Friday, May 31, 2013


Some take it well
some may not

Parenthood is a learning process, sure none of us dont like to be told what to do, what is wrong with whatever we are doing and the most disgusting thing of all is comparing who does it better

But somehow, you cant run from the fact that someone else might do it better than you. Like I mentioned earlier, its a learning process. Kids are dynamic as well in nature. One day they may like your method, tomorrow they may not. Today Adam like it when I sing him some weird song that I created, yesterday it didnt work at all. The most important thing of all is to analyse which one works and then use it. I have my Mother in Law and my maid to thank for because sometimes they discover a new thing on him. Things that sooth him. But sometimes this baby of mine is unpredictable, when he is in his crying mode, nothing works. But once he hit his sleeping mode, whoever gets to cuddle him at that particular moment managed to get him to sleep. Its amazing how kids get to boss you around as well. It took 3 people to get Adam ready in the morning. Hahahahaha...and that was funny

I guess in this learning process, what we have to do is to take it with an open arms. The nice thing about confinement leave is I get to analyse his cry and see his pattern. There was one night, he dont want to sleep and keep on crying, Ive tried every single method that I know, nothing works. Little that I know is that he just need to change his baju because he was not comfortable. Once we change his sleeping suit, he slept like an angel. Pheww, after 10th attempt to get him to sleep. But till now, I am not too sure whether I can know all of his crying sounds.

It is also important to accept things are not always on your side. You are not always right and sometimes other people do the right thing. Of course, its a little bit sad to know that your kids prefer to sleep in the arms of your maid rather than you but heck Ill accept anything that makes my kid comfortable, even when I have to swallow the fact that my child only need me for my nipples

I am not always right. Its just that I only tell things that we discover. Sure, people will think that you are wrong but to me this is not a competition although some people think I take it as such. I only tell what I think and its up to the individual whether to take it as good or not

For the new parents, I was told by a friend that both parents will struggle to find the right thing to do to your kid. I think this is true as I am struggling a little bit now. And she once told me the key to it is to just tell your side of the story and see whether it works. If its not working then just try other thing. Never give up. I hope I can find the key to this and make it work for Adam.

Of course I dont like it when my maid told me that I was wrong. For a minute, you'll feel like ek eleh im his mother la of course I know. But it doesnt work that way. when you are wrong, even you are your child mother, you are still wrong.

What to do.
Just accept it lah I guess



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