Friday, June 4, 2010

SCKLM 2010: Run For a Cause Final Call?

Ye, itu adalah saya...
Yang gambar sekecil hama itu....

I wrote something on Run For a Cause before in one of my post. This year I will be running the SCKLM again, but with a little bit of twist. I want to give back.

You see, I cannot consider myself a pro runner thus I cant really conduct any running clinic what not. The only 'clinic' that I had before was when I took with me 2 mothers who wanted to shed off some post baby fat and they totally didnt like my training regime. So I was called Miss J. Why you may ask? *sigh* In case you have never watch The Biggest Loser (US version), check out the chick in RED who always yell at the contestant and her fav mantra was "If you do not puke, faint or die, then keep running"

Okay, can you see the connection now?


Anyway, this year I have decided to take part in the Run For a Cause. and Alhamdulillah to date the amount of money collected is big enough for someone who like me. Who aint celebrity of course. Hehehee. Thanks to all who have donated their hard earned cash in order to see me running the miles. InsyaAllah, I will try my level best to finish the distance; strong (enough)

and to my close friends who read this, hope for your continuous prayer for booTak's dad. Lets pray for his speedy recovery and thank you so much for your concern and kind thoughts.


kaki LARI said...

congratulation...i really want run for a cause next time...all da best..keep u at SCKLM..")


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