Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beat the Sunrise? Yeah they DID IT!

I was swamped with work recently till I have no time for myself. But I still find those tiny bit of time to get me self updated with three of my idol's experience on their Ultra Marathon. Yup, thats right. They did it. Kak Haza, Kak Kash and Prakash.

* Kak Haza and Kak Kash (sorry kak Haza, curik your gambo)

Some of you may wonder, what the hell is ultra marathon? and whats the distance like? I'll tell you why their experience is so amazing. Its because Ultra Marathon is a race where the timing no longer matter, its the race where your mental and physical will be tested at its upmost level, and it is a race where you even have a break to eat and stuff. and most importantly it is a race where you have to run 84KM. Yup you heard me right. ITS 84KM (with echooooo)

See, I cant even write about it let alone run it. Hehehehe...
You see long distance running requires extremely strong mental ability, to cope with what every runner call it, "The Running Wall". Ouh ya, did any of you watch the movie "Run Fatboy Run"? In the movie, they did explain what is a running wall.

When I did my 21km race, i always stumbled upon my running wall at the 16km marks. Yup. 16km. I dont know why but once I hit 16km, my feet will right away became very shaky and failed to work in tandem with my brain. and its frustrating

But, these 2 women...I have no idea whats in their mind when they ran the race. They are one of those real life example of STRONG women. When I read their race report, Kak Kash to be exact, I feel like as if I am running with her and feel the agony as well. I feel so empowered when I read these...

to quote Kak Kash:

I had nothing left in me in the last 5KM, except maybe for my determination. I was numb, physically and mentally. As long as the time had not strike 9.00am, I was going to make it back. And when daylight came, I was surprised to see so many people still on the course. On the last two Sundown race I did, I always wonder about these people who seems mindlessly walking and making their way back to the finish line, now I am one of those people.

If it was me on the last 5km, I think i have given up already. Or even worst sampai ke idak aku ni ke last 5km kaedahnya!

But they didnt. They fought to the last KM and they fought it real hard. True fighter spirit instills in them and for a strange reason even though I dont really know them personally I felt very proud of their achievement.

Yah and I still am proud.

And they are both MOMs okay. Shame on me! *sigh*

To those out there who think running is only for professional and elite athlete. Think twice


Ghaz said...

If you have not read Born to Run:
A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall, I fully recommend you do.


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