Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I See You"

Have you ever watch a movie and right after the movie you feel something different?
and you keep talking about it as if that's the only movie that you watched that year?

well, I used to have that feeling after I watched Transformer's movie
The first one to be exact
The second one was so-so only...

But, I was given a surprise from bootak one day, mentioned that he bought us a movie tickets. When I asked, "movie apa?" (considering he always want to watch lame movie. sorry!!!), so I have some shaky feelings. hurmmm...
Then he said "serpriseeeee"
Then all of sudden I have this thoughts in mind, habislah mesti dier nak ajak tgk citer melayu ni

After series of guessing what movie will it be, I gave up and said to me self, lantaklah tgk je la citer apa...
So we went, to Cineleisure to be exact...
After the stubs has been collected and stuff,
He directed me to one hall
And I saw one counter with 3D glasses on it
and I was like
(nasib bukan Twilight! phewwwww...sorry i dont like that movie at all)

Then the movie started,
excitement kicked in the minute the movie started
I guess you know why
Jake Sully...
One Goddamn hot Aussie dude

*inilah Jake Sully saya

Well, I guess I dunt have to write any review about the movie,
Im guessing the whole world watched it already
and yah
THE BEST MOVIE FOR 2009 goes to

It has full of emotion,
and everything is well integrated and the messages are well conveyed in 2hrs and 30minutes
Nuff said gang...
But I seriously dunt understand Malaysian viewer,
When it comes to a funny part, they never laugh but at the entirely opposite scene they laughed as if like they can never laugh anymore
I dont get it man, I think Neytiri is super hot tall blue cat!!! (and so does bootak. he think the same too)

*the hotness

So, to whoever who have yet to watch this movie,
Your RM10 (normal cinema of course) wont be a total waste as this is a movie to die for!
Sekian...terima kasih

"I See You"


Faramin said...

twillight aku suka tgk muka bdk perempuan tu..kewl je muka dia.tp movie tu memanglah sesuai jika aku umur 20 thn.


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