Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bali o Bali: Part 3

How do I begin? Things have been rather crazy and hectic for me. Work, work, work and I can finally blog when I am on mc. Huhuhu

Lets continue our bali journey, that is if you are still interested to read about it...

After 2 days well spent at Kintamani area, we moved to Ubud area. Ubud is a remarkable and peaceful town in the middle of Bali island. It is certainly the tourist attraction for arts, music and all sorts of dance and thats the reason why we chose to stay at Ubud.

We were fetched by The Samara Villa & Restaurant's driver and it was 45minutes drive from Kintamani. Along the way we passed by Tegalalang where the beautiful paddy rice terrace is located and streets of handicraft and arts are manufactured and made by the locals.

[the beautiful rice terrace]

The location of the villa is quite secluded from the main road so we had to wait for the staff to come and pick us up by motorcycle. The reason why we chose this villa is simply because of it's location.

I'll tell you why....

[Bali is celebrating the Galung & Kuningan Festival while we were there. The things that sort of like a street lamp here is called Pancur]

It was a merely 3 minutes by motorcycle (probably 15mins walking) and we reached the villa. Checked in and we were served with the welcome drinks

[doing some registration matters]


[the lobby]

[the surroundings]

[manage to catch the glimpse of the beautiful and breathtaking surroundings?]

[the villa!]

[sila masuk]

[testing our camera]

[semi open shower area]

[the bathroom/toilet area]

[table should you feel like working on laptop. NOT!]

[rest area with daybed]

Okay, enough of the villa picture. Now the reason why we chose this villa!

[Noooooo, not because they have romantic swan on the beddddddd]

This is whyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

The villa is located in the middle of paddy field and some villages. I have to say this is the best location that one could get in Ubud. How often do you get to wake up in the morning and open your door and wallah ada sawah padi!!! Erm yah maybe if you have kampung in Kedah la

But we DONT!!!

So we were quite jakun by it and were pretty excited. The villa has 6 identical rooms, one public swimming pool and a restaurant. 5pm every evening the will serve you tea with homemade biscuits and the staff are all very friendly and nice

The villa is run by a couple, Stefano and Gusti. A very nice and accomodative couple I must say. At night, it is suffice to just chill in the villa and have a nice romantic dinner at the restaurant. Most of the guest did that when we were there...


[who can say no to delicious nasi padang and Teh botol? who?]

We were lucky we managed to catch some street local dance by kids and it is called Barong Dance. They walked along the street and whoever donated money will then get special dance from them

How cute!

[happy lady with ice creams]

Now, lets see some scenery again....

[merenung masa hadapan]

cantik kan????

Part 4 sooon (ntah bila)



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