Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Syomir Izwa RTW...

Still remember my wedding dress?

The most famous Syomir Izwa deisgned his own RTW for Eid this year
Being the biggest fan of his work (gah, Im still in love with my wedding dress!!!), and knowing how comfortable his designs are as well as how he is about quality of material.
Ive decided this year I must purchase his RTW

But the timing was not on my side,
After giving birth, I still have some pounds to shed off
Specifically in the tummy area, all mothers should know this

So, with heavy heart, I have to let go 2 designs that I really like...


The cutting is soooooo pretty and being me I like things that are geometrical. I dont really like things that are flowery. But once I see how short the top is, it is a BIG FAT NO

My tummy has no protection here

No no no

So, I only have these two...



Guess which one I bought for Raya?

Friday, July 12, 2013


Muhammad Adam Khaliff is already 3 months old now
How time flies
He is one healthy baby, and a happy one too

Me being the typical new mom, everything about him is adorable.
The way he smile, the way he giggled, the way he cry (well sometimes not so cute when he roaaarrrrr)

I am thankful that he is a happy baby and not choosy
He is still fully breastfeeding till now
I really really hope I can breastfeed him the longest possible
I love the bonding time that we have together

Some pictures of my little angel

When he was 2 weeks old, he was 2.9kg then

Adam at 3 months old. Happy, chubby with additional 2kg 




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