Aku Cinta Padamu. *sigh*. Thats my favourite okie. The first one hour was mostly the slow songs taken from her album namely Ratu, Emosi and etc.
The second bit was awesome too. I personally love Warna, Dia, Kerinduan, Manusia and of course Jeritan Batinku. It was too beautiful until me and booTak dont even look at each other. we were focusing on the small little petite amazing women in front.
A good singer, brilliant entertainer (she cracked jokes almost all the time. and people laughed okiay! even booTak. Okay thats tough okay to get him to actually laugh). The hall was full with mostly Petronas staff (since they received 10% discount. pffftt). Quite a good seat for us but yeh we paid fortune for it.
It was almost 2 hours (including 20 mins interval) show. The cheapest ticket was RM98 i think. Anyway, my biggest thank you to Soraya for informing bout the show.


*me and Soraya

* the boys...

* booTak, me, Soraya and Zam with our normal pose

*us with so-called funny pose. NOT!

To those big corporate organization, kindly sponsor her for bigger concert/showcase.

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