Monday, January 11, 2010


I believe I did not do justice to 2009,
For not writing about it,
For not writing what the year gave me,
and for not writing about how 2009 changed my life.

So I am writing now...

Early 2009 gave me the pleasure of having the significant others in my life
For once I thought I have lost it,
The ability to trust, the ability to love and the ability to feel those feelings again...
After almost 2 years being the most cynical and skeptical girl on earth,
I have officially moved to the brighter side
and the ability to trust again
is satisfying and beyond word...
I cant explain...

2009 has also gave me my new hobby and my new passion
I have always been a sprinter before but never a long distance runner (err long max 21km la. considered long run right? right?)
I have never thought that I will have the ability to run such distance and ace it (erm at least at my standard la kan)
But yah I did it,
with some motivation and some will power...
Im glad that finally running long distance is not something that I can dream about only
I can actually do it.

2009 has also be the year where I have improved emotionally and physically
and yah no i did not grew any taller if you wonder "I thought she look the same. Still ketot je"
when i say physically, i meant i got healthier and my body has responded positively to all those health regime that I have embraced lately.
So when you released loads and loads of endorphin, you do the math on how happy and 'glowy' you will be.

So yah,
2009 was a great year
And I so hope that 2010 will be top it...



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