Friday, January 15, 2010

To do or not to...

If you ever notice,
I never smile and show my line of teeth
Like never...
The reason why???
I dont have the perfect teeth.
As simple as that...

My teeth are crooked and yah I can safely conclude it as UGLY

Like seriously UGLY
Well, I dont have my teeth picture to upload here (or rather I dont want to *sigh*)
So, it may sounded as if I am exaggerating.

So I thought maybe its not too late to get braces done
After all, I can afford it now to do it on my own
So the thought of having a perfect line of teeth overshadowed all my friend's remarks on how difficult and painful it is if you get a braces done
I was like "I cant be that bad, its just teeth anyway bukan pembedahan yang major"

So, I browse information about it
and few links popped out
and yah
Hell it looks scary

and when i watch the video on how painful it is to get it done
i am having a second thoughts now
is it worth it?
"No Pain No Gain"...(thats what Fiza told me"
But is it really worth all the pain?
Just to get your teeth displayed in picture

What say you Doc?


muNm said...

No pain no gain! Betul sgt.. I did LASIK in 2005 which supposedly safe but unfortunately I was the unlucky one, kena buat 2 kali. The second one sakit tak ingat psl you open the previous wound. But now I dont have to wear glasses or contact lenses. Masa sakit tu ada la perasaan regret nape cari sakit ni. Tp skrang, I'm glad I did. So I say, buat je la... kejap je sakit tu.. =)

mclarenna said...

Seriously? You think its better for me to just do it? But mcm aduh amat sakit yang melampau je. Haih...I saw one video, the whole time the girl was crying je tau. Like tears all over


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