Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tough journey, tough contestant?

I am watching the biggest loser asia now (yah of course the repeat show). The only conclusion that I can make:


Asia has been known well when it comes to drama. The real drama as well as the drama mama.

The drama started in TBLA way too early. Desmond withdrew himself the second day after he got selected to join the kristy team, the RED team... Well let's face it, in the history of The Biggest Loser, never! I repeat never has any contestant withdrew from the competition. Yah Michelle did blurt out her intention to quit, but more to her conflict with her mother not because of the gruelling exercise.

Second drama, when Garry was eliminated due to his strategy to 'play' the game, I thought that was the biggest mistake Red team did! And indeed it was. Luckily they won the temptation challenge which gave them the extra 3kg reduction during weight in.

Third drama, what the hell is wrong with all the contestants who wants to quit? Thousands people kill to be in their shoe,to be accepted as TBLA contestant and they just gave up? Are we Asian a quitter? *sigh*

This reminds me of me own journey to become my own biggest loser. It was stressful experience but in the end the journey that brought me here now. While trying to lose weight I discovered my capability to run long distance.

I personally love Kevin, the heaviest guy in the villa. He has this can do attitude which I think top everyone in the house of biggest loser. If everyone can be like him...hurmmmmmm

I hope these series of drama will end no one can get an easy ride throughout the whole journey.

But if I'm in the red team, I'm so screwed man. Garang giler! Kalah miss J

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biwako said...

go kevin..go kevin!!

shahliana said...

i totally agree with u nana...
i also like kevin coz dia agak down to earth n i know he can do it!!
bestnye dpt masuk TBLA kan??
nana da kurus, liana pon nak gak...huhu...
p/s:pinjam blackberry bole??haha..

mclarenna said...

elly: "I just ate an apple this morning" hahaha ingat tak ayat tuh. Rasa nak nangis masa dia cakap tuh

yana: Kevin comel kan? liana juga leh kurus maka silalah berlari lari bersama kami.
p/s: pinjam? lets swap phone then. hehehe

mak said...

yg paling drama si desmond a.k.a. azwan ali n minah P tuh..kayuh beskal pun tatau


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