Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 is better than 1

So I talked about the miadidas shoe before in my post
and after almost a month of waiting...
I hate waiting
It has agony!!!

So the day I received a call from adidas Pavilion saying that my shoe(s) are ready,
I was literally jumping with joy
(though I was actually watching Sherlock Holmes that time, so I did not really jump ye, time kasih)

and double yeay!!!!

So we went to Pavilion last 2 days to collect it


* ini hanyalah kotak kasut sahaja

I was shocked to see the end result
It was better than what I expected
With RED, GREY and BLACK as the base color
(u reckon the theme color ey?)

Proud to present to you
my miadidas
my mclarenna

* pandangan sisi yang memaparkan nama hebat saya!

* both shoes with its bag

RED and BLACK has always been my favorite color
so when it comes to decision to merge this 2 together,
It has never fail me
I was literally smiling and jumping at store
(okay this time it was true. I did jump around)

It comes with a customize special shoe box as well as shoe dust bag to make it easier for storage
Also, I was given a special voucher 30% discount for my next miadidas purchase.
I am actually considering another pair.

* together with the dust bag

bootak has his own shoe as well...
BLACK, ORANGE and GREY combination
and he chose the mimicrobounce for his
but I dont have the picture of his shoes cause I was drowned with my own

So, I believe it is not too late still to get yours
Erm, even though its only 30% discount now
But its worth it
Not everytime you get to wear a shoe with your own name on it
Unless your mother used to wrote your name sebesar dunia like SUHANA ALI kat kasut sekolah
when I was in standard 1 and 2
(lets face it, those children have their own shoes right? takkan la ada yang nak curik)


Faramin said...

pergh..aku nak order satu utk niya.


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