Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Mare Race 2011: Again


ENERGIZER Malaysia will refund and courier the goodie bag to all runners.


Well done ENR

*not so much to Expose thou*

Event: Energizer Night Race 2011

Distance: 11km

Venue: SIC Sepang

Pacer: booTak


How shall I start..

Well to be honest I really dont know how....

ENR is well known among runners as the biggest night race in Malaysia

Remember my post about ENR 2010?

I thought last year's event was the worst. Somehow they managed to TOP it this year. From bad to worst, only an expert can do that. People strive to become better but apparently not to this event

Last year's chaos begin with the chaotic running kit collection. I cant say the same this year as it was really organised with sufficient volunteers to help all runners with their race kit collection. So I thought oh well they did learnt some lesson after all.

Maybe they have taken into consideration all those complaints last year and improve for a better race this year

Boy, was I wrong completely!

We reached SIC at around 7pm and was searching for parking area. We were told that parking costs us RM10. Heh? must charge ke? Being a cipsket we are, we parked at the road side. Hehehe

As we walked inside the grandstand area, we were not sure on the location. Wheres the entrance? wheres the starting grid and stuff. After 10mins of time wasted trying to find the starting grid entrance, we were told that we need to enter the tunnel to cross to the other side

Yeay! I dont have to warm up as the tunnel was completely hotttt and tonnes of people were around trying to cross to the starting area. It was suffocating experience I must say

We reached the head lights collection only to realise that there were NONE left. Hurm, trying to be positive, "sokay la bukan kita nak pakai pun head lights tu". Walking like a headless chicken trying to find our way to the starting area was tiring enough. Mmmm mcm tak payah lari je dah penat already

When we finally managed to find the starting area entrance, the 21km race has began. I felt excited and we stretched and 2 mins before starting time, we were still stucked and cant even enter the starting block. Finally we managed after most of the 11km runners finally began their race.

Okay, I love F1. so i am going to be a little bit bias here. I love the part where I had the chance to run on the track, theres a pros and cons here. As I practically remember all the corner (even their names) so I dont really find it interesting since I practically know whats gonna happen next. So eventhough I was excited to run on the track but the quality of my run was so-so je la

We finished the first lap with a very chaotic scene. 11km runner only ran 1 lap since they have no idea whats the distance like, rude marshall and everyone was practically have no idea what to do next. We continued our run and finish the race within the QT

But what was more shocking was the end of the race. No guidance on what and where to go next. I saw 2 long q and we have no clue why these people were q-ing for. We went inside only to find out that theres only 1 crew were there to handle goodie bag collection and it was chaotic.

I heard one of the crew shouted "stupid people, can you be civilised"



Why so PMS?

The moment she shouted like one crazy lady most of the runners lost their patience already and started to push here and there to get their goodie bag.

Okay, I know to some of you, you may think it is just goodie bag la wei. Why so semangat to get it. But to us runners thats the token that serve as our satisfaction after a long race (well not so long la for me 11km only. hehehhe)

To be treated in such a way is totally unacceptable. Think about it. We paid fortune for the race fee and end up getting nothing. Heck not even water and banana. *sigh*. The rude MC keep on cursing people for not being civilised and I wonder why since they are they one who started the chaos by treating people like shit

We gave up. We didnt take our medal and we walked out. The moment we walked out the organizer shut off the pit stop entrance and they almost hit one girl. Let alone the way they 'give' the goodie bad by throwing it to people, that is just unbearable.


This morning I woke up with tonnes of FB post cursing ENR fanpage

go and browse it or watch this instead



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