Friday, December 4, 2009

adidas Sun Down Marathon

me: "The race will start at 3.45am la" (when I was telling my SIL about the Penang Bridge Marathon)
SIL: "Haaa, 3 pagi? Giler ke apa korang ni?"
me: *smile*

So when we talk about people who will be crazy enough to start running at 7pm and finish 15hrs later, the fact that I started my PBIM at 3.45am seems nothing here.

Lets talk about the adidas Sundown Marathon

Whats with the sigh?
I'll tell you why...

1. The crazy distance

Why is it crazy you may ask? It is going to be 100km marathon. I repeat 100km marathon. **sigh** or let me just give **sigh**....double sigh there. This is only for DAMN SERIOUS marathon runner and to those who have big hearts, strong determination and extremely powerful will power. *TABIK MEREKA*

2. The expensive fee

Hahhaha...I know this is actually considered normal for Singapore race but me being cheapskate, i think SGD70 adalah amat mahal bagiku untuk 42km race

3. No other reason

So, only 2 excuse for not participating. I am contemplating to try the full race. 42KM for that matters (for the knowledge of my non runner readers). Or maybe I should try the Pacesetter 30km race first. At least to complete the full marathon, it will only take me another 12km to push myself.

From what I heard, this is one of the best Singapore race organised previously. Hurm....

So, to those who wanna try the distance
Go to:

adidas Sundown Marathon

* website nyer

Checkout the theme color for the race. Guess my new mi adizero Ace2 would match it


miaomiao said...

running is a lifetime sport. take it easy, one step at a time. maybe u can try 30k this year, n build up your base. next year marathon plak. i'm running 20k this year, next year baru 30k or 42k. i'm a firm believer in doing something fully prepared. you can always finish a race struggling in pain, or you can finish it strong.


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