Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh dengarlah, jeritan batinku...

Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu
Sehari kurasa sebulan
Hatiku tiada tertahan
Ku pandang kiri
Ku pandang kanan
Di kau tiada...

Batinku menangis risau
Makin kau jauh
Makin hatiku bertambah kacau
Mengapa kita berpisah
Tak sanggup menahan asmara
Oh! Dengarlah
Jeritan batinku

P. Ramlee - Jeritan Batinku
It was beautiful!
The music arrangement made on this song was rather superb.
Safe to say that almost everyone were glued to their seat and sit still, no time to even blink and stare at their loved one besides them.
It was magical
Like what booTak said, "P.Ramlee would feel very proud"
I second that...
Okay, pardon me. I actually jumped straight to the first 30 minutes of Sheila Majid Showcase at Dewan Filharmonic Petronas. :)
Remember my earlier post on Sheila Majid's concert at DFP?
So it was on last weekend.
2 October 2010 to be specific

She sang most of her famous song except Aku Cinta Padamu. *sigh*. Thats my favourite okie. The first one hour was mostly the slow songs taken from her album namely Ratu, Emosi and etc.
The second bit was awesome too. I personally love Warna, Dia, Kerinduan, Manusia and of course Jeritan Batinku. It was too beautiful until me and booTak dont even look at each other. we were focusing on the small little petite amazing women in front.
A good singer, brilliant entertainer (she cracked jokes almost all the time. and people laughed okiay! even booTak. Okay thats tough okay to get him to actually laugh). The hall was full with mostly Petronas staff (since they received 10% discount. pffftt). Quite a good seat for us but yeh we paid fortune for it.
It was almost 2 hours (including 20 mins interval) show. The cheapest ticket was RM98 i think. Anyway, my biggest thank you to Soraya for informing bout the show.


*me and Soraya

* the boys...

* booTak, me, Soraya and Zam with our normal pose

*us with so-called funny pose. NOT!

To those big corporate organization, kindly sponsor her for bigger concert/showcase.



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